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  1. All SAS flights on July 11 are ‘Scheduled’ but that will very likely change tomorrow. Right now, it is very uncertain when the strike will end. Lufthansa or Brussels Air do not strike but have in return canceled many flights. Two alternatives - (i) cancel SAS and reserve another flight or (ii) keep SAS and see if they fly - if not you will be rebooked by SAS to partner airline with potential later arrival - it depends on how many days before your cruise you plan to fly . As a contingency plan, it may be possible to book a flight ticket that can be canceled. As an alternative to AA or Delta also consider Icelandair.
  2. SAS said today it was initiating a court-supervised process in the United States by a Chapter 11 filing to implement key elements of its SAS FORWARD restructuring plan. It said in a statement it would continue to serve its customers throughout the process, although a pilot strike launched on Monday is impacting its flight schedule. It said the purpose of the filing was to accelerate SAS’ transformation. “To proceed with the implementation of key elements of the plan, SAS and certain of its subsidiaries have voluntarily filed for chapter 11 in the U.S., a legal process for financial restructuring conducted under U.S. federal court supervision,”
  3. Have you been in contact with Air2Sea? An alternative is Icelandair via Keflavik. Reasonable alternative.
  4. Do not cancel your SAS flight yourself - wait for them to either cancel or re- route. When SAS cancel the flight less than 14 days before departure you’re entitled to a compensation of up to € 600 per person.
  5. SAS pilots strike. A large group of SAS pilots go on strike. This happens after an unsuccessful attempt to reach an agreement between the pilots and SAS. The approximately 1,000 pilots are employed by SAS's parent company, SAS Scandinavia, and had announced a strike due to dissatisfaction with their pay and working conditions at SAS. SK Flights operated by SAS Link, SAS Connect and SAS external partners: Xfly, CityJet and AirBaltic will not be affected by the strike. Passengers shall check the status of their flight on SAS's website. I’ll update this topic when new information.
  6. You do not write which ports you visit and when. Puffins are not likely to be seen from your balcony. The best place is the breeding grounds in the evening - @MAVIPis right - when the breeding season is over in late August, the puffins seek out the sea.
  7. We will know a lot more tomorrow morning - right now positive messages, but no valid messages. I suppose your journey is end of July - if strike tomorrow I will personally see what happens within the next few weeks.
  8. By train is the obvious answer. Hamburg to Kiel is straightforward - Kiel to Warnemünde will require a bit more planning and take at least four hours, If you want more detailed guidance on trains and timing you need to post the dates as well as ‘travel windows’
  9. Why are you sure? Once the night is dark enough end of August you should be able to see the Northern Lights. Bring windproof and warm clothes (layers of clothes) - it is very cold on the open deck at night in northern Norway.
  10. Thank you for sharing (article can only vibe accessed if you have a subscription) Tour de France Grand Depart was yesterday - an enjoyable day.
  11. Look forward to your journey - hopefully you will also experience the Northern Lights on the trip
  12. The announced pilot strike has once again been postponed - until Monday at 12 noon. It is moving forward, but the parties are still very far apart. The negotiations between SAS and the company's pilots have been extended.
  13. Not y’et, Although the clock has passed midnight, and the deadline has thus expired, a pilot strike has not yet stsrted - - a few minutes after midnigt it SAS reported that they have decided to 'stop the clock'.
  14. Progress has been made in the negotiations between SAS and the pilots, but no agreement has yet been reached. Hopefully an agreement will be reached later today.
  15. Ongoing negotiations. Silence in respect of the negotiations and to create as good a chance as possible of finding a solution that both parties can be satisfied with. - might be news by tomorrow evening (Central Europe Time) - probably a new postponement, very complex situation. Time will show.
  16. When is your cruise? Are you referring to ETIAS? If your cruise is later than May 2023 you must apply for an ETIAS online before you start your travel - then your passport is scanned when you enter and leave Schengen (done by the cruise line). The sea days from Dover to first Schengen port is ‘non Schengen’ - sea days between or after a Schengen port to non Schengen port is Schengen days. Iceland and Norway are both Schengen. Do you call Faroe Islands? Thye are not part if Schengen. Not that complicated - just apply for the ETIAS and then not more than 90 days within the Schengen area - stay in UK, and some sea days doesn’t count. More on ETIAS
  17. There are two important elements in the ‘Norway in a Nutshell’ trip - the railway from Myrdal to Flåm and the sailing trip on the beautiful Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord. I would definitely recommend that you spend an extra day on a detour to Flåm. Book the train trip from Oslo to Flåm, spend the night at a hotel in Flåm / Gudevangen and a boat trip on the fjords. You can then take a train or bus from Flåm to Bergen. If you do not want to bring all your luggage, it is possible to have luggage sent from a hotel in Oslo to a hotel in Bergen. You can purchase tickets at norwaybest.com
  18. The postponement is generally good news. Suggests that the conflict be resolved. If on strike when your return journey, you must know your rights with regard to meals and possibly hotel. And also how to claim for compensation in case of delays (EU Regulation 261 / 2004) Here is a link to information about postponement (in Danish) Here you can check status of your SAS flight
  19. SAS strike has been temporarily postponed - negotiations continue An agreement has been reached that the deadline will be extended by 72 hours. The strike will now start on Saturday 2 July from midnight. It is assessed that "it is possible to reach an agreement" on a new agreement between the airline and the pilots.
  20. The clock here in Scandinavia has passed midnight and from now on the SAS pilots can go on strike - there is however nothing new about the negotiations - still no news is good news. Despite the deadline, one of the conciliators has just announced t the possibility that the parties will continue to negotiate after midnight. No further updates from me before tomorrow (Wednesday)
  21. Negotiations are still ongoing - just under 6 hours until the deadline. At the moment, nothing new is good news
  22. … or postponed for 14 days - the strike can be postponed two time 14 days.We will know more by tomorrow Tuesday.
  23. The size of the cruise ship does not matter. With the exception of a single fjord, all large ships can sail into the bottom of the deep fjords. Most ports are easy for DIY.
  24. Wednesday morning (technically from midnight). first SAS flight which may be affected from EWR will be Wednesday June 29 afternoon. Negotiations are currently underway in the conciliation institution in Stockholm - I will update here when there is news.
  25. In fact the cost of Heathrow Express is similar to the Hotel Hoppa if purchased 90 days in advance - one-way ticket from just £5.50.
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