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  1. I used to think people will forget but now I am not so sure. Talk of COVID 19 is 24/7 on the news cycle and it is a constantly trending search on the internet and if you are in a country that is locked down for six months after being so long conditioned to social distancing it might be an effort to convince people that cruises are safe🤔.
  2. It could be a life sentance though. There is evidence coming out that damage to the lungs after being infected with COVID 19 could be permanent with capacity reduced up to 30%. Look at the damage that SARS did to people's lungs. There is some links to brain lesions and heart damage. The measles it was discovered completely ravages the immune system taking three years to fully recover and therefore making those people more suseptible to other infections diseases in the mean time who knows if COVID 19 doesn't have a similar effect. The truth is we don't really know what could be potential long term side effects to COVID 19.
  3. To be fair there was so much forwarning that it isn't really surprising that people expected western nations to be better prepared😕.
  4. I don't think people will easily forget this pandemic. This is the first pandemic that has been reported 24/7, the first one during the internet age and it is not an event that is happening over a few days this is looking like at least a year long process world wide. In Australia they are saying we will be locked down for a minimum of six months and even then only some restrictions will be lifted. After being so long conditioned into social distancing I think cruise lines will probably need to really convince people to take a chance on their ships especially in terms of attracting new customers who haven't yet been on a cruise.
  5. Have you looked at MenuLog? They tend to have a wider reach than UberEats. Also check out Deliveroo. There is also DoorDash but I think they are a lot smaller. I guess if all else fails you could use AirTasker and and pay someone to pick up food for you though chances are there will be price surging.
  6. In Australia we have a particular travel agency chain that for years was going downhill. Somewhere along the line they decided to focus on packaged travel. This meant they lost a percentage of independant travellers and backpackers are a significant percentage of travellers in Australia. Despite losing that percentage their profits went up and they ended up as the most successful travel agents in the country. Sometimes it can be more profitable to focus on a segment of customers rather than trying to appeal to everyone. If there are enough people who want the ship as the destination than perhaps the industry will move toward this especially if cruise ports decide to demand more from cruise lines🤔.
  7. The state governments will have worked out a package deal with hotel companies so it will be cheaper per night than the average hotel cost. Besides a conservative estimate is that the average cost hospitalising someone for a week with severe COVID 19 can run up to $70 000 per person and that is not accounting for any long term and chronic side effects that could arise from this disease. Reducing the spread will save money overall.
  8. If you have isolation stress this kneading technique can be quite cathartic😆: Slap and fold knead
  9. I can't find the article now but I did read that air quality monitering systems around Europe and Asia were recording really low amounts of particles. They had a great comparison table of air quality from the same time last year. Apparently Rome's is the cleanest it has ever been😆. I live out in Sydney's west and I have found the air lately has been smelling really fresh. I can actually smell the trees for the first time😱.
  10. I only mentiond the Caribbean as a point about negotions between ports and cruise lines and that the power has mostly been with the cruise line. This is most likely an issue for ports around the world but the article was from a Caribbean news site so their focus was on that area. I was just pointing out that with COVID 19 and all the problems that has come with it pertaining to cruising it might put some more power onto the ports so they can re negotiate better contracts. As to your point you have to remember I am not American. The Caribbean is a hard to reach far away place from Australia so I would not have the same Caribbean weariness the average American cruiser might have. On top of that I do love Caribbean food and as a history buff I find the Caribbean's past offers such a unique an different view of the world.
  11. Last year I read an article about Caribbean ports having trouble renegotiating contracts with cruise lines. Perhaps with this whole COVID 19 situation it might give ports more power in negotiating new contracts more favourable to the destination rather than the cruise line.
  12. I read an online article that people in Europe can't get to French Polynesia because their flight route would mean going through LAX. I am sure there are other flight routes that would be similarly affected so it will be interesting to see how airlines negotiate this new restriction.
  13. It is the one thing doctors say the masks are good for. Covering half your face is a pretty effective way of preventing your hands having contact with your face especially around the mouth which is the most vulnerable area when it comes to contracting many illnesses.
