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  1. Thanks, Rich! I have been very excited to use my reusable grocery bags again. Our container of plastic bags is flowing over! Chocolate anything day is a good day! Love the quote. No chicken today because I just ordered fish and chips for supper from our local diner. We're still supporting local! Oh, 1angelcat, that is such good news! I'm sure that the emotions were running wild! Yeah for the UHaul box getting there and friendly neighbours, Joy. Roy enjoy the raspberries! (My favourite fruit). Gerry that is so thoughtful of your plan to feed the friends in need. We had two of the grandchildren yesterday over for a swim. The third is coming tomorrow. Have a safe holiday weekend! @puppycanducruise I LOVE the quote from Dr. Henry! It is perfect! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Thanks for the report, Rich. When I was teaching, I left 72+ hours from my last writing to the proofread stage. It's too easy what is supposed to be there, rather than actually read what IS there! I love the dinner suggestion. I'm not sure what we will be having as my son, bonus daughter and grandkids are, apparently, on their way for a swim. @Seasick Sailor it's great that you are so handy. I used to be, now I'd rather just pay someone else to do the work. I'm sorry to hear about the delay for that last pod. @fatcat04 my kids ask for my meatloaf/shepherd's pie when they visit from afar. Comfort food, I guess. @rafinmd glad to hear it went well. Rest up and eat! Have a wonderful day! Stay cool! Stay safe!
  3. Thanks! Yes, and I wouldn't have thought about that. I appreciate the reminder!!!
  4. Thank you for the Daily, Rich! The quote made me snort, and it is a good thing I wasn't in the middle of a sip. Being Canada Day it will be hotdogs or hamburgers today. And some hard cider on the side. Just back from a quick visit with my sisters, one of whom I haven't seen since we got off the NCL Breakaway March 14. All socially distanced, of course. Happy 153rd birthday to Canada. We are fortunate to live is such a wonderful country. 613 × 719
  5. We're scheduled on the Panama Canal cruise from San Diego on February 23. I highly doubt that we will feel confident enough to do this cruise, but I've haven't heard anything yet. Can anyone tell me where to find the final payment due date, other than on the original invoice? I have heard that those dates are a month closer to the cruise now.
  6. Thanks for the daily, Rich. With all the aches and pains, I wish I hadn't been born so soon sometimes. But mostly, I love where I am in life. Not expecting a meteor, and I organized a bit this morning when I was gathering the gifts for my granddaughter. I just realized that DS has her this week and her birthday is next. We will have to plan a birthday celebration for her before she heads home on the weekend. It's going to be a hot one today, so it will be something quick for dinner. I anticipate getting into the pool before picking up books at the library. The libraries aren't open, but I've orederd and have a specific pick up time outside the library for the books this afternoon. For Roy, I'm sure the colonoscopy is over now. And now you get to eat....and drink something that isn't clear! @lindaler good luck. Enjoy the journey! And your companion. You are going to rock this trip! Stay well, everyone! Have a great day!
  7. Good evening. Thanks for the Daily, Rich. I love the map! We've had a busy day today. I had to drive 2 hours to Toronto for DD to take her Music Therapy Board Exam to be accredited in both Canada and the US. Because we had a loooong stand still the last time we drove, we went early today....and of course it was smooth sailing, which would have been okay had there been a restaurant available to go in, eat, and cool down. Stage 2 opening doesn't allow it, so drive through and it in the car it was. Soooo hot. Basically, I'm wiped. I bought a roast chicken at the grocery, and I think that if I have a glass of wine, I will fall asleep right now. Virtual hugs and happy thoughts to everyone. Stay safe!
  8. Thanks for the Daily, Rich. I am definitely not a tapioca fan. The texture makes me gag. That and oatmeal. I'm not sure what it is, but it sure makes for some great family stories! Insurance awareness? I'm getting better at reading the fine print. I'd love to be looking at a travel policy for a cruise right now. 😉 Before we travel, though, there has to be a lifting of Advisories by the Canadian government. Our insurance answered that question a couple of weeks back. Looks like cruising out of the States will be on hold for a while. It's going to be a hot week this week. And, apparently, son has my granddaughter for the week, so I think we'll be busy! We're looking forward to celebrating Canada Day on Wednesday. Our little village has some surprises in store since we can't do the regular fireworks. Have a wonderful Sunday!
  9. Thanks for the Daily Report, Rich. I'm always good for Bahama Mama (Malibu rum only, please) 🍹 We haven't been to the hair salon yet. It's a good thing DH's hair was sheared early March! Mine is just annoying. Forgiveness is so important, not only for the person that did you wrong, but for yourself, so you aren't dwelling on the bad things that happen to you. We have no plans to be anywhere near hurricanes this year. Supper sounds delicious. I'll need to look up the wine. The name is definitely interesting. I need to seriously decide what I'm getting my (soon-to-be) 4 yo granddaughter for her birthday. UGH. I have NO desire to be out there shopping when I haven't a clue. I have clothes, clothes and more clothes, and a couple of books, but the last time I didn't have a toy included my 5yo grandson had a meltdown. 😭I'm trying to avoid that with this little one. Have a wonderful weekend! Stay healthy!
