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  1. Guess we are more conservative than most people. We built a nice nest egg before setting out on our more expensive vacation. Do not want to have to be concerned with coming home to bills we are concerned how to deal with. But that is how we choose to live our life others can and should do as they wish.
  2. Holland America actually owns HMC and they get first dibs on it. When a ship goes there they control all of the spending for the day so would think it would be very profitable to send more ships there.
  3. We have always love HMC. Going to Princess Cays for first time in October and looking forward to it. Always wondered why Carnival never developed its own private island
  4. We did it with Overlord tours a few years ago and they did a great job. Cheaper and smaller group that worked well together and even had time to see an extra beach.
  5. Last cruise so many comfort dogs thinking that I should take my comfort monkey named George. In case the ship runs out of bananas probably should take a few hundred or so.
  6. We did the Ruby about two years ago and the Grand this past February and will be doing the Emerald next year. Liked visiting San Fran for first time and was awesome sailing under the Golden Gate. Ruby does have a better Horizon court with lots more choices for lunch and dinner and is a substantially newer ship.
  7. We think the Dream class is the best Carnival has done. Lots of food choices and large venue for comedy club
  8. I think you are close but understand that is where they sleep. They string hammocks each night. The crew bar is on the ports side.
  9. Glad I am not a member of a union but if someone gets a raise they ought to see it on next pay check not months or year out.
  10. We like the free grats especially when it comes with obc. 40% is nice but since you do not know off of what not necessarily a good deal for you
  11. Not quite fair to the stewards and dining room staff when that happens. They get a raise in general but if people prepay tips they do not see the raise for up to 18 months.
  12. We never prepay prefer to not pay bills earlier than necessary. We are all different do whats best for you.
  13. Based on your math have to believe they get paid a lot more for the job they do.
  14. When we did our 8 day to Bermuda the middle day there, we had a storm and pretty much everything was closed. If that happens on a four day cruise you pretty much will see nothing.
  15. If you really want to see Bermuda a short cruise is not the way to do it. Would never do it without at least 3 days in port.
  16. Check a few times daily and hopefully something will show up. Be prepared to take whatever you can get often at a high cost.
  17. If there is a hurricane the ship will change itinerary to avoid it. Most times it rains will only be a short time and sun will come out again.
  18. This is a brilliant idea. They got too many lifeboats anyway:)
  19. Other than La Romana this is the best itinerary Carnival does. Go to port of call for more info.
  20. We used to say the same thing but there came a time when we wanted to see the world and Caribbean cruising came to an end
  21. I would not spend much time in a balcony. We stayed at the bow where the naturalist hung out and went from side to side as he pointed out things.
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