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  1. The SAS conflict has been going on since July 4th. Earlier today, the Danish Pilots' Association confirmed that the airline and the pilots will return to the negotiating tomorrow Wednesday. Announcements are positive. As soon as the parties reach an agreement, SAS can quickly become fully operational. Update when news.
  2. I did fly Copa (Star Alliance) with an overnight stay in Panama. I did prefer the overnight stay in Panama rather than a late arrival into Quito. Enjoy your days in Quito and your Galapagos adventure.
  3. Just noticed that this map is not up to date. - A new map 991 route is south bound 992 route is north bound
  4. The canal Tour - Stromma or Netto Boats) are sight Seeing only - Harbour busses are public transport The sight seeing tours are different route than the Harbour busses Do you mean the Harbour buses? - I did not think Copenhagen Waters Taxi is active as a transport today. the Harbour buses are part of the public transport and use the same ticket system - included in the Copenhagen card. Harbour bus route
  5. Yes, possible. It’s 30 minutes from Amalienborg to Oceankaj (Dawn is at Oceankaj, terminal 2) Take the Metro from ‘Marmorkirken’ to ‘Orientkaj’ and bus 164/25 to the terminal (or the free shuttle bus 164/25 Bus stop at Orientkaj is in ‘Sundkrogsgade’ - behind Hotel Comwell. Use the journey planner Rejseplanen for you planning (also available as app).
  6. What P&O is writing at their web doesn't match their Terms and Conditions - I just checked my Credit Card travel coverage and it does match the P&O terms and conditions - however not a 'Cruise specific' Insurance. I have been cruising for 30+ years and no cruise line hasn't questioned my coverage. However not cruised P&O - and if the do require a 'Cruise Specific' Insurance from Holiday Extras I will find another cruise line.
  7. I believe it’s wrong to call it ‘cruise specific policies,’ but insurance must meet P&O Terms and Conditions - see my post #12
  8. Might be true that “it is mandatory for all UK guests to have suitable travel insurance coverage” but all the additional ‘cruise related coverage’ is not required Might very well be that P&O try to sell ‘cruise specific insurance’ as they have partnered with Holiday Extras but you’ll do not need such a ‘cruise specific insurance’ as long as yout travel insurance meet the requirements in P&O Terms and conditions: “It is a condition of the Contract that every Guest must have adequate and appropriate insurance. This must include cover for travel, cancellation and curtailment and full and valid medical cover for pre-existing medical conditions worldwide, or as a minimum, in the countries that the Guest is due to visit and which must remain in force for the entire duration of the Package. The insurance policy(ies) must, as a minimum, include medical and repatriation coverage for not less than £2 million and must include cover for the cost of emergency evacuations from the ship, including but not limited to, evacuations by helicopter. It is the Guest’s responsibility to ensure that adequate and appropriate insurance is in place for the entire duration of the package.”
  9. I do not think you need an insurance specific for cruising. you’ll need a travel insurance covering primarily medical treatment and additional cost of travel if any Emergency medical problems. I’m only having a standard travel insurance from my credit card provider - does cover all travel related issues. Have been cruising for 30 years.
  10. As experiences with the strike have a broad interest, I would encourage you to update the above topic regarding the ‘SAS strike June 2022 ‘with your experiences with the SAS strike.
  11. Thank you for the detailed report. I do not agree with you that the trip from Tromsø to Bergen is the least interesting - especially the Lofoten islands with Trolfjorden and Ålesund and Geiranger are also breathtaking. It may be related to the fact that you traveled south bound. I have only sailed north bound. I have also done the part from Bodø to Kirkenes - Especially to enjoy midnight sun or Northern Lights.
  12. You can get smoked or grilled puffins at most restaurants in Reykjavik
  13. Yes, should be easy to spot the but at terminals - running every 30 minutes. Drop off and pick up in the same place near to Orientkaj metro - from Orientkaj you can also take the harbor bus to Nyhavn. If using the free shuttle but tickets must be purchased at the metro station or use App. Same tickets for Metro and Harbor bus.
