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Wonderful Copenhagen 2020-2022

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Here is the most useful information for the 2019 season.



Pier Information


For pier location use this page, its updated closer to arrival with exact pier number and terminal.



C177 Nordre Toldbod



C190-199 Langeliniekaj



C331-333 Oceankaj





Transport to the piers


Nordre Toldbod is better reached by Taxi but bus 1A stops at Esplanaden (Grønningen) when travelling from downtown and when going to downtown its the bus stop called Esplanaden (Store Kongensgade) 


Langeliniekaj is served by bus 26 from the Indiakaj bus stop at the bottom of the pier


Oceankaj is served by both bus 25 and 27 stopping at the Oceankaj bus stop next to Terminal 1, they are both running from Østerport station (25 also from Nørreport)


look at www.journeyplanner.dk for schedules.


Single ticket (2 zones) to the downtown area is 24 kroner,

Single ticket to the airport (3 zones) is 36 Kroner.


Or if you want a citypass ticket you can order it on your phone and have it ready when leaving the ship.

Citypass is available in a small version covering Copenhagen and the airport and a large one that covers the entire capital region(so both Kronborg, Frederiksborg, viking ship museum etc)




Taxi companies





Price calculator






Private car





Book your own bus if you are a big group.



And at last, a useful link if you don´t want to handle your luggage to and from the airport you can let these guys do it.

Its very useful if you have a late flight out of Copenhagen and wants to do some sightseeing before heading home.






A big disclaimer


Metro line M4 opens in the spring, I´ll expect that it will cause changes to the busses out at Orientkaj, But I will post when anything is announced.

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I just bumb this thread up to the top. 


After I created the 2020 thread there has been 4-5 separate topics created about Copenhagen and that is kind of silly when we have a masterthread (is that the word) just right here.


Its not that I have monopoly on answering Copenhagen related questions but I can't answer all questions if I have to look for them in other threads. 

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Aaaand it wasn't that official anyway. 


Currently the count down clock says February 2021 🙂


Btw the Circle Line is closed for 2 weeks at the moment because they are testing the new M4 line that runs together with M3 for the most of the journey. 


So I'm guessing they will announce a opening date shortly after the 2 weeks test period. 

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Thank you for creating the Wonderful Copenhagen 2020 topic @DanishViking. And as you stated, there's never any limit to Copenhagen topics, but having one place to seek information has proven to be helpful for several years now. The information contained herein often can serve as a great foundation for someone who might still have additional questions while they are planning a visit. Alternatively, for someone seeking a one-stop shop on what might be a popular question (Getting around, best sightseeing, shopping) it might be efficient and fun to scan posts found here.


A benefit of topics like this is that it definitely creates space on our board for other topics to be noticed; by consolidating many posts on these popular subjects into one place where they otherwise would occupy a separate space, visibility is available for topics on other places and things that might otherwise be overlooked or completely missed. 


We've seen great success with themed topics on other forums. Feel free to participate here and of course, if you wish to create a separate topic, we welcome that too!  At times, we might merge topics that are essentially identical but the contents always remain in tact when one or more topics are merged, and this tends not to happen that often. 


Happy 2020 to everyone on the board and enjoy planning your forthcoming Northern European sailings and port visits. 🙂 


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We'll be disebarking the Sky Princess in Copenhagen on April 25, then flying out April 26. Plan to stay at the Marriott.  What do you think the best way is to get to the Marriott from the ship, and from the Marriott to the airport?


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Best option for as I see it is either. 


Shuttle bus to Orientkaj Metro Station where you take M4 to the final stop at København H (central station) 

From here its a short walk to the hotel. 


But timetable hasn't been made yet. 


Alternatively you just get on the 27 bus all the way to Østerport and catch a train to København H from there. 


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10 hours ago, CSloan said:

We'll be disebarking the Sky Princess in Copenhagen on April 25, then flying out April 26. Plan to stay at the Marriott.  What do you think the best way is to get to the Marriott from the ship, and from the Marriott to the airport?



The hotel is located 10-15 minutes on foot from the central station or 1 stop with the 7A bus (direction Ny Ellebjerg). 


The walking distance is just under 1 kilometer, but its a long walk with luggage. 


So it is doable with public transport, its just the last bit that is a little hurdle. 


For transport from the pier you can just copy paste my post from above 🙂


To the airport you can catch a train every 10th minute from the central station. 

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Hello! Just 6 months now until our first trip to Copenhagen 🙂


We are looking to see at least one of the Forgotten Giants and I thought I saw that there is now a 7th giant in Freetown Christiania - do you know if this is correct? I can't find any other info and the website for the art doesn't include it.


Thank you x

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Thank you for taking the time to do this thread each year.  I first looked, last year, when I started researching our cruise, and was crossing my fingers for a 2020 thread!


For our arrival, do we need cash to pay for our transport to our hotel? It looks like (right now) the most efficient route for us is to take the bus, since it stops pretty close to our hotel.  If so, are there ATMs in the airport?


And then, for our departure, I booked us an 11:40am departure after our cruise (we have a layover in Amsterdam).  Is this sort of departure anything I should be worried about? Do I need to pre-plan our ride to the airport?

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42 minutes ago, Danish viking said:

If you want to take the bus you need cash to pay for your ticket.


But don't pay with a huge 1000 kroner note 🙂


But where do your ship dock.


Duly noted! 🙂


Our ship docks, per your super helpful links: C331-333 Oceankaj

(C332 I think)

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You don't have to worry about getting to the airport. 


You probably want to be at the airport by 10. 

There will be taxies available but there can be lines to get one. 

But else bus 25 and 27 will get you either to a metro or train station. 

Even with the metro opening this spring I would still assume that bus to Østerport and then airport train from there will be the most comfy way. 


Bus to Orientkaj Metro station would probably the quicker but you will then need to change from M4 to M2 at Kongens Nytorv station. 

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Mr Viking, I was about to make a hotel booking online for my Summertime pre cruise stay and I noticed the booking agent stated the price didn't include the "Copenhagen Tourist Levy" which is payable at the hotel. I'm assuming from that, Copenhagen has joined this annoying trend with a surprise "gotcha" for visiting?


If this is true (and if the case what are the charges) or was this a bit of misinformation from the booking company? Searching online I could find no info, which makes the answer I'm hoping more likely.


My second question relates to Taxis. I'm wondering if taxis are plentiful in the streets and can be hailed from the kerb, or is booking a must? The hotel we have booked is on a main road but not central and quite close to the berth at Toldbolden where our ship departs. No big deal of course, though if taxis are plentiful it's one less thing to worry about. Do taxis take cards or cash only?



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