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  1. You pretty much said it up at the end. 'ALL' (some of the items on the list, much more than the others, but all were important, to a lesser degree. To myself and my wife we love the the ship, Sea days, being spoiled by the crew, sitting on the balcony watching the sea. the specialty resturants and even the food in the MDR and Buffet. While we've met a few boorish folks, they'd make up maybe about the same number on one hand and out of 15 cruises that is a small fraction. Mac
  2. Chief, when I was in law enforcement, we had a saying that went (and it's the same for every emergency situation) when you think you've learned EVERY aspect of your job, when the chips are down, watch out !! That's when something is about to bite YOU in the rear (and of course, I'm being delicate language-wise)🙂 Mac
  3. I agree completely. Which is why I've often wondered HOW the powers-to-be (law passing political-types) pass laws that are almost impossibel too enact in real ife situations. The event I refer to is the ADA rule that in case of a airline crash (which can be firery disaster) landing the flight attendants WILL help any disabled passenger after those able to exit the plane on thir own. Soo let me understand how this is going to work.. You have 200+ passengers, screaming, clawing to exit over anybody or thing to get out and 5 or 6 passengers who cannot even stand up and yet, with the cabin on fire these (usually 5 or 6) poor flight attendants are too then go back AFTER the plane is empty and help those poor souls exit the aircraft ? In a perfect world enough capable passengers would help their disabled comrades BUT in a fire, as you said, 'ALL bets are off' sad to say. Mac
  4. OMG !! 😠 That DEFINITLY would make a deck officer mutter (to hisself, of course) 'Where are this people !!' And of course I'm being very delicate, language-wise.🙂 Mac
  5. Yes, I know what you mean. I feel the same way, I'd love the room video also. Of course this is just my opinion but given the absolute control of the powers to be. They (and the insurance companies) are always concerned about those passengers, with the attention span of a flea, who don't know (or care) about where to go OR what to do IF (goodness forbid) an mishap at sea happened and they survived, this folks pack social media and CNN screaming, 'NO one told us nothin' about where we'un was gonna go or do !'. So,maybe it's for that reason we all have too attend the Drill. Mac
  6. Or, went out to the balcony or to the pool.. Unless they have to swipe a S&S card within seconds after said video. Regardless the method, some people, if left to their own devices, WILLL find a way around it. That's human nature. I agree with the posting that said there has to be a way to do a simple chore like the Drill. But I also agree that outside in the 90+ heat, packed together so tightly, you can't breath, doesn't make it conductive to listening instead, the passengers are thinking, ' Oh my goodness ! Please just get this OVER !'. Of course, all this is just IMHO. 😃 Mac
  7. Oh, I agree with YOU completely. However, we do have know-it-all political wiz kids ( in both political parties) in the clown circus on the Federal swamp who are convinced they have all the answers to every thing from making you wear your seatbelt to tied shoelaces. 😃 IF, 'they'here decide to censor/erase my question for whatever reason I'm not a 'troll' looking for a fight I just know how political ssoth-sayers love the 'rush to the rescue' limelight w/hairbrained suggestions. Just curious what others might think, that's all. Mac
  8. That ALL cruise lines enforce a ban on any age passenger who refuses to wash their hands BEFORE entering a buffet/MDR and would action be restrictive enough ? Just curious what all here think. Mac
  9. 😄 Well, this last part reminds me of something that happened on my very 1st cruise wayyy back in 1987 on the Carnival Mari Gras ! I was a solo passenger but had a friend in the States that inhaled, even BLED ( I bet) BlackJack whiskey. On the ship the total price amounted to the second bottle being free if I had to buy 2 fifths here. So, I figured even if I had to pay extra duty tax for the second bottle I'd still come out cheaper and goodness knows he'd drink JD like it's water so I knew he'd love this gift. On debarkation day in Port Lauderdale I was standing in that longgggggg customs line with a lone Customs official, sitting behind a wooden desk, and he was checking out the blue/white forms and after an 30 minutes my time came to present my form. I handed it to him and told him, ' I also have an second bottle with me' He looked shocked, and loudly proclaimed, 'WELL !! You WILL have to pay duty on that bottle !' I smiled, and said pleasantly, 'Oh I know, that's not a problem, showing him I had 1 ten, 1 five, and 10 one dollar bills in my hand. He seemed confused, like this sort of thing is out of the ordinary, and taking pencil and blank sheet of paper he began to scribble numbers while muttering to himself ' Lemme see, if the bottle cost this, times this then divided by, no, that's not right ...How about divided by X' Meanwhile behind me the line was getting longer😲 Finally, after about fifteen minutes, he disgustedly threw said pencil across the room and said with a red face, 'Awww, the HECK (of course he didn't say 'heck' but it did start with an H and followed by two l_ L_'s ) just take bottle and GO !!' I bid him a good day, and left. It's been over thirty years ago and I can still remember it like it was yesterday. Mac
  10. Yes, that's true (Thankfully) I know the odds are in your favor. BUT-take one tiny precaution. Check your local and destination weather at least 2 weeks BEFORE the cruise (starting at the end of next week, for instance) and get a gut feeling what is coming weather-wise between Indy AND Fla. Here lately, the local weather has been VERY wet, w/rain storms weekly, interrupted by temps in the mid to high 30's. IF, at any time these two fronts collide?🙄 NOT trying to alarm you, but it pays to keep your eye wide open. Also think about a plan B. I think with you flying in the 1st week of March you'll dodge the weather problem. Have a wonderful cruise ! Mac
