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  1. Best to use it on a journey or longer cruise to get more out of it
  2. We won one at an auction on a first cruise realized what was going on and never went back
  3. Economically coffee card benefit makes the most sense for us and is good on 14 day or longer cruise. For an upcoming 7 day one we will not use up much at all. So figure we will buy coffee for everyone we meet on the cruise. As our daughter would say First World Problem😁
  4. Have been to about 4 of the star gazing programs and the lights where we are do get turned off during the program.
  5. Actually the TIP is really a question. Some sort of tip is included but they will note give a clear answer as to how much of a tip is included but you are encouraged to tip more.
  6. We got it after 25th but waited for a longer and more expensive cruise, Hawaii to use it
  7. coffee card swap and buy coffee for new friends
  8. We have booked as one and still gotten internet minutes for each segment.
  9. Wonder who actually keeps the money?
  10. Not a bad deal for you. After awhile the islands look pretty much alike
  11. It is a private area by ship so you will be fine
  12. If no cost and good location would take it
  13. A good pvp is sure worth booking with.
  14. We did a TA on the ship last December and did wish their were more choices for evening entertainment. Quite a few nights the Pacific Lounge was used to show movies. Wonder why this lounge was built so flat, DW is rather short and we had to get there a good 45 minutes to get a seat up front so she could see. For some reason early arrival who are tall would often sit in the first row blocking our views.
  15. Believe it was mostly the ships dancers who took advantage of that. Also a great place to see Cuba back in the day
  16. After agreeing to be environmentally conscious they showed their contempt by continuing to do the same. They tell us of their concern by banning straws. IMHO the senior management of Carnival should be behind bars for contempt of court. A 20 million dollar fine at this point is rather a drop in the bucket to them.
  17. Nice that they have it but no matter how many times I asked them to tone down the heat it always comes out too spicy for me to have more than a bite or two
  18. Who was cruise booked with? Think that is where you should go to figure this out
  19. Hopefully he will be banned for life from all cruise lines for his own safety.Wonder if his wife realized she married such a dummy
  20. When the grill does chicken fingers prefer the grill, otherwise do enjoy Guy's burgers
  21. Seems to depend on the ship. Some years ago CD said we could bring our kids but a day later came up to us and told us policy on the ship was no guests.
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