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  1. As a craft and Belgium beer person, I spring for the upgraded drink package. It pays for itself.
  2. Does anyone know which restaurants will charge extra,specifically interested in the brick oven pizzq
  3. We were fine with dark jackets and pants with a ties andmy wife had a black dress for formal nights. Other nights no denim or t shirts
  4. We are hopeful that our Christmas cruise on NCL is going off as scheduled on 12/21. Due to flights, we are staying the night before near the port as Rome late on a Sunday is not worth it. We booked at the HOTEL DE LA VILLE? Took a leap of faith. Anyone stayed there before? and thoughts
  5. Jump on it ! I would rather go out of PC than Miami
  6. They are Italian based so not really. Try spicy salami,same idea
  7. Hello, if MSC leaves out of Southampton on 9/3, we are booked on Yacht Club. Does anyone have a room service pizza menu along with a beer and drink list. Thanks
  8. We always bring our own. We bought an Essenza just to travel. Easier and we know it's clean.
  9. Use TA, mine is great and saves a ton of time as customer service and MSC in the US is a misnomer.
  10. Staying one night in May post cruise. Need a reasonable but nice hotel that is near to public transport and easy to get to airport the next morning. Any ideas,thanks.
  11. We are on the 5/10 cruise on Presiosa out of HAMBURG. On the Southampton stop, we are planning on taking the London on your own excursion as it is cheaper than the train. Does anyone know where in London it stops and the exact times you arrive and leave. No one at MSC Customer disservice could provide an answer. Thanks
  12. Athens Central Square Hotel. Great breakfast near transport. Just have to walk a bit
  13. Thanks, we are going from Linate to our hotel at NH genoa Marina the night before our cruise.
  14. Hi My wife and I are on the 3/7/20 cruise. One of the stops is Israel. We have booked a small group tour of Jerusalem and Bethlehem with a tour company we have used in past. Anyone interested, contact us via e-mail at patrickhenneberry@yahoo.com and we will share information.
  15. What is easiest route by bus or train from Linate to Genoa
  16. We are taking the November Grandiosa cruise. We have been looking at fares from NYC to Genoa. When we looked at Milan, which is only a short train ride, we were surprised. We found a great fare from NYC via Aerlingus. We got airfare for around $1400 round trip(check in luggage included) plus it is only a 3 hour layover in Dublin. The bonus is that you pre-clear Immigration and Customs in Dublin instead of waiting on a long line back in NYC. With the savings, we are staying the night after the cruise in Milan and still saving a bundle.
  17. We are doing YC on the Grandiosa in Nov,menus for YC would be appreciated. Have not seen a breakfast one
  18. Here is link https://www.guidedtoursisrael.com/
  19. Israel Guided Tours, very efficent and professional
  20. We booked Noordam for Asia for Christmas/New Years next year. Do they have any special menus for these holidays or parties. If so does anyone have a copy of prior menus? Thanks
  21. We love to travel light and in most places take public transport(London and Barcelona as two examples),however Rome is the one place we suck up the cost and spring for the car.
  22. We are taking a MSC cruise out of Southampton in September. We understand MSC does not organize a bus to and from like other cruise lines. Does anyone have a reasonable company that does group shuttle buses or vans
  23. Thanks, I did not give time as MSC has history of changing things
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