  10. Here's to all the Seafarers at sea and the ones wishing they were! It is also Global Beatles Day. We celebrate the Beatles every hour on the hour with our musical clock-12 different tunes! It was a Christmas gift to DH many years ago, and it changes to Christmas songs closer to the season (November 1 to February or so) I like the quote, and while we don't need to yell our successes from the rooftops, we do have to recognize them to ourselves before moving on. We deserve that feeling of accomplishment. I always seem to be a day ahead or behind with the meal. We had some great pork chops last night. Tonight, it will be a simple macaroni and cheese meal, complete with salad and wine. Thanks again for the daily, Rich. It looks like all of the crews should soon be home. Have a wonderful day! Stay safe! Dream big!
  11. Good morning and thank you for the Daily Report, Rich. I'm clapping my hands for the fairies here. UFOs-I just watched an old episode of Psych on those last night. DH and I are enjoying those old shows. Stuffed chicken breasts sound great, but I have pork chops out for dinner. And wine. @kazu such good news! And just in time for your milestone anniversary. Happy Anniversary to both you and DH. Enjoy that lobster. @Seasick Sailor sleeping in your own bed is divine, isn't it. Fingers crossed that your lost container shows up. To everyone, have a wonderful day! Stay healthy!
  12. Thank you for the report, Rich. It does help to remember the days of the week when I check in every day. It's been "Let it Go" Day here for weeks, and the house shows it. I noticed a few webs in the corners of a couple of rooms. 😵 Time to deal with that! I am very grateful for our Public Servants-from bus drivers, grocery clerks, teachers, all the way to the politicians. I don't always agree, but I give them credit for being there, especially at the beginning of their careers. I've seen so many start with the hope of making things better. Once in, though, it changes for so many. 😞 Your quote kind of reflects that. Those that go into public service for the money, glory, power, usually show themselves out fairly early. Then the trick is to replace them with someone who has a better idea of how to help the people. For dinner today, I think that it will be tortellini and salad. And wine-or cider-depending on the heat. Stay well, everyone. Have a blessed day!
  13. Thank you for this information, Father. Although we have nothing booked until February, this is definitely getting in the "too soon, better cancel or push back until the fall 2021 realm"
  14. My personal experiences only: First trip on the Getaway, I really felt that the cabins were cheap and daily things happened that I would refer to missing Holland to those travelling with me who've never sailed on HAL Kids running the halls all day and night. Even when asked, did not stop. Second trip on the Dawn was better but the food was average at best. (except the cheesecake in one of the upcharge restaurants Third trip on Breakaway was a crap show. In general, there was no communication with the guests, and even the staff at guest services gave 3 different responses to a simple question regarding disembarkation. Food again was sub-par. It was in early March just as the pandemic was listed as world wide. There was no acknowledgement of the pandemic. There was a reported case on the ship that warranted an email AFTER the affected family notified the press because they felt that passengers should know. The ship stopped in Jamaica knowing that there was a suspected case of COVID onboard. That was unfair to the island. With the onset of the pandemic, certain procedures were taken. Good on NCL. The buffet became more like what is seen on HAL ships. BUT, while they cancelled certain things (eg. art auction, mini-golf) they encouraged close contact during: games (Bingo, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire), shows, going off/getting back on during excursions-which at time took HOURS. My sister/brothers-in-law missed their excursion due to the lack of organization. So, bottom line, the big ships won't see me again. I enjoyed the trip on the Dawn much better, but if I were to go again, I would absolutely go with no expectations for food.
  15. I have an appointment to pick up my copy from the library next Tuesday. It would have been tomorrow, but I have a few books on order coming in, so we decided to make it a one-time pickup for them all. Looking forward to getting my books! So I guess I'm adding reading to my list of things to do this summer.
  16. Thank you for the report! I love both chocolate eclairs and onion rings. My cat is always around. 🙂 Love the quote, although I don't always have much change in my wallet, so quarters are few and far between. Chicken salad sounds good for supper. Stay well!
  17. Also, on NCL the deposits expire after 4 years. On HAL your money is automatically refunded. Refunds for CruiseNext are only available within 30 days of purchase. Not a good use of money unless you are confident that you will be cruising NCL. BTW, the last time I was on NCL, I swore never again on the big ships. Every day, I missed HAL.
