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  1. Is it such a bad idea to have a terminal outside of Sydney? There are other towns along the NSW coast that have airports and it would be great for regional tourism if we could get more international visitors to those area. America has many towns along their coasts with terminals and people seem willing to fly to all these different ports for their cruises. It would be nice to spread the tourism dollar around more and not just have everything in Sydney.
  2. The reality is if we don't start building more desalination plants we will probably end up like Cape Town😟.
  3. I don't know, I'm not convinced there is anything further to the story. There was nothing remarkable about the plane or the pasengers to warrant a deliberate targeting. Any system that has a human element is prone to mistakes. Heck even A/I because it is based on human reasoning makes human mistakes😂. I am a bit of a science nerd and if one thing I have learnt after watching all those docos about the human brain is its propensity to fail us when we need it most. Air France Flight 447 is a pretty good example of how the human brain failed two well trained pilots. The idea that technology can save us from human mistakes is something we want to believe because it makes us think it is some sort of safety net to protect us from ourselves but sadly even with the best technology under the right (or is wrong the more appropriate word?) circumstances we can still screw it up😓.
  4. I'm a little confused what do you mean by the cause is still unclear? The Iranian government admitted they mistakenly shot down the plane. That seems like a pretty clear cut answer to me.
  5. To be fair I have taken fairly inconvenient flights at three am in the morning😂. Sydney might have a curfew but most airports in the world run 24hrs and the airlines don't give a crap how us passengers feel😉. Though personally I regard fishing and air travel as part of necessity services, since the former provides a food source and the latter is a form of transport that connects people for work and family. Sunbathing on the other hand the world can do without😂.
  6. This might help you next time you go Down Under😉: Can You Bring It?
  7. I think one of the reasons cruise ships get targeted in the media is the fact that as much as we might enjoy them they are basically frivolous. We need cargo ships they provide a service that is a necessity while cruise ships if the industry stopped tomorrow yes there will be a short term impact but long term the world will easily find substitutes to the industry. The fact they exist for fun and serve no practical purpose does make them an easy target. The same with plastic straws, they are things that if they disappear tomorrow the world isn't going to fall apart. In some ways the fact they are superfluous is an argument to them having an extra responsibility to up their green credentials after all if you think about it from building to running them, it is a lot of resources being used for something that is unnecessary😕.
  8. Actually Hong Kong is very much undeveloped (some even argue underdeveloped). Only up to 25% of the land in Hong Kong has been urbanised or built on due to certain land legislation. Hong Kong Facts I am guessing though when China takes over for better or worst they will rectify this fact.
  9. Always bring a reusable water bottle. I can even attach a filter to mine so I can use it in places with questionable water supply. Coffee is not really an issue for me since I am a bit of a coffee snob😋 and don't really find ship coffee that nice but I do have a reusable cup at home.
  10. Unless something starts up again I would say it is probably fine to fly that route. If anything it is probably safer now because they would be even more vigilant to not make a repeat mistake.
  11. On Lord Howe Island entering the national park you had to stroke your shoes along some brushes and then dip the soles in a solution. They had this set up at the beginning of every walking track.
  12. If you want to know about Australia Quarantine best place to start: Can You Bring It
  13. Don't forget the hole in the Ozone Layer. Humans caused it and humans fixed it😁. We really can change the world for better or worst. It is just will power to do it🤗.
  14. It is a cruise forum so the expected bias would be for the terminal. Though as traveller I personally don't think we need a third terminal, we just want a third terminal and if cruise ships can't fit in Sydney Harbour then perhaps cruise lines should be more mindful of their destinations rather than expect countries to turn everything upside down to accommodate them😒.
  15. Too be fair the talk about this T shirt has gone on for a few pages now😂, even with the photo removed. So if you were coming to this thread for the first time it does feel like people are a little obsessed about it😜.
  16. Sorry I re read what I wrote and I realise I wasn't very clear😂. What made my situation humorous was that it was not in Germany, Austria or any other Deutsch speaking country. It is one thing if someone mistakes you for a local, I have had that happen too but I was quite perplexed why someone assumed I was a tourist from their country. I don't know if I was behaving particularly Germanic in that moment but her certainty that I was a fellow countryman made me laugh when she walked away 😜.
  17. Whenever I visit the touristy areas in Sydney I can always tell who are the visitors and locals are. Locals know where they are going, walk with confidence and purpose, unaware of their surroundings, whereas the tourists walk casually a little more aimlessly and and are hyper aware of their surroundings🤗. I have no doubt when I am overseas I behave the same, after all I'm seeing it all for the first time so of course I want to look but locals have seen it enough they hardly care and when they turn left they know it will get them where the want to go whereas I am crossing my fingers hoping that map was accurate😉. Strangely on my last holiday someone came up to me so certain I was a German tourist. I had to interrupt her speech and tell her "I don't speak Deutsch". She looked at me really surprised and walked off 😂.
  18. In that case the Pacific Islander vessels would fit that definition (at least the large ones as they did have small and medium size vessels in their fleets) but now I'm thinking if the Ancient Greek vessels would qualify as they were quite small in comparison😂.
  19. The problem I see is that most cruisers to Australia only plan their trip with the cruise in mind so at most they will plan a trip with a day or two extra just for Sydney. Australia seems to be getting a reputation as a country to travel around rather than through. I compare how France promotes itself and they really push people to get out of the big cities, they showcase their regional areas in their promotion and provide great resources to overseas tourists to navigate the regional areas. I don't see the same thing happening with Australian marketing. We are great domestically at showcasing our regional areas but we don't seem to put the same efforts internationally. I just worry with the marketing power of cruise lines it is going to make people see Australia as a sea destination rather than a place worthy of a land trip.
  20. I question whether a third terminal is that necessary. I worry about Sydney putting too many eggs in the cruising basket. There are lots of examples in the world that if you prioritise cruising to the detriment of other tourism it ends up being less beneficial for the locals. Also I feel the real priority in the tourism should be the development of regional tourism. As farming becomes less productive the people living in regional areas are going to need something else to supplement their incomes and tourism is so far proving to be a good accompaniment. And while it is all good to have Australians visiting these areas it would be even better to get more international visitors to go beyond the Blue Mountains. I think it would be more beneficial to get visitors spending more time exploring Australia off the cruise ship rather than on a cruise ship.
  21. It will be a cyclone not typhoon you would be on the look out for though by April they are not that common.
  22. I am guessing this is the study he is referring to: Luxury cruise giant emits 10 times more air pollution (SOx) than all of Europe’s cars – study To be fair it does only refer to one gas.
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