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  1. Ohhhhhhhh how I WISH we could be gone for a couple of weeks' !!๐Ÿ˜œ Living on a fixed' income were doing good to afford a 7-10 day criuse !! Much less a thirty day (or longer) but it is on our 'bucket list' for some day. Just speaking for myself, Id love too do a transatlantic, since we both LOVE sea days. Mac
  2. After our third cruise (that's when my wife realized she positively LOVED CRUISING) I walked into the livingroom, the second day back, sat down across from her, and asked with a straight face, 'Where are going for meals, today ?? Seaday brunch, MDR or buffet ??' She stared at me, and I swear choked out in a tearful voice, 'Ohhhh Please !! Don't say that !! I MISS it soooo much !!๐Ÿ˜ฉ Then, I knew I had created a TRUE 'cruise addict' ! And we've never looked back !๐Ÿ˜ Mac
  3. Also (hopefully) the non-white, possibly blue, would be a red flag to the room steward that it's not property of the cruise line. Mac
  4. Good luck, Brooke ! Have a FANTASTIC cruise ๐Ÿ˜ Mac
  5. That's what being a good 'parent' not an adult who WANTS too be thir child's 'friend' (as a lot of todays parents want to be) they seem to rather be a 'buddy' (thus, bringing themselves down to the 13-14 year old child) rather than a adult figure. Mac
  6. I couldn't agree more !! Funny thing is wayyyyyy back in the early 80's (The Caveman days) I remember being on the jobsite when I first heard of people carry a NEW fangled toy called a Beeper (and yes they may have existed before 1980 I just never saw EVERYBODY had too have them ! I thought natively WHERE will this madness end ! Surely nothing could be invented to top that.๐Ÿ™„ Boy, was I ever WRONG !! The beeper was just the beginnning. Mac
  7. Bewilderment ? In today's society, NO pone cell service equals = PROTEST AND RIOTS ( I actually saw a man walk into a lamp post WHILE reading his phone !) I was the third person to reach him while others there before me who weren't bothering to help the poor soul, just took videos. Actually, he was embarrassed, and was laughing as he was helped to his feet, he picked up his phone (phone FIRST always !) glasses, rubbed his nose and said, 'Well, I guess that'll teach me a lesson'. I told him not to feel bad, I've heard of people walking off the sidewalk(against the light) INTO on coning traffic. Now that IS painful lesson ! Mac
  8. You'd have a difficult time convincing SOME of today's teenagers it doesn't. That is, IF theyll stop 'reading' their phones, long enough too listen๐Ÿ˜ƒ Just kidding ! HOW did mankind exist before those lite up screens were invented ?? Mac
  9. This includes the morons who'll walk into the foyer, SEE all the lights and numbers lit up above the elevators showing where that one is and STILL walk over and keep punching the button OVER and OVER ๐Ÿ™„ Sigh, like THAT'S gonna speed up the elevator ! (actually it's usually teenagers BUT I have seen grown ups do it, maybe it's 'human nature?) Whatta ya think ? Mac
  10. Remember, its not HER you have too trust. It's the 2+thousand plus 'strangers' and the odd crewman she'll be seen by and will see her. My wife and I are amazed, on many of our 20+ cruises when we see some kids, even younger than thirteen, roaming the decks and hallways alone (sometimes tagging along with older kids) or just laying down in the elevators at 1-2 a.m. On one cruise when I asked one young lady, 'Miss, where's your friends or parents'. She grinned ,shrugged her shoulders and said, 'I dunno, somewhere on the ship'. When the door opened, my wife turned to me and said, 'I do NOT want to leave this child alone'. We have a twelve year old grand daughter and I knew what she was thinking, neither did I. The little scamp walked out with us and when I asked her if we could take her to her cabin, she replied, 'Oh no, Ill be fine, see ya later !!' and darted down the hall. My wife and I felt sick and truly hoped she made it back to loving parents. I guess kids today are given more freedom than I and my younger sis were given when we were that young. Mac
  11. When I was a teen, fifty 'something' years ago (my goodness !! Has it been THAT long !?) In any reference to those who cruised was..' ONLY the RICH and well heeled cruised and even wore tuxedos to go swimming in' (funny, now we've completely done the opposite, now a large segment consider 'dressing up for formal' too be a bath, NEW jean cutoffs and their BEST NBA red basketball shoes.) New meaning to the term 'informal', I guess. Mac
  12. I know what you mean, and that is very courteous of you to gently say 'Excuse me' if you're trying to slip by, everyone should do that. My wife feels like a burden when we walk that's why we NEVER walk side by side but with me behind in case she stumbles and I know she can't keep up. She does the best she can not to impede foot traffic at any time. Mac
  13. LOLLLLLLLLLLL ! I'd heard that all of my young adult life TILL I hit 65 and had repeated it to a friend, who at 63 was suffering from losing his vision eight years ago and now suffering liver failure and he smiled and replied, 'Yea, but I'm beginning to think its just tarnished brass NOT even gold plated and just a lie every generation turns around and tells the one behind them'. I think he has a valid point there. Mac