  14. Not entirely correct. The Swedish state still owns 21.8% of SAS, however the government of Sweden has announced it will not give any fresh capital to SAS and this is seen as a step towards the Swedish government’s exit from ownership of SAS, which the Norwegian government completed several years ago. At the end of May 2022, both governments of Denmark and Sweden held 21.8% ownership of SAS. Sweden will most likely not be a long-term owner of SAS, while Denmark is expected to increase share in SAS.
  15. For me it’s a 10 hours non-stop flight from home to Miami. - several cruises from Shanghai, and Singapore
  16. Thank you for confirming the shuttle bus stop - it is in the direction of ‘Copenhagen International School’ which can be seen from the metro station by the harbor. There are no final decisions regarding the extension of the metro in the direction of the cruise terminals. At best, it will happen around 2030.
  17. I’m pretty sure that SAS has a future. Unfortunately, there are some employment conditions for flight personnel that the SAS management wants to bring to an end. The strike is not a question of wages but of management rights. A large part of SAS is owned by the Danish and Swedish states - and SAS is especially important for Denmark and Copenhagen. With the current Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, I believe the strike will come to an end. Negotiations are still open.
  18. I have always printed my luggage tags in ‘black and white’ and never experienced that it took a long time before I got the suitcases - only have experience from Royal Caribbean.
  19. Not by the pilot strike, however there might also be a strike by the mechanics in Denmark - same mechanics servicing both SAS and ‘SAS Connect’ planes - but it might be possible to service the SAS planes at other locations. SAS Link will not be impacted.
  20. The shuttle bus is operated by the CMP port and can be used by all guests. Unfortunately I can not confirm the stop at Orientkaj Metro but as @Wendy-Europestates it is at ‘Copenhagen International School’ which is next to the harbor right by the metro station. See post #365. For public buses you can buy tickets on the bus - payment with coins. However, it is possible to exchange coins in the bus, however, a maximum of DKK 100. If you have the option to pay with a mobile phone I would recommend the App or SMS ticket.
  21. EU air passenger rights apply If your flight arrives in the EU from outside the EU and is operated by an EU airline If your flight is cancelled you have the right to choose between reimbursement, re-routing or return. You are also entitled to assistance at the airport. If you were informed of the cancellation less than 14 days prior to the scheduled departure date, you have a right to compensation. €600 if more than Km 3,500. However, compensation is not due if the carrier can prove that the cancellation is caused by ‘extraordinary circumstances’ which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken. Previously, airlines have claimed strikes fall into that category, but the European Court of Justice definitively ruled that an organised strike by staff “does not fall within the concept of an extraordinary circumstance“
  22. I didn’t mention ‘creamers’ . In a Danish context cream is milk with a high content of fat - normally used for ‘whipped cream’
  23. A taxi will be approximately $15 from the pier to your hostel. Install the Hreyfill Taxi app on your phone, you can quickly and easily book a taxi when you arrive.
  24. I do not know exactly which product you are talking about but in my best belief it is not a dairy product Dairy products are a collective term for the products obtained by processing milk typically in a dairy: whole milk with varying fat content, cream, yogurt, ymer, cheese, cream and similar products.
  25. From SAS web IF YOUR FLIGHT IS CANCELED We’re sorry that your journey has been disrupted by the ongoing strike. We’re doing everything we can to help you with your trip, a rebooking process starts immediately, and we will get back to you by SMS and email with information as soon as possible. If we are able to rebook you to alternative flights, you will receive SMS with information about the new itinerary. If we are not able to rebook you, you will receive SMS with more information. The process with finding alternative for you can take up to a few hours. DEDICATED PHONE NUMBER FOR STRANDED CUSTOMERS If you are stranded at your destination and have your return journey canceled with no new travel alternative offered, please call 0046 8 797 4100 for service, we will do our utmost to assist you. If you have booked your ticket via a Travel Agent, please contact them directly. CLARIFICATION FOR WORRIED PASSENGERS REGARDING PARTLY USED TICKETS If you don't use the outbound part of your ticket, you will still be able to use the return ticket as it's not automatically canceled. To keep you informed regarding your flight, we need your contact details. Please visit manage my bookings to ensure that your contact details are correct. If they are not, please update them online. This applies to all bookings except for charter flights. If your flight is canceled and you don't wish to travel you can cancel and refund your ticket via My bookings.
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