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  1. I thought it was bad when our April 26 3 day Allure cruise was chartered. At least I was able to switch to the 3 day following the 4 day that was meant to be the 2nd leg of our Allure B2B and even keep the same room. @sandebeach, I hope you’re able to find options that will work for you.
  2. Watched your sailaway this evening on the Port Canaveral Webcam. Remembered to turn it on just in time. I was surprised to see Symphony docked at the Carnival dock but fun to watch Wonder sail past Symphony. Hope you and Gina have a great cruise! Here’s a screenshot of your sailaway from Port Canaveral Webcam. http://www.portcanaveralwebcam.com
  3. Thank you for a great review @KmomChicago! I have loved following along with you on your cruise. Congratulations on your successful interviews!
  4. Thank you @colesc15 for doing this review. I’ve enjoyed following along with you and am looking forward to your recap. I’m hoping that I can find a price I’m willing to pay on an Icon class ship sooner rather than later so we can try it ourselves. 😀
  5. Wow! Twangster your pictures are spectacular! Thank you for taking the time to post them so we can enjoy them.
  6. We pretty much did melt. We had planned to stay until park closing at 6:00 but at about 4:30 we looked at each other and both said that it was time to go because we were melted. We stopped for dinner near the park to cool off, rehydrate more than we’d already been doing, and let most of the rush hour traffic get home before we made the drive. That was definitely a good idea. 💡
  7. Mike, I love hearing you talk about food! I’m not going to try to keep up with you in that department! I plan on following you on that other site you’ll be posting on and give you a gentle reminder about the entertainment schedule. 😄 Bill & Gina, welcome to hot, sunny Orlando! Please remember to stay hydrated! Outdoor temps in the mid to high 90’s the rest of this week and if you’re going to any of the parks remember that all of that concrete makes it feel even hotter. Barry and I were in Busch Gardens on Monday with an actual high of 90 and hydration and sunscreen were essential. I’ve been wanting to make a Grills or Fishlips run because we haven’t been in a while but and was thinking maybe this weekend but then I realized it’s Memorial Day weekend 😱 so that trip will not be happening. We’ll be waving at you from the webcam instead. Hope you have a great cruise! I’ll be following along with your review. 😎
  8. I’d really appreciate a copy of the entertainment sheet for the Western Caribbean itinerary. While I DO know how to find it in the app I find it way easier to work with using the sheet they give you onboard rather than flipping back and forth through the app. We have traditionally been late MBR people but these days the one of us who is not a night owl is having a lot of trouble staying awake for those late show times even though he loves seeing the shows. We also have friends sailing with us on this cruise and they’re not night owls either. Barry and I switched to early dining on the four day leg of our recent Allure cruise which we were able to make work but kept our late dining time for the three day leg because we were able to find 7PM shows on two of the three nights and had Coco Beach Club 😋🦞🥩😋 so we simply skipped the MDR on the third night because we were stuffed from lunch. Well, we did grab a couple slices of pizza 🍕 but that was plenty for us. Anyway, I’d love to see the show schedule for Wonder Western Caribbean so I can try to figure out if we can make our late dining work or if we’ll have to either switch to early dining or just make other plans for dinner. We sail September 8. @BillOh and/or @OCSC Mike, I’d really appreciate it if you would post a copy of your entertainment schedules. Hope you both have great cruises on Wonder and any other Wonder specific tips or things not to miss would be appreciated as well.
  9. I’m looking forward to following along! This is going to be fun. Happy Birthday 🎂 and Happy Anniversary! 🥂
  10. @twangster, your photography is amazing as always! Thank you!
  11. @RCCLNYMETS41, Maybe we’ll see you on Wonder on Sept 8! Your plan looks good to me. 👍
  12. DH and I are sorry to hear the sad news about the passing of Captain James McDonald. Our condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.
  13. Thank you @twangster! I’m enjoying following along with you!
  14. We were on Allure in that picture! It was our turn around day. 😎 We will be on Wonder in September. Can’t wait! Moved here 20 years ago and still haven’t been there. Need to make that happen. We keep saying we’re going to plan a trip but it hasn’t happened yet.
  15. Good to see you cruising again. We’re just off Allure so have been playing catch up with life in general and can now finally start catching up with Cruise Critic. I’m looking forward to following you on your Alaska adventure!
