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  1. My family uses MSG and it has never done anything to the colour of the food 😂. You must be mixing up your additives or you are going to really good restaurants cooking the food at the right temperature and speed that gives you that vivid colour. MSG extract is a plain white powder, that is pure umami. It was invented in Japan over 100 years ago by a scientist who loved the meaty flavour of the soup his wife prepared and decided to try and extract that flavour. He identified the protein as MSG. In Asian food we use it like you would salt. MSG is in fact everything some less some more, even humans are made up of MSG😜. I would not call it artificially produced. It is an extract like if you extract salt from seawater or chlorophyll from plants. It is still the same just not mixed with anything😉. I should add that generally when serving Westerners Asians do add extra salt because they have found historically that Westerners like more salt than Asians would use and some people have found that was the actual cause of their headaches not the MSG.
  2. I thought Asian restaurants in Australia no longer use MSG after all the uproar🤔. You should probably avoid tomatoes too as they are very high in MSG. Seaweed is another food to avoid (in Japan they extract their MSG from seaweed) though I suppose it is not a food most Australians eat 😂. Also if you haven't already any fermented foods like yoghurt, beer, wine or sauerkraut, the fermentation process produces a lot of MSG. I had a friend who was allergic she said cutting out wine and yoghurt really helped with what she had thought were random migraines🤗.
  3. I remember reading about this story, apparently he went to a "Covid-19 party" which is a little weird if he thought the disease was a hoax. Perhaps he thought he was going to prove it😳.
  4. Having read the said quote I would say the wording comes across judgemental rather than observational. It may not have been your intention but that is the issue with the written format how it sounds in your head and how others read it can be very different (I had my own experience with this just recently. Made for a very confusing conversation😂). I think Twitter and meme culture is a bit to blame, everyone is trying to be short and snappy but unfortunately it can come off as quite aggressive stirring up people's emotions and leaving the writer no room to expand or clarify the expression.
  5. I guess realistically you can't show every type of death in the world. It would end up being a very long graph 😂. The point is really to demonstrate the speed of Covid-19 spread.
  6. I prefer education and encouragement of good behaviour🤗. It leads to better outcomes than shaming which usually results in self destructive behaviours.
  7. My local sports club use to do a nice veal parmigiana. They use to be pretty common in Sydney but I haven't seen them on a menu for a long time.
  8. Apparently there are a few stories but the one they think is most likely is that in WWII American soldiers couldn't tell the difference between French and Belgians and so thought the Belgium food stands that sold frites were French😂.
  9. Oh dear that sounds like someone who has hit rock bottom😔. Might be time for an AA meeting.
  10. I remember a few years ago KFC did a pie that was chicken and mash potato and gravy. Once they did a spicy version using what they call here their Zinger chicken. They were actually pretty decent pies so I wouldn't mind if they brought them out again.
  11. The points I made is why I think we will not forget as quickly. Even if COVID 19 leaves our country we will still be reporting about Americans barred from the EU, Trans Tasman bubble will still be an issue, our reliance on China, even the questions about raising Newstart/Jobseeker all the consequences of COVID 19 will be in the news for a long time and will therefore keep the keep the Pandemic in our consciousness for just as long. I think it would take another global event for this pandemic to be forgotten as quickly as the 1918 pandemic.
  12. I don't think you can compare to 1918 Flu Pandemic. They didn't have 24hr news cycles or social media. The pandemic itself was far advanced by the time most media outlets outside of Spain were reporting on it, whereas we were already following Covid-19 before it left China. Combined with the ending of WWI to deal with half the problems of the flu got lumped amongst that news. And let's face it the world then was not as globally connected as it is today. When the influenza spread in Australia they were not reporting all the deaths in the USA. There was less awareness that it was a pandemic VS a local epidemic but we switch on the news and it is in our face everyday. I am not sure it will be as easy for us to forget.