  14. Coronavirus is known to cause some diarrhoea but I think the panic buying is more the fear of being put into some kind of lock down and running out of toilet paper. It makes you realise just how dependent we have become on a simple roll of tissues😂.
  15. We managed to avoid the weekend on our stay so I think we avoided most of the party people😂. However there was an Irish bar that got very rowdy after the sun set 😜.
  16. I think you are right. I noticed something like this especially in Tallinn and Kotor. We did a self walking tour of Tallinn as soon as the sun came up before all the tours and cruises started off loading their passengers at the city gates. You could smell fresh pastries being cooked in the cafes where the locals grabbed a quick breakfast. It was very tranquil but around 9am the tour buses started dropping off their tours and the whole atmosphere just changed. The streets were really crowded, and there was so much noise from the guides talking over each other. It became so hectic, but then evening comes and all the tours are gone, and the locals start coming out and filling up the restaurants and the atmosphere changed again. Kotor was really dramatic. When the cruise ships left it would go from a busy, crowded city to a sleepy village😆.
  17. It probably depends on the cruise and the destination. When I did Aranui I really felt like I had gotten to know the Marquesas, but then each island was quite small so easy to explore in a day and we had a program that was geared to educating passengers about the islands and people. You take a country like France for example and there is no way a cruise can possibly let you experience all the diversity of such a large country. The coast line and rivers are just a tiny part of France and the cities so packed you only really scratch the surface on a day tour not to mention you will never know what it is like at night and how a city changes through the day. It is just practicality but then if people want an in-depth experience of a country they just choose not to cruise.
  18. I remember years ago a Myth Busters episode where they compared paper drying and air dryer. In their experiment they found that with the air dryer it would spread water from your hands to the wall behind, as a result it became a breeding ground for bacteria. When I use those new dyson air dryer I have noticed because of the shape all the water pools at the bottom. Does make me wonder if they are any healthier than the old fashioned air dryers
  19. A private island will at least make a good place to quarantine in case of epidemic.
  20. I have no doubt the cruise industry will want to go back to business as usual when COVID 19 dies down but I think realistically there needs to be serious discussion whether there should be limits in the population density of ships. I heard one cruise CEO proposing to have a ship with 10 000 maximum capacity😱. The dream seems to be bigger and bigger and the cruise industry is completely ignoring that things do go wrong like the Diamond Princess and the more people on a ship the more difficult it will be for countries to handle these cruise ship problems. As we saw with Westerdam all countries have a right to bar any ship from docking, and I can see a lot of countries going no thank you too hard if it was a mega ship. Either the cruise industry has to come up with a really good plan for dealing with on board epidemics or they have to keep their ships to a size that is realistic for their ports of call to manage otherwise it does feel a bit irresponsible on the part of the cruise line.
  21. The cruise industry will survive and people will forget especially when the news cycle starts treating Coronavirus as boring. But I do wonder if it might make an impact on the creation of mega ships. We already know how easily infectious diseases spread on cruise ships so perhaps there is an argument to made to limiting the maximum population density of cruise ships to something that would be manageable in time of epidemics. Imagine if Diamond Princess had been Oasis of The Seas. Japan struggled with the population of Diamond what country could handle the quarantine of a mega ship like Oasis of the Seas?
  22. Well it wasn't a Scientology ship so no 😜. Fact is I wasn't aware anyone asked. Notifications are a bit difficult to click on in a mobile browser. Aranui to whoever was interested.
  23. Sorry I think I wasn't clear. The cruise had no choice of any other style of eating, this was a small ship cruise so there was only one dinning option. Sure I could skip the entree but I would still have to wait till everyone on the ship was served and had eaten their entree (small ship but still nearly 200 people) before I got my main so the only option is to skip dessert unless I just had the entree and nothing else😆. To be fair they did do five buffets during the two week cruise which was a really nice break from the multicourse set meals. That was my point in the original comment that you don't realise it might be nice to have a buffet option until that option is taken from you😜.
  24. I was on a cruise that served three course meals for lunch and dinner about half way through the cruise I missed buffets. Sitting for three to four hours everyday to eat gets tiring. Sometimes you just want a quick bite and go.
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