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  1. Coronavirus Is Bad. Comparing It to the Flu Is Worse
  2. I'm not saying they need to expempt those with a layover in HK. That is their perogative but they should have realised that the timing of their implementation of this rule would have an immediate impact on people who had no way to comply with this new rule as they were already at the destination port ready to board. Those particular people were given no fore warning that the company was even contemplating this move so passengers could make adjustments accordingly. At the end of the day this was a rule the cruise line implemented out of their own will so they have complete control over the situation, they can't pass the buck on to someone else.
  3. If we removed all subsidies whole economies would collapse😂. In America Sillicon Valley would not exisit if it wasn't for large government handouts. Subsidies are part and parcel of running a good economy. But I would prefer to see subsidies moved from recyclable collectors who make billions already to recycle pellet makers so they can bring the cost down to compete with virgin plastic. Like I said landfill does not decrease the volume of waste we produce and that should be the aim. We have already seen what happens when we ignore this aim, last thirty years volume of waste has gone up 60% it has not even stabilised and the next thirty years it will only increase if we don't deal with the out put problem.
  4. See that is where it get complicated. The communist party owns the factories that make the virgin plastic. That virgin plastic is highly subsidized so it is much cheaper to sell. Small business owners due to enough demand from some businesses presumably those who want to go green where able to make a profitable business from recylcled plastic (granted they didn't always do it the right way, it is China after all not much in the way of health and safety). Of course as long as there is still virgin plastic coming into the system we are still making more plastic in addition to recycling plastic. So recycled plastic has to always compete against highly subsidized virgin plastic. In the end there is more plastic being made then there is demand for the recylcled stuff. So if you get rid of or at least decrease virgin plastic production then plastic "stuff" makers would have to rely on recycled plastic and recycled plastic would not have to compete with subsidized virgin plastic and with demand up and production of new plastic down we would use more of the plastic material we have and might finally start decreasing the out put of plastic into our environment. The main goal should be the decreasing of waste.
  5. There is a part of me that hopes it is true because it might be the thing that would stop the Chinese demand for these creatures so Pangolins don't end up extinct😔.
  6. Three years ago was my last trip to USA and I purchased one from Sim Corner and it worked great till I was coming back to the mainland from Puerto Rico, emailed Sim Corner and they had it working again in 24hrs. Plus I checked what you could get in the states and found Sim Corner to be much cheaper than what was available locally.
  7. I can't find the article now probably because it has been buried by newer articles about Novel Corona but there was an interview of two Chinese virologists who had discovered this strain about five years ago in a bat cave. So it has been known about for quite awhile and China does seem to make the effort to hunt down and track these viruses as that seems to have been the job of these two virologists. However they still haven't found how it evolved to jump to humans🤔.
  8. Still don't see what any of your hypotheticals have to do with the OP. It has nothing to do with passengers refusing to vaccinate, that is something the cruise line has no control over so they cannot be held accountable for something they have no control of over. But to not accept passengers who layover in HK was a cruise line created rule and they could have chosen to expempt the passengers who were already in Singapore and therefore could not change their circumstances or at the very least send passengers a warning letter earlier that this is something they are considering doing so passengers could have an opportunity to change their flights.
  9. What do you mean by traveling with someone reduces your odds? Are you using your travel partner as a human shield against disease😆?
  10. If you going to mask it you really should get an N95 mask. Surgical masks provide limited protection and you have to change them every two hours to be effective against viruses.
  11. All these hypothetical have nothing to do with the OPs situation.
  12. I was just reading a another thread where they said US immigration can't read the electronic information of UK passport holders because they don't have some agreement like the US has with Canada where either country can access each others passport information. So maybe it isn't that easy to find all previous travels🤔, though I would think in a global health crisis countries could give each other temporary access. I actually have plans to do a land trip in Japan and Taiwan😂. Talk about bad timing. We don't have that much money in pre paid things so any loses won't be that big so we have decided to take our chances. We figure Japan should be ok and if we have to lose Taiwan at least it is only a small portion of the trip.
  13. You have to check with your insurance provider. But I have been currently researching insurance since I am in the market and have talked to various providers and so far all have a set date that if you have bought before that date they will cover but after that date they consider it a "forseeable event". However the previous poster is right about CoverMore. It seems they have an extra option cancel for any reason that will refund a certain amout: CoverMore CoronaVirus
  14. Well I would have assumed if businesses are being created to make pellets and those businesses are employing people to work in those factories that would qualify as job creation? Though when I brought up about the businesses creation I was trying to point out that recycled pellet makers are usually small business owners compared to virgin plastic pellet makers who are multinational conglomerates or the China Communist Party (which I guess qualifies as a multinational conglomerate these days😂) and I have always been told that small businesses bring more wealth into local communities than large conglomerates who tend to send their money abroad.