  13. This guy made himself a $5000 gold mask: Man spends $5k on custom face mask made out of gold For all that money it is not even N95😬.
  14. I would say the comparison is closer to a resort or hotel and we have seen in various countries that they quarantine these facilities when there is an outbreak. The real problem is cruise ships are not the responsibility of any country so therefore nobody has an obligation to look after then when things go wrong.
  15. What I have learnt in online communication don't ever assume, take all words at face value and ask for clarification if unsure🤗 because you are right tone is hard to pick up and even though we both come from English speaking countries we do use it a little differently to each other which may skew meaning.
  16. If it is still in good condition try throwing those leather articles on eBay, might get enough to buy a new saddle😄
  17. I bit old fashioned with my coffee. I have a bur hand grinder and grind my own beans for the French press I use. When it comes to coffee I am a bit fancy, I do enjoy a single origin. Because my French press and grinder are travel size I can take it with me so I never need to use the instant coffee in accommodations. However iced coffee is pretty good with instant😉.
  18. But that was the point I was making in my original post, that the pandemic might be a good time to re evaluate our behaviour and consumerism habits which you objected to and yet someone says the same thing with different words and you agree with that. This makes it very confusing to me. Well to be fair it is probably a practice that needs to be stopped. In Australia our charities spend $13 million a year to dump clothes that are donated because fast fashion is so poor quality even they can't re use them. 75% of people throw away clothes in the first year they buy them and usually more than 10 items a year (and with all the online shopping due to lock downs this year will probably be higher) . It is estimated to be about 6000kg every 10min. I am all for rising people out of poverty but you have to wonder if we do those countries any favours by giving then our bad habits and therefore the problems associated with it. You have to wonder what they will do with their garbage when we can't keep with our own.
  19. You do realise I am taking about actual garbage? You know the stuff you put in your bin. You just agreed with the point I was making? I feel like I am writing one thing and you are reading something else. This is so weird. If we keep making VCRs it would keep people in work. Things stop being made all the time, that is the nature of manufacturing. Actually the citizens of those countries like Nigeria, Malaysia and Indonesia are protesting for the rubbish to stop coming. China banned so called recycled plastic because what we sent was absolute crap. It is as much rubbish to them as it is to us.
  20. You misinterpreted what I meant by "things*. I am talking about physical stuff, after all you can't throw away a cruise experience (well not in the physical sense anyway😉). And considering we in developed nations like to send our rubbish to developing nations I'm sure they would appreciate our compassion in not sending our garbage to them🙄. All change is pain, doesn't mean some aren't needed.
  21. With all the waste we produce from all the stuff we buy maybe a change is needed😂. Perhaps this Pandemic might be a good time to reevalute an economy based on accumulating more things😜.
  22. The lowest point has to be when Orange Man accused NY nurses of stealing PPE to sell on the black market😔. That pretty much sums up how seriously he takes this pandemic. You know the phrase I am so sick of hearing😒: "What happened to personal responsibility?" It is constantly used as a justification for why people should be able to do whatever the hell they want consequences be damned😳. Talk about twisting words 😕.
  23. OK I see where you are coming from now. Maybe you are right about the broad stroke average but in my experience those national figures do not match on the ground reality because of the variability between businesses. Try arguing to a hotelier that caters to Germans that they have lost 10% of their business. They would think you are mad😜 whereas the cruise line that caters to 80% Americans would be thinking 10% I wish 🙄. These figures are great news bites but I think in the end they usually don't reflect reality. Let's wait and see what the reports are from European businesses as to how well tourism is doing😉.
  24. I'm confused😟 what would Carnival have been waiting for?
  25. I read an interview with Jamaica's minister of health and in February he wanted to implement a ban on anyone who had travelled to China and health screenings for everyone entering Jamaica. He said Carnival put a lot of pressure on him to exempt cruise ships from his protocols and that cruisers who had been to China should still be allowed in. From what I understand it didn't work and Jamaica eventually went ahead with their changes.
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