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  1. Fortnum and Mason have the best tea and no severe dress code
  2. We never do as the one time we did the service was beyond horrible. We pay at end and usually add extra
  3. Does anyone know when the new menus are coming out. We cruise in September and would like to see if possible to decide which specialty dining we shall go to.
  4. It was the same on Grandiosa Nov 2019,the exception being no free wifi and very limited selection of liquor
  5. With traffic difficult at best. Try to get day prior it is worth it, especially to see Acropolis at night!
  6. I love the drink package but the high services charge,not. Fairest thing is either lower it to 15 or 10 percent. I believe folks would then give more for good service. This overpriced mandate gives no incentive for good service. I have also seen and it is wrong folks giving less on the disc. Maybe it should be a straight 20 percent for all.
  7. I thought if vaccinated you don't need test returning...
  8. If you get air through NCL,transport is included. Note the transfer charge
  9. Sleep on the plane,plenty of water and little to no alcohol on plane
  10. Who cares as long as it does not interfere with the taste of my Bourbon and soda ,lol
  11. We have better luck at Le Bistro. We gave up on Cagney's after asking for medium three times and either got purple or black,no medium. Waiter stated it was best chef could do. That is what you get for pre-paid service charge
  12. We are lucky as we fly out of New York, so we usually don't get a "round the world pitstop of various airports." A major advantage of their air is that if their flights make you late they are on the hook to get you to the next port to meet the ship.
  13. I have done the AeroBus with luggage from another hotel nearby. It is easy as long as you are taking one bag and a knapsack each.
  14. As painful as it is yes. What makes it worse after the last year, I am looking forward to it albeit with an adult beverage.
  15. We are on Jade out of Athens on 9.12.21 and nothing listed yet.
  16. The hoodie might be the deal breaker
  17. MSC does it all the time. It is great and less stress...
  18. Spring for a hotel away from Tremini and take care almost the same in price and less stressful. Good hotel is NH VITTORIO
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