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  1. Maybe not a specific hotel shuttle - I did have the Hotel Hoppa bus in mind.
  2. Is LHR you final destination.? If yes you should have plenty of time.
  3. I have often done a 8 to 12 hours layover. Find a suitable hotel with shuttle close to the airport.
  4. I’m not aware of hotels with a free shuttle to Oceankaj cruise terminal. Some hotels have a shuttle for a fee - AC Bella Sky, Marriott and others, but if two or more people it might be better price and flexibility with a taxi.
  5. Thank you for sharing. A long list, but not even complete. In addition, there is a lack of security control staff, which means long queues and long waiting times at most European airports. be Be in good time at the airport and fly out a few days earlier. Might easily be delayed a day. When traveling to Europe (EU airlines only) and in Europe be aware of EU regulation 261/04: Your rights as a passenger - compensation when delays, cancellations or denied boarding
  6. In the long run, restructuring is necessary - if the necessary restructuring does not take place now, there will most likely not be a SAS in six months. Wages and working conditions for SAS Scandinavian are a ‘relic of the past’. For SAS Connect and SAS Link, personnel are employed on market terms similar to other airlines.
  7. yes, if the conflict is not resolved or start of strike postponed 14 days.
  8. yes, SAS Connect pilots do not strike so your July 1st flight is not affected by the strike. Unfortunately, the mechanics have witnessed a sympathy strike from 5th July - it will affect SAS Connect as it is the same mechanics who also service these aircraft - SAS link wil not be affected. Also not aircraft operated by wetlease.
  9. You might want to check availability and prices for Icelandair. I know it’s not non-stop but the stop in Keflavik (KEF) is relatively short and airport not that big. Very efficient. Flights will arrive to ARN or CPH just after noon. Might even be an advantage with the short break.
  10. yes, it has happened, but not in connection with an announced strike.
  11. If the strike is postponed 14 days the earliest day of strike is Wednesday July 13. There is absolutely no news from the negotiations, which can be a good sign - initially a postponement for two weeks.
  12. There are currently three options. (i) The strike can start from June 29, (ii) the pilots and SAS before June 29 agree on new working agreements. (iii) or the conciliator chooses to postpone the strike for up to two times 14 days. Postponing is a very likely option. Personally, I would rather end a holiday with a strike than at the beginning. Airlines are more motivated to help on the return journey as they have to pay for accommodation and meals in addition to compensation for delays according to the EU 261 charter.
  13. It does not look positive and we do not know anything for sure until Wednesday 29 June. SAS will do everything possible to rebook - if not, compensation must be paid in accordance with the EU 261 the rules - see post #17. My personal experience with tickets booked directly with SAS is that I have been rebookek with Star Alliance partners in case of cancellations and made it to my final destination- often with two to four hours delay, a few times the following day. I either went to the airport or called SAS - in many situations received an e-mail/SMS with changes. Check for available flights day before/after - if no alternatives for rebooking on flysas.com to a reasonable price with code share partners I would contact SAS on Wednesday. But the situation is not that positive.
  14. It migh be that SAS has included som LH or UA codeshare flights - try to see epwhat is available.
  15. Rebooking to another SAS flight at an earlier or later date. Unfortunately probably not so relevant in your situation but will reduce the number of passengers who need to be re-routed
  16. In “our part of the world” we do use the term ‘direct flight’ when non-stop. In the past there were flights with the same flight number that had one or two stops on the route here in Europe or transatlantic. Today all SAS flights including Transatlantic are non-stop. If more than one flight separate flight numbers.
  17. The mechanics have announced a sympathy strike with pilots. The problem here is that it will also affect SAS Connect flights but not SAS Direct or SAS flights on wetlease. This strike has been announced for 5 July. My personal bid right now is that the parties will come to an agreement and the strike be called off. But I can of course, can be wrong.
  18. In order to get most out of you first evening and the following day I’ll suggest a hotel close to Nyhavn/Kongens Nytorv. Many sights in walking distance. Some suggestions: Hotel Bethel, 71 Nyhavn Hotel or Huxley Hotel.
  19. I do not have that information - I only have information on the shuttle from CMP web - I might be at Orientkaj Metro tomorrow - will check. Hopefully others who have managed to take the bus can answer the question.
  20. Itinerary is important. In general I’ll say that October might be too late for this part of the world, however a northern light cruise will make sense. Weather can be fine but chances for stormy weather and rain are high.
  21. You might not get that many replies. Alta is a very small town and not many cruises - most in the winter and not since 2019. In the past it has been a problem to arrange private tours as cruise companies have used all local guides. Try contacting the local tourist office. Email: info@visitalta.no More information about Alta
  22. I’ll recommend DIY for all ports In addition I’ll add Loen Skylift viewpoint in Olden. Scenic cruising into Olden and Skjolden - you must be at the upper deck when entering the fjords early in the morning - sunrise at 4 to 4:30am
  23. I do not tip taxi drivers in Europe. I do pay the price at the meter or an agreed price by credit card. You must know in advance how much the trip costs and make sure that before the trip starts that the price holds. Some taxi companies in Stockholm are significantly more expensive than others. Personally I’m only using Taxi Stockholm, Taxi Kurir, or Yellow cabs in Stockholm
  24. Might be one of the questions where the date also might be relevant. However, looks like arrival in Hellesylt 06:30am and leaving 05:00pm Easy to get from Hellesylt to Geiranger by the ferry at 8 am and back 2 pm. Should leave time enough in Geiranger to go to the viewpoibpnts. You can book tickets at Norway Best
  25. Stay informed about flight delays. May depend on where / how you bought your ticket and booking class. I have flown regularly with SAS for more than 45 years - sometimes two to four times a week and experienced many strikes and cancellations. In all cases, I have been re-routed and arrived at my destination - often 2 to 4 hours late - a few times the following day. Please note that in the event of delays on EU flights, you are entitled to compensation in accordance with EU 261/2004, Up to € 600 must be paid in compensation for flight delays of more than 3 hours. If you are flying from a destination outside the EU to an EU destination and flying with a European airline, you are covered and have the opportunity to apply for compensation. You can find out more about EU 261 and your air passenger rights here.
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