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Covid-19 Medical Coverage?

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Hopefully cruising will restart later this year.  I have let my annual GeoBlue Trekker plan lapse as I have no travel plans until November.   My question does anybody know if GeoBlue or any other annual medical travel policy cover me if I happen to contract Covid-19 while traveling outside the country?   I'm concerned with medical expenses and evac.   I read recently that MedJet won't transport a covid-19 patient.

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Go to the globule trekker and read the policy description.  I believe that they have made changes eliminating corona coverage in policies written more recently.  I don't remember the exact details.

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Here is the GoeBlue link: https://about.geo-blue.com/crisisalert/covid19-members


Here is a quote from the FAQs.  The link will give you more info:


Is a member with a short-term (Voyager or Trekker) plan covered if they contract COVID-19?
Diagnostic testing for COVID-19 is covered without copay or other member contribution.


Treatment for COVID-19 is covered as an Illness under the policy, and we are waiving copay and other member contribution for covered treatment of COVID-19 cases diagnosed through May 31. Please note the following important exclusion: Coverage for pandemic illness, including COVID-19 is not covered if a member failed to depart a country within a reasonable time from the date the country became subject to a level-3 travel warning by the CDC, or similar travel warning from that country’s government. Members remaining in a country in that circumstance would not be covered for COVID-19, but otherwise would retain all coverage under the policy within its normal terms and conditions.

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Posted (edited)

This is what's in the currently published plan description which is dated April 2018.


Note: Injuries and Illnesses resulting from Terrorism and pandemics are covered as any other Injury or Illness provided all of the following conditions are met:

1.The Covered Person had no direct or indirect involvement in the Terrorist Activity;

2.The Covered Person has not unreasonably failed or refused to depart a country or location following the date a warning to leave that country or location is issued by the United State government.


The "important exclusion" above seems consistent with #2 from the description assuming US Government issued the level-3 travel warning pretty much world wide by May 31.


I'd assume for cruising to resume the travel warnings are going to need to be reduced.  I'm surprised the plan description has not been revised to mention covid-19 explicitly.  Isn't that the legal coverage description approved by the insurance commissioner in each state to enable them to sell the policy?


The question is if no travel insurance is going to cover your medical expenses if you contract covid-19 while traveling, how can anyone resume traveling.   At some point I will probably be willing to accept the risk of contracting the disease but not the financial risk of the fairly low percentage of becoming hospitalized.   Just like I'm not willing to accept the low risk of having a heart attack while traveling and why I pay to insure myself for that risk.


Looking for an annual medical/evac solution for when I resume cruising.


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I guess I hadn't really considered the medical insurance aspect of Covid until I saw this thread.   Although I'd be wiling to cruise as soon as the cruise lines think they have a plan, I wouldn't cruise without medical insurance.   I would wear a mask in public areas and practice social distancing.  The Level 3 travel advisory seems to be threshold for ending the insurance coverage.  As I read the CDC guidelines, all international travel is under a Level 3 warning and cruise line travel is also viewed as unnecessary.   It appears to me that both of these restrictions would need to be lifted in order to have coverage on a cruise.  I'm not sure that I see that happening soon for my November 2020 cruise or even my February 2021 cruises.  I had viewed my return to cruising as my decision, but the lack of insurance coverage takes that decision out of my hands.  


There had been some discussion about changing the policy language in other threads, by if I remember correctly Steve D. indicated that might be difficult because each state would need to have the insurance commissioners approve the language changes an that takes a long time.


I purchased 3rd party travel insurance for my November 2020 cruise before the pandemic, so that may still provide some coverage but I was really viewing the medical coverage as secondary because I was counting on my GeoBlue to provide the medical coverage.


I don't think we are going to find any coverage as long as the Level 3 waring is in effect.  For me the next deadline will be the end of July when final payment is due.

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