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  1. Corkcicle Mugs are on sale 30% off. Love mine; keeps coffee or tea warm for a very long time. Well, the catalog says 3 hours. I have two, but am digging these Neon Lights ones! Travel Coffee Mug - Neon Lights | CORKCICLE.
  2. Welcome to Cruise Critic! I would suggest the Mexican Riviera just for the logistics. Also, avoid putting down any non-refundable moneys as -- should your wife (with your help, I presume) be quickly successful in her quest, she won't be sailing "around Christmas". If it takes you awhile, she can cruise (with doctor's OK) in her first, MAYBE second, trimester.
  3. Call HAL and ask to talk to a Pricing Specialist. Have your Mariner Numbers and booking numbers handy. Those people are amazing; I can't remember how I ended up talking to one but assume my PCC put me through when her computer wouldn't let her do something.
  4. My memory is a little vague, but I moved up from a Verandah to a Vista Suite (published price) and got to keep everything. My PCC said if I were moving DOWN I would have to take the promo (and price) as it was currently! We were much further out than four weeks, and did eventually cancel the cruise and test the Standard Cruise Cancellation Protection, which worked seamlessly.
  5. You seem to have posted to the wrong thread -- complaining about OBC that it isn't PBC (pre-board credit) belongs here: Onboard Credits - Holland America Line - Cruise Critic Community
  6. They are ON BOARD credits. To be used ON BOARD. Calling HAL will not let you use them before being on board. However, some (even many) report buying either excursions or dining etc with credit card and having the sums being converted to OBC at either the ShoreEx desk or the Front Desk, respectively, once on your cruise. I have not done so, so only passing on the info.
  7. Actually, it is asking too much. If you want the guarantee that the Chichen Itza tourists had, then book the ship's excursion. It doesn't have to be in bold red type. Most people know that you get what you pay for. I don't use Viator because they take most or all of independent tour vendors' profits, leaving them to provide their services essentially for tips and future recommendations.
  8. HAL has (apparently) the best ships' laundry on the seas. They obey special care instructions including AIR DRY. It is very reasonable if you accumulate a bag-full to send in, which is no different than dirtying a washer-load full. As far as packing that is. If you do the math, depending on the length of your voyage and if you are flying and paying to check bags, the daily unlimited laundry at $7 or $9 per day PER CABIN (not per person) could lessen your luggage needs enough to pay for itself.
  9. Much better tasting than tap water in southern California, which our cats wouldn't even drink if it hadn't been (Britta-)filtered or distilled!
  10. Have done three HAL Alaska cruises: 7d northbound, 7d R/T Vancouver, and 14d R/T Seattle. Don't say I didn't warn you!
  11. We were in the situation of not cruising since the start of the pandemic, when a long Polynesian trip had been cancelled -- leaving us with a sizable credit that was set to expire at end of 2022... and also we were 44 Mariner Points from 4*, so I puzzled it out that if we booked a suite with HIA and did a B&B, we would make it to 4*, and spend the Future Cruise Credit, just in time. We sailed on the 29th of December in Vista Suite 4100. We are booked in the same VS for Hawaii-Tahiti in Feb.'25! Now, Deck 4 midships is just alongside the Tenders and lifeboats, as far as the regular Verandah cabins, so you would want to look at decks 6 or 7 to be away from the Orange Glow! ETA: but we are not totally spoiled for regular forward Verandah cabins, which is what we have booked on the Oosterdam and on the Zuiderdam.
  12. If you decide to upgrade, I would recommend deck 6 which is between two other decks of cabins, whereas deck 8 is below the Sea View Pool Deck, where they will drag the lounge-chairs around to clean and arrange in the early hours!
  13. Some people [@Crew News for one, and other keen photographers] love them and they normally sell out early, but we like to be near the Crows Nest (to see what is coming, not where we've been). On the K'dam, we enjoyed a mid-ship location, so nothing was more than half-a-ship from our cabin. It's a hike from one end of the ship to the other!
  14. It will be applied to the stateroom UNLESS you are registering two credit cards. Then it might get tricky.
  15. Aft view Verandah is as far as you can get from Greenhouse Spa. The Neptune Lounge won't do you any good in a Verandah. (Also it's not forward.) Did you mean the Crow's Nest? I would stay with the cabin you carefully chose!
  16. Excellent! If you bring up the Zuiderdam deckplans, deck 10, you can click the little twinkling camera on the stairs forward of 10002; that is how I was originally able to tell you what it was, and why I searched for "Zuiderdam Retreat Stairs". I have a personal history in science. databases, and technical writing. Or as I like to say: "I solve problems."
  17. My only RCCL cruise I booked myself and watched the promos and flash sales daily and caught many of them, where an agent would not have been able to keep that keen an eye on the website. I am sure I saved (or bought at a discount) way more than $50, which is really a pittance. That was in 2018, and I have no idea if their dynamic pricing model is still the same. ETA: Welcome to Cruise Critic! The Royal Caribbean 'board' is here: Royal Caribbean International: Ask a Question - Cruise Critic Message Board Forums
  18. I think you need a physician's Rx to exceed that volume.
  19. I believe this will work. Following to see if someone has done it!
  20. I googled and found a CC thread about Retreat access (it happens to be about the sister ship Zuiderdam), which is here: Retreat elevator on Zuiderdam - Holland America Line - Cruise Critic Community And indeed, the wheelchair sign does show a small elevator!
  21. FWIW, all of the Verandahs on the Observation Deck are Quads, with a pull out sofa and a drop down bunk. My PCC told me with HAL's newly instituted policy of filling all rooms to capacity, that if I booked one for the two of us, and a "family" wanted it, I could be bumped from the cabin! And at that time the selection of rooms rated as doubles (on other decks) might be picked over. I blinked and booked on the Navigation Deck, forward.
  22. It is a stairwell to the Retreat above. I do not know what the handicap symbol represents. Maybe a special elevator just big enough for a wheelchair? it's not a very big space! All of the Verandahs on the Observation Deck have the sofa near the balcony. For 10002 the head of the bed and the back of the sofa are to your left as you come in the room and for 10004, to your right.
  23. We cannot mention Travel Agents or Agencies on Cruise Critic. I'm not sure where people live that can find not only cruise specialists but ones that focus on HAL in particular!
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