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  1. Yes it was pretty much the same for us last year, so just went ahead & renewed. At the time there was warnings of long delays - it took 1 week 😳
  2. I was once told that the Aust Govt cannot refuse entry to a returning Australian citizen even if their passport has expired - your passport expiring does not cancel your citizenship, else anyone that doesn't renew would become stateless. This challenge of course would be getting on the flight/ship to get to Australia without a valid current passport, with the carrier likely reverting to the 6 month rule. I'm good to June 2033 🙂
  3. My experience also. Seems, they often work on the theory that giving you a more expensive vehicle should make you happier.
  4. I’ve often heard that the reason that seemingly all Sth Pacific islands cruises call to Noumea is that it is a fueling point for the ships. Is this true? Does the ships not carry enough fuel for 7/8/9 days round trip from Sydney? I actually really like Noumea. We have seem pretty much there is to see, but love the views across Lemon Bay enjoying a nice local brew at La Barca as the world passes by.
  5. That was our experience also - we could book for whatever night we wanted in any of the 3 restaurants. Upon boarding, we found in our cabin a schedule for dining, rotating thru the 3 restaurants for the full length of the cruise. After trying Dragon Lady & Angelos for one night each as per the schedule, we then dined each night at Waterfront making a booking for the same time, same table every night for the rest of the cruise. Food is of course subjective, and maybe 'Asian Fusion' is not for me, but 3 very little 'KFC type' chicken pieces with a dipping sauce & a few sprigs of vege shoots for garnish/side salad is not a main in any restaurant I would return to. 'Nuff from me on this topic.
  6. Eileen, we are not 'foodies' at all, grew up on meat & 3 veg, so more pub & club type food - steaks, parmi, fish & chips, hamburgers etc. One thing we have always enjoyed when cruising is trying all the different meals offered & the dining has always been a highlight of our 20+ cruises (RC, Princess, Carnival). Not so on P&O unfortunately - very limited menus in MDR & food not so great. We had gone with a low expectation & that was well met. The 3 rotating restaurants (asian fusion, Italian & 'general' cuisine) didn't work well for us, & we struggled to find more than 1 dish we would enjoy in the first 2, and thus went to the other one after the 3rd night. Also, the 'ambience' lighting (almost dark) was weird. We still got fed but it was not a good match for us. We went on a RC cruise about a month after the P&O cruise, and first night in MDR I looked at menu and said to Tracey - "now we are on a cruise". We didn't try any specialty restaurants. The ship was good - no problems, apart from an often stink on Deck 7 (near & in Adventure Hotel) & staff were all friendly and tried their best. There was a distinct lack of organisation onboard re tendering and disembark, but maybe we expected too much. Your experience may be different & I hope you do enjoy
  7. I am no expert, but these are my thoughts exactly, and perhaps part of the reason that previous votes for independence have voted NO. The difference is stark between New Caledonia & Vanuatu in terms of govt services etc. Enquiries a few years ago about taking donations for schools in the region led to advice to donate to Vanuatu & Fiji, rather than NC, as we were told that schools in NC were well funded and they don't need donations. I hope for all of the people there, it can all be sorted soon. We love to visit Noumea on our cruises, and enjoy our visits to some of the outer areas of NC.
  8. I know the problem has been solved based on the ship docking at OPT, & I am very happy for the OP, but I have to admit I really was looking forward to following along on that scooter trip from White Bay to CQ 😮
  9. We did the Bounty cruise on Pacific Adventure in Oct last year. We have been to NI a number of times over the years (flying) & we had family who had not been there before with us on this cruise, so we rented a car (booked ahead of time) and showed them the island. So much to see for such a small island. Took the tender ashore & the shuttle bus into town - the rental car place was right next door to the bus drop-off point. For Tonga, in Nuku'alofa we just walked off and did a walking tour with some lovely students who were studying tourism at University. They had a small marquee set up along the wharf, not at the main Tourist Info marquee, & providing the tours was part of their studies. At Vava'u we just walked off the ship & walked around.
  10. Yes HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the mothers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your day.
  11. Strewth mate, that's no good. Tracey & I both wish you a speedy recovery. Hope you weren't up trying to wash the top of the car or similar 😮 Take care!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of your friends want you to be safe & healthy
  12. A number of years ago I decided to not comment on tips/tipping. I'm sticking to that 🙂
  13. For our Oct 16 '25 37N Grand sailing (Sth Pac, Hawaii, French Polynesia) that has been cancelled, they are offering a switch to 28N Crown sailing (Round Oz) 23 Nov '25 with $250pp OBC. Unfortunately, the 2 offerings are very different & the new date, which is after we would have returned from original itinerary, doesn't work for us ☹️ And we had $400 pp OBC on original cruise. Looking at options but very disappointed to miss our 'dream' cruise.
  14. We explored the various options when we did our landtour (Calgary to Vancouver via Banff, Kamloops, Ketchikan, Whistler) ahead of our Alaska cruise in 2014. We elected to hire a car and drive it - the roads were good & we got to see what we wanted & for how long. Remain happy we made the right decision.
  15. Had just seen this posted on social media. We were so happy to find that cruise as it was just what we wanted, and now it's cancelled. Back to the drawing board I guess. We had only paid $100pp deposit via FCC, so not out $'s but still very disappointed. Will wait for our PCP to contact us I suppose. ☹️ As I was typing the email came from Princess confirming!!
  16. I don't think that anyone could ever understand the Princess booking system. When onboard Majestic back in Feb, we made a booking for Grand Princess for Oct '25 with the onboard booking lady - she could only offer guarantee. Upon return called our PCP and she at first said the same thing & then suddenly she was able to book us a specific balcony in our preferred location at same fare - she knew what we wanted from past experience. ????
  17. Yes those prices look good (not the OC as Julie pointed out 😮). By comparison, fare for our Grand Princess cruise in Oct 2025 (Sth Pac, Hawaii, French Polynesia - Syd to Syd) is also 37N & for balcony price is A$11,600 pp! It's only money & you only live once, right 🙂 Of course no airfares required for that one, so need to factor in flight to SA and from London & likely accomm costs for this cruise for a true comparison.
  18. Small samples size (1 P&O & 2 Princess cruises), but certainly not our experience.
  19. I reckon the drinks are a lot cheaper in your place than onboard mate, so that must be a plus 🙂 Yes, you did make the most of the time you had travelling - good luck to you. I know you have some great memories. Cheers
  20. Is progressive trivia going to be every seaday as it often is on other cruises? That's going to be an awful lot of questions with what 70+ sea days on your trip 😮 Maybe a few repeat questions?? 🙂
  21. What time was sail away scheduled. On Ch9 news it shows ship still berthed?
  22. ENJOY your cruise - we will be following along Cheers Neil & Tracey
  23. As I understand it, the Upgrade Fairy was superseded by the Upsell Fairy
  24. We are currently traveling back from QLD & are in TamworthNSW where I attended the Dawn Service this morning instead of usual home venue of Penrith. Good turnout & lovely service. Lest we forget
  25. Strewth mate, you two take care of yourselves & get better soon.
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