  18. Happy Father's Day to all the dads, granddads, step-dads, furbaby dads, future dads, uncles, brothers, cousins and sons today! Thanks for the Daily, Rich. NO yoga for me! My knees can't take it anymore. My powder room is somewhat seashell decorated, but I wish I could gather a few more to add. I love Gallagher, and that quote is spot on! We're having DH's favourite - take out Chinese tonight. Who am I kidding? I like the take out part of that one, too! The wine is unavailable at the LCBO right now. Heck so much is unavailable! I picked up some Tempt Cider 9, so that's what will be on this hot day. Have a blessed Sunday! Stay well!
  19. I plan to enjoy my pool, plan next year's travels to Newfoundland, and, hopefully clean out some stuff from the house. I'll be glad when the donation centres open up again! My kids don't want my cast-offs, and I'd like to whittle things down so we can down-size to a one-story house.
  20. Late today, since I had to drive DD to Torontp for a (didn't happen) Board exam. I guess we'll get to do it again, when they fix their mistake. DH and I were scheduled to do a river cruise/bus tour in Europe with the Oberammergau Passion Play included in August. When COVID hit, the play and river cruise were cancelled. Today, the insurance was deposited back to my credit card. We're just waiting on the travel agency portion now. I won't get anxious until August. I loved seeing the eagles and eagle nests when we travelled on the Rocky Mountaineer a few years back. And on the Alaska cruise, too. I love curry, but by the time we got home, DH had eaten and DD and I were wiped. Toasted bacon and tomato sandwich for me! Thanks for the Daily! friends.htm
  21. Good morning! Another sunny and hot day here in southwestern Ontario. Pool is calling! Thank you for the Daily, Rich. Honouring Juneteenth is an excellent idea every year, but especially this year as so many of us are learning the history behind the date. Interesting science in Mark Twain's quote. 🙂 I'm so bummed! I can't even get my favourite ciders or peach schnapps at any of our local LCBO stores. I'm guessing that there is a shortage due to the pandemic. Luckily, I have the homemade stuff in abundance for now. @ger_77 I had to ask Alexa how far 400 miles is. That's a long haul and, depending on the speed limit, a long day. Travel safely. Hopefully there are some rest stops with washrooms open. That would be my biggest fear during a 7-9 hour trip.😵 @VennDiagram that is my beef every day. I am soooo tired of planning and cooking meals. In the summer, I prefer to graze. We'll be having take out on Sunday for Father's Day. DH love Chinese, so Chinese it will be. Have a wonderful day! Stay well! Stay cool!
  22. Good afternoon! Thanks again for keeping us up to date, Rich. I'm not a fishing fan. When I was a kid, the only time I'd want to go was in the boat so I could sleep to the lap of the water or read a book while my dad fished. I'm not a panicker per se, so no panicking today. 🙂 The quote made me smile. So true. DD just finished making quesadillas for lunch. Fajitas will need to wait. I'm a cheap wine drinker....screw caps and boxes for me. Sorry for all the people that are having repairs! I picked up my stand mixer today....it needed a $15 part, and cost over $150 to repair. They had anticipated $100 plus tax, so that was a bit of a shock. Dishwasher repair is next week. 😜 Heading out for a swim shortly. At least it isn't giving me any big problems this year-so far. It's a perfect day! Stay safe!
  23. Mine is similar. It shows my winter 2021 but not my spring 2022. on that account page. I have to go searching in "Booked Already" tab.
  24. Good afternoon! Another perfect day here in southwestern Ontario. Salad is made for DH to have his veggies, with lots of raw ones for me to snack on all day. I love the idea of the potato kielbasa skillet. Sadly, I'm a nail biter, and, after 65+ years, I don't see me changing. I try. They get long and break. Happy Closing day to @Seasick Sailor I'm amazed at how quickly the sales have gone through for you. In just a couple of days, you'll finally be home for good. @ger_77 what is your 5 minute dessert? Mine would be....open the bag of cookies. 😉 I hope that your AC is fixed and it isn't too hot for you in the meantime. @Krazy Kruizers I hope that your AC is quickly fixed and it isn't too hot where you are. Stay well everyone! Have a wonderful day!
  25. Thank you for the Daily, Rich. Only one ship moving. It's usually Fresh Veggies Day, here. DH doesn't like most things in the vegetable category except lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, carrots and celery, so salads are a daily staple. He does like the starchy vegetables-potatoes, corn-preferably together 🙄 Perhaps a trip to our local market where they have individual fried pies. I'm pretty sure that they have cherry. And peanut butter fudge sound delicious. Dh won't eat peppers (see above) so stuffed peppers won't be on the menu, but my sister delivered 20 bottles of blackberry merlot last night, so wine will definitely be on the table. The weather is perfect here today. I hope it is where you are, too. Stay safe!
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