  14. That's the situation with my wife and I'm afraid she might have to have an knee replacement. While I suffer (a little) with a sore knee, no cane needed, I have to proceed her just to prevent her from falling IF she ever decided to do stairs. We have had some younger folks 'glare' and some even push past her because of her slowness when entering the elevators but I always tell her. 'Just ignore it, the same people may need a cane (or worse) someday'. I'd take the stairs but I know this would make her feel even more self conscious about this. We always wait for everybody to get off before getting on and stand in the back of the elevator till we reach our desired deck. Its sad but true, getting old is a PAIN, in more ways than one. Mac
  15. Even though we haven't done a LOT of cruises (22) I hope I NEVER reach this point where I take it for granted. I still marvel at the beauty, both outside (the majesty) and most of all the interior ( the vastness) of the ship. Mac
  16. A BIG amen!! Which we all enjoy as long as this OLD broken down body will and can carry us ! An old sage once said, Something like, 'It is sad, that youth is wasted on the young'. I heard it in Jr. High when I was fifteen but it never meant anything till I got much older. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ I sadly thought, 'How totally true'. Then I realized that there's nothing we humans can do about it but GO as long as we can. Mac
  17. And gliding on that BEAUTIFUL blue-green ocean, that seems to go on to infinity !!๐Ÿ˜ ( not having to neither clean or cook, ain't bad either !) Mac
  18. Wow !!! Talk about the BEST of both worlds !!๐Ÿ˜€ Mac
  19. Yes, after posting my comment about the gym hot tub, it dawned on me that just maybe the little cannon balling kiddies aren't allowed in the gym area. Sorry about that. Mac
  20. No, not off topic at all, my wife and my sis love hot tubs ( except when the kiddies start doing cannonballs and diving in them) but, kids will be kids but thanks for the info !๐Ÿ˜ƒ Mac
  21. Oh, How true, how true.. Our first Alaskan cruise was in 2010 on the Carnival Spirit, We're from Atlanta and Atlanta that June was 97 degrees and with humidity it's a very WARM 103 degrees. So we didn't even pack a long sleeve shirt or light jacket ! Boy !! Were we in for a shock !! We had no idea what too pack cloth-wise and I didn't even know Cruise Critic even existed. We immediately went down to the ship's store and picked up two heavy hooded jackets. At least she didn't pack a swimsuit for the pool. Come this summer Alaskan trip packing WILL be done differently, believe me. Mac
  22. Ahhhhhhh !! Thank you BOTH !! I saw 'something' mid- deck that could possibly be a pool w/cover but could not tell about width or length. I knew about the Aft pool but knew that pool is a bit 'breezy' in the upper states. I'll mention to the wife and my sister they can pack swimsuit and check out the mid pool. Once again, thanks EM and sunonfire. so much ! Mac
  23. Were taking a ten day Alaskan cruise out of SFO next June. My wife and my sister LOVE doing the 'pool thing' especially during the summer but once you're up near Seattle (even in the summer) it can be a little chilly for an outside pool. I've checked all the decks and can't really tell if there's anything bigger than a kiddie pool. We've sailed on the Miracle before for a E. Caribbean cruise but that was many years ago and didn't bother to check for a indoor pool. The ship may have an infinity pool but she has heard, and this may not be true, that nude swimming is allowed๐Ÿ˜ฎ. She is NOT interested in that scene. If anybody knows about an indoor pool and can offer any info, it'd be appreciated. Thank You, Mac
  24. Out of almost twenty cruises-eighteen were balcony (seventh deck or higher) and on every cruise I've walked out and looked over the side and wondered, 'Could an average male ( I think most suicides are males) take a strong enough LEAP too clear the deck and distance to propel himself over the deck rail๐Ÿ˜ฉ'. I know with the balcony chairs, one could climb up on the rail BUT it'd definitely NOT be any form of a 'running start' after that too complete said act. And one has to wonder if the person takes the time too wonder, 'What IF I fall SHORT (by, say 3 feet) and merely break my neck and am paralyzed from the neck down'. I guess if someone's in such a DARK place to think about this act they're not worried about, 'What IF..' the act fails. Mac
  25. I met a 'stonewall' of bitter silence IF I ENVEN mentioned plugging in the stove and cooking for a change. She'd come up with some lame excuse about 'it'll heat up the kitchen, or I'll HAVE too do the dishes, (Yeah, like HER hands would touch dishwater ! LOLLLL) blah, blah,..' (you can see where her attitude was headed). SO I just got tired of beating my head against the marriage WALL. Besides her Dad gave her a plat AMEX card for dinner expenses saying HE would pick up the bill !! I figured, 'What tha heck'. I really did get sick of eating out EVERY night though. Mac
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