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  1. We're doing that in June/July. It's two 9-day cruises back-to-back. In addition to the Japan ports, one makes a couple of stops in Taiwan, and the other has one stop in Korea.
  2. Bottled water is not really fresh water (and is also wasteful). Fresh water is delivered every day to your washroom sink.
  3. I have never understood the allure of caviar. We had unlimited free caviar on Silversea as well. Had it once and that was enough.
  4. Old thread, but I didn't want to start a new one. The Cunard FAQ (https://my.cunard.com/en-us/mycruise/QV/internetListing) states "If you wish to connect multiple devices to the Guest Wi-Fi simultaneously, you will need to purchase an internet plan for each additional device. Internet plans for additional devices are discounted." Does anyone know what the discount is?
  5. Same here - and same cruise! On a cruise last year, we missed a couple of ports while running from Hurricane Juan and sheltered in Boston Harbour to wait it out. We only expected to get port fees and taxes back, but I believe we got 25% of our cruise fare (or maybe more) as FCC on that one.
  6. We usually get one holder. The only time we got two was on the Xpedition. Totes are about 50/50 these days for us.
  7. We had a later flight out, so we booked the Everglades airboat excursion with MIA dropoff.
  8. Please do not sully the Pixar name by comparing it to LPC's amateurish attempt.
  9. The one time we did it, we found the show to be so-so, but the food was excellent.
  10. We never use the Solarium and avoid walking through it because it's like a crowded steam room. So let the kids use it!
  11. I don't know what the uproar is all about. We used this "new" terminal in 2021 and it was just fine.
  12. Not surprising since 95% of people who start threads don't look to see what's already been posted. For reference, the existing thread is
  13. We're on the Diamond Princess in June and July this year.
  14. And this includes things you wouldn't expect. For example, you cannot bring your personal CPAP machine into Japan without authorization. The auth is easy to get, but it's somehting very few people would even think about. I never even knew about it until someone posted in our Roll Call.
  15. Remember that Celebrity no longer has "all included". It's now "some included" or "a couple things included".
  16. We were on the Apex in 2021 and very disappointed in both the Rooftop and Fine Cut. Then again, we've always been disappointed by Tuscan as well...
  17. Very poor wording. The final dependent clause could easily be interpreted to only apply within 30 days. They need to add an "and" before the "if".
  18. They now ship to Canada as well. I also discovered that once you select to pick up at the pier, you cannot change your mind to have it shipped.
  19. The value is personal. The beverage package price only really applies if you would drink enough to hit that amount. If you only have one or two drinks per day, it doesn't pay.
  20. In general, it's minute quantities of the lowest quality of wine onboard with several waiters and sommeliers making bad jokes.
  21. Both the one I got in the email and the link above worked for me in Safari.
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