  15. Maybe it was my wording but there has been a complete misunderstanding of what I was discussing. What you are describing sounds like deliberate obsolescence which I fudementally disagree with since to me that is part of what creates the waste problem. I believe we need to move away from this disposable society and create things that do have longevity. And clearly it has made alot of money in society so I'm not sure where you get the idea it was disproved hundreds of years ago considering that is how our economy runs today on encouraging people to buy more stuff. This is why I think we should be using more recycled material because I would like to see less virgin plastic being made so that there is a decrease to the overall production of plastic. I don't want things being deliberately broken so we can make more stuff. Sorry for the confusion😳.
  16. You would think they could check passports to see where the person has travelled to instead of isolating people based on where their passports are issued. But I guess that would take more effort and the cruise lines can't be bothered.
  17. The news was already reporting this epidemic at the beginning of January. I would assume cruise line would be following the story. If they were concerned about the China region they could have sent an email to booked passengers to recommend changing their flights if they have a layover in HK.
  18. I don't think you could argue racism, it is geography, that is the epicentre of the epidemic, ergo most likely to infected. Though using someones nationality to determine past travels is perhaps not an accurate guage as someone with HK passport could have been living in Australia for years not travelled to China in that time but I guess for cruise lines they see it as better safe than sorry.
  19. The big problem is the lack of regulation of these markets in terms of health and safety . One doesn't need to outright ban the markets but health and safety needs to be enforced. Japan,Taiwan, Malaysia all have live animal markets yet they don't have epidemics cropping up every few years and that is because these countries highly regulate their markets and enforce hygiene standards. China has the ability to enforce but they lack the will, just have to hope they learn their lesson second time round🙄.
  20. That is one of the wierdest comparisons I have ever seen😂. You are comparing a governemnt system to a mechanical production method. We know recylcling works. You can take certain plastics and turn it into usable pellets. The problem is getting people to use those pellets. Recylclers get lucrative contracts from governments to collect recylclable materials but they have nothing to do with what happens to the material after they collect it. So essentially it has become a get rich quick scheme. So we end up with lots of usable material that we simply do not use on top of that China keeps producing cheap virgin plastic. If we relied more on the recycled plastic not only would it be great for the economy since most of the pellet producers are small business owners who hire local people but you would be reducing production of more plastic as you would be using what already exists in the system. This is not some esoterical philosophy like socialsim. It is hard science.
  21. I would think they should be able to go back to the port they started from.
  22. Global movement is still global movement no matter the means. Because of all the censorship it is hard to even pin point the first known case in Europe so to try and find it across the globe would be more difficult. Though from what I have read most seem to support the theory it started in America. Europe being the second most support while China is pretty way down the list. The reality is there is no way to know way to know for certain. Since we know for certain SARS origin I think I will stick with that as my learn from history argument😉.
  23. This is a bit off topic, but I don't think it has to be legal to be effective. Deliberate obsolescence, fast fashion, celebrity endosements, influencers, micro marketing, sponsering events, Santa Claus😆, social shaming, peer pressure, keeping up with the Jones, fear mongering and I'm sure there are more tactics I'm forgeting but in the end there is so many ways companies change our behaviour. After all if they didn't most of the changes in the world never would have happened. It is the reason we have a waste problem because companies convinced us disposable is best.
  24. Well that is interesting to read that they sequenced the Spainish Flu but it still doesn't explain how the Spainish Flu can be linked to China. WIth so few samples you can't compare it to anyone who was sick at the time so you still can't confirm its geographical origins only that it came from birds and they can't even pinpoint the exact species that would at least narrow the geographical origin. Also the article is misguided to say travel restrictions. It was WW1 it was a period of mass global movement.
  25. That is only one of numerous theories about the Spainish flu. Others say it orignated in Kansas, France, Austria and Spain. Fact is no one ever identified what the Spainish flu was because of the whole censorship at the time and people being busy with WW1. If you are going to find history repeating itself I would look at the SARS epidemic. WHO did warn China history will repeat itself if they don't fix the problems of their live animal markets.
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