  11. Well, I'd say you ought to be a big time odds bet taker in Lost Wages.😁 Weather between Indy and Fl usuall has to pass through the southeast (either Alabama/Georgia). Our weather here in March (early spring) can ranger almost daily from BEAUTIFUL bright warm to horrible, DARK thunderstorms, filled w rain/possible tornadoes to 3-4 inches of snow covering a film of sleet (black ice). Back fifteen years ago, before I retired from Delta Airlines as a baggage agent I actually saw ALL three happen in March on the SAME day !!🙄 I thought to my self, 'What's next ?! Plagues of locust ??'. We (the airport) were closed for 4 days with flights bound for ATL or points south diverted to other cities east or west of us. But driving to Fl either through Georgia or Alabama was almost impossible (weather-wise) and even in good weather it's close to a parking lot at 5 p.m.rush hour ! Just saying, you never know ! Always expect the unexpected, that way you won't be surprised. Mac
  12. We have always brought the large size powdered vanilla coffee creamer because most times the lines only furnish either whole milk, skim or half&half.🙂 My wife doesn't need the extra milk sugar that those items provide but can't drink her coffee without so form of creamer. I've mentioned maybe bringing the liquid vanilla creamer in a zipper lock plastic bag but she'd afraid of an 'accident' in the suitcase🙄. Me, I don't care, liquid or powder I can't taste the difference.😃 We've never had a problem w/the powder coffee creamer secruity-wise (so far) which might happen with the liquid. Mac
  13. You couldn't have said it BETTER Just 'being'. Either sitting on the balcony OR leaning or it, with arms folded on top. Watching the beautiful blue- green water silently RUSH by, white frothy foam, smell the clean air, watch the horizon for ships, feel the sun. Knowing that come tomorrow (hopefully for many more) you can LOVE it all over again. Times like this make it feel SO wonderful just BEING. Mac
  14. 🤨 <--- Me (Right the opposite of the quote above) NOT getting up EARLY to do ANYTHING on a cruise, except having to disenbark and I DEFINITLY hate getting up for that !). Because I spent the last 19 years (of a 29 year job) getting UP at 03:00 a.m. to GO to work ! Took me almost a year after I retied in 2012 too break THAT habit and finally be able to sleep past 6 a.m.😃 IF, anyone, like the OP above, does enjoy doing the early rise-thingee for a cup and watch the sail-in, well good for them, GO-for-it !! Good for those who do. Mac
  15. Oh I know, I'm not in an hurray I'm just built that way, I guess. I'll think about a question about anything and can't quit thinking about 'WHAT is the answer ?'. And I wonder about it until I satisfy my curiosity. I knew the steward would know I just HAD too scratch that itch'. Sorry, if it confused you. Mac
  16. Thanks So much for the info !!😃 I appreciate ALL who quickly replied. Mac
  17. We (three adults in one cabin) are doing a 10 day Alaskan cruise in August this year and thought we'd try to take less clothes and try the self serve washer/dryer services on deck 8. Does anybody know if deck 8 has those machines and if so their location. I have studied the floor plans for deck 8 and cannot seem too locate them Also can we bring our own powered detergent or are we required to use the ship's ? I looked in the FAO on the Carnival website and the info I could gleam was that every passenger deck had 3/4 washers and dryers but not their location on each deck. Each machine cost $3.25 per use (most ships charged your S&S card, while a few still used quarters and powder was available for purchase. This'll be the first time we've ever considered using them on a cruise. Any info would be greatly appreciated... Thank you, Mac
  18. We ( I and my wife) both have a 20oz Yeti we bring on the cruise, I use mine for the coffee (using one of their white coffee cups, too fill it up) and my wife uses her w/ice and water, filled in the same method, for the pool. We both are very careful NOT to come in contact with any disposal nozzle. Mac
  19. Boy !! I love, LOVE those old pictures (esp the Mari G !!) She was my 'first' !! Yup, I was a cruise 'virgin' wayyyy back in '89. I even looked her up a couple of years ago and see she's called the Magellan now but still hasn't been scheduled for razor blade factory. These pictures bring some GREAT memories ! Mac
  20. I wouldn't imagine the wait staff would mention it but perhaps one of the senior staff might. But then again I guess it'd depend on company policy even for them too approach a passenger about it. I cant believe a cruise line like Disney letting it slip by without it being addressed.🤨. Mac
  21. Ahhhh !! Thanks so much !! When Id attempt to download the steakhouse menu, the last page would never download so I'm glad to have some news about it, Once again, thank you. Mac
  22. We're taking a Xmas cruise and already made reservations three months ago in the steakhouse but no dessert page. Just curious if they're still making changes and that's why the page is missing. Anybody heard a definite reason why it's missing. The wife likes the ice cream or the fruit and cheese platter but I'm usually too full to even thin about dessert.. 🙄 Thanks, Mac
  23. You might consider trying the Florida east coast departure ports on Cruise Critic boards and see if anyone knows of a parking area near the port. We (my wife and sister) have done 17 of our 20+ cruises out of Port Cbut we always do the park N sail at a local hotel the night before the cruise, leaving our vehicle parked athe hotel for the cruise. The parking is included on the fee and the hotel arranges a shuttle to the cruise port which is usually a twenty minute ride. Mac
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