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  1. What I really find annoying is when they disguise cutbacks with doing it to save the ocean.
  2. Think senior management should spend some quality time in prison. That would surely get their attention and the attention of senior management of other companies that violate the law.
  3. We would get there a bit early and hope to get on quickly but lots of factors will influence when boarding actually starts
  4. As long as you get scanned what is the difference where the scanning takes place
  5. Exactly. Had this on a family cruise with my daughter and son in law and very easy to fix.
  6. If it is true only 20 cabins left would book now. However rather far out for the ship to be almost sold out so would take with grain of salt.
  7. Carnival used to sell fcc's to do this but now just a discount when booking a cruise right after you get home. Princess also allows fcc's btw.
  8. When you are all onboard the ship, have the entire group march over to guest services tell them what you want and they will be happy to arrange rooms as you desire.
  9. Timing of shows can vary so hard to give a definitive answer.
  10. Hopefully the fine is big enough to make sure they follow the rules and other cruise lines pay attention. Carnival management has been a bunch of hypocrites for the comments about doing things to help the environment while also polluting the oceans.
  11. Have learned to take corned beef and pastrami off the sandwiches and operate on the meat so as to remove as much fats as possible. Sometimes the sandwich does not survive the operation and gets tossed
  12. I heard it was the bartender dressed up as the butler who did it. Like when they come up with new activities
  13. Last few times we used ship machines stuff not dry after one cycle and just brought back to cabin to finish drying.
  14. Or take it on your card when you have obc. Last time didnt charge for it
  15. If a porter said that to me would say thanks for the info and immediately take our suitcase with us onto the ship.
  16. We have sailed from Southampton twice and no kettle. Once Royal Princess and once Crown Princess
  17. They will offer it when they need to move cabins close to sail date. Can be great deal to nothing good at all.
  18. Consider not doing an excursion and doing it on your own. Very nice small island with nice beach and a Margaritaville with no cover charge
  19. If I remember correctly they will charge about 3%.
  20. We will be on the ship in just over 30 days and first ship that will have a kettle. Wonder if we will use it.
  21. Would rather eat freshly made omelet than pre made eggs that have been sitting around possibly for hours
  22. If you have to go in August I gather would expect a crowded ship. Personally think the Dream class is the best layout Carnival has done
  23. They still get a 7 day cruise just miss a port so far, still get all the food and entertainment. Think $ 50 is reasonable as long as ship gets moving and only miss one port
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