  16. @little britain, I’ sorry to hear that your vacation had to end on such a bad note. It really is an awful that security isn’t a whole lot better as it seems obvious that the person/people who took your belongings were not first time thieves. It probably won’t be their last time either. I am glad to hear that you were able to get replacement documents so that you were able to get replacement travel documents and flights to enable you to get home. Hopefully you have all of the necessary documentation to satisfy your insurance provider and are able to get quick reimbursement for your losses On a positive note I’d like to thank you for all of your input into Laurie’s review. I enjoy hearing about the same cruise through several different people’s eyes and this review was no exception. @Rogueperson I have enjoyed your input here, too. I think that once I’m rested up from my own post cruise tiredness I’m going to have to head over to the Virgin Voyages board and check out your review. I hope my sleepy brain hasn’t forgotten any other cruisers who contributed in some way to this review. If so, I apologize to you for my poor memory. I have really enjoyed following along here. This is the only review I’ve managed to keep up with over the past week so thank you again, @laurieal, for another informative and entertaining review!
  17. Laurie, glad that you were able to get home safely. We got home from Allure yesterday and I am very happy to be retired so I didn’t have to go back to work today! I wish I could find another pink octopus cat toy so I could send you the real thing but I’m afraid this picture of my cat’s slightly used and well loved one will have to do.
  18. We were waving from our balcony on deck 8. 👋🏼😀 We are home now and ready to follow along with your TA adventures.
  19. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your Wellie. It’s never easy to lose a pet, especially one who has been with you for so long. We were docked next to you in Nassau on Saturday on Allure. We waved, did you see us? We didn’t even know you were aboard!
  20. Your DH sounds like my DH. I have to keep him busy on just one sea day to keep him happy. I can’t imagine what he’d be like on a TA! Maybe not for the Best of the Best but if you’re getting older and still enjoying the Flowrider, I’d say that’s apretty good thing! 😀
  21. You’re definitely not alone. We’re on Allure doing a 4/3 B2B right now. I’m very glad we have the same cabin. We’ve only done one B2B where we had to move. That move went well but I think it’s so much easier we stay in the same cabin. I don’t think we will do another B2 with short cruises.I’d rather book a longer cruise. Yep, I’ve encountered my share of that lately.
  22. Internet today was better than yesterday, but not much. The quality we’re getting for it is it worth the price we’re paying for it. I’d do a speed test for you but it would take to long. My snorkeling excursion was ship sponsored. It was run by a well known dive shop in Nassau, Stuart Cove’s. I have used them before for scuba trips so I knew who I was booking with. They have always done a good job with the excursions I’ve been on. What they’re not good at is getting back on time. Our 5 hour excursion took 7.5 hours. I know from previous personal experience that their excursion frequently are late getting back to the ship. 😱. The snorkeling itself was pretty good. Not the best I’ve ever done but certainly enjoyable. Lots of fish, some spotted eagle rays and even the Atlas Underwater statue.
  23. My cats have a very cute pink octopus 🐙 toy. I’ll post a picture of it when I get home. I’m not seeing any of the pictures you posted on this page.Could be the wonky Allure internet. It keeps going out today This night 🦉 was up at 5:45 AM today to go snorkeling 🤿 and did not manage to fit in a nap today! Ocean Aria was awesome tonight. I’m going to bed now which is way earlier than normal for me.
  24. We love Cats, especially with a great cast which it sounds like you have! We’re on Allure now though so we’ll be heading to Mama Mia shortly. 😎 @laurieal, you had me scared too. All I could think of was that you had some bad sushi! I’m very allergic to seafood so if I were foolish enough to have tried eating that meal the hospital is where I would have ended up for sure. I’m glad you’re ok and it was just a normal sushi and saki coma that you were in. Now, those chocolate donuts you’ve been talking about, you know, the yummy 😋 ones with no calories? Well, they have then here too! I had one as part of my breakfast in your honor I had to! 😋😂 It was good. I mar have to have another one tomorrow. Maybe I’ll even remember to take a picture of it before I eat it.
  25. Jimbo, I’ve seen sand artists a number of times in settings where we were able to see the sand artist work up close and personal. I was able to see them actually working with the sand in the tray, no screens or video involved. It is amazing to me what these artists are able to do. I can’t vouch for the artists that we’ve seen on cruise ships but I can tell you that the artists I have seen up close were most definitely creating their art in real time. The next time you get to see a sand artist just sit back and enjoy the show!
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