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  1. I was referring to after ship quarantine was over, so on land.
  2. What about the non US passengers? Are their countries planning to also quarantine them for another 14 days?
  3. I have to admit reading that sentance it sounds a bit OTT. You sure your brother is that offensive that he could say something that would land him in jail😳? Even in some of the more conservative countries it would take a real ranting tirade before they put you in jail. If he is really that loose that he would for exapmle rant about how much he dislikes the King of Thailand in the streets of Bangkok then maybe you might need to sit him down for some cultural awareness training before you start your cruise.
  4. People over 80 tend to have more medical complications perhaps they think the effects of confinement are too much from them. Also I suspect there isn't too many people over 80 so maybe they see it has a manageable amount to get off the ship.
  5. In Japan you can start receiving the pension at 65 so I would assume they consider that and above to be elderly
  6. I have no doubt they traded something with Cambodia. Unfortunately they are a government that is easily bought but the reality is Carnival had to do something they can't float around forever😆.
  7. So if you don't lose a roof it is not considered a flood? Why are insurance companies allowed to change the definitions of words in the English language😕?
  8. Actually China was officially aware beginning of December, they reported to WHO end of Decemeber. Any company conducting business in the region especially one prone to infectious diseases should be monitering local news. When WHO declared PHEIC they made it clear in their statement The Committee does not recommend any travel or trade restriction based on the current information available. The cruise line's decision to ban passengers who had layovered in HK was their on own choice not enforced by anyone nor recommended by any organisation expect their internal assesers. Therefore they could have given warnings to passengers of upcoming cruises that they were considering this restrictions and passengers could have made choices to amend their flights based on these warning. There was no reason to give passengers less than 24hrs warning before boarding cruise. Statement on the second meeting of the International Health Regulations (2005) Emergency Committee regarding the outbreak of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV)
  9. Actually it sounds like in Russia people are panicking😂: People Reportedly Escape Coronavirus Quarantines in Russia
  10. Out of curiosity how would one define if there is both rain and water coming in from the ground?
  11. I read about a case after a cyclone hit and people's houses were full of water. Insurance claimed they would not pay out because they did not think the houses were "flooded" which was covered but that the sea had risen into their houses which apparently is not considered flooding therefore they were not covered😳.
  12. A lot of commenters here are making a lot of presumptions of people who get into debt. Sure some people get into debt because of overspending and financial mismanagement but having worked in the disability sector I think most people get into debt because life events happen that throw all that careful planning out the window and it can be really hard to turn things around after bad decisions made in the heat of the moment or out of desperation. I met people who got terrible advise forking out thousands on things that was completely wrong for a patient, people who equated higher costs with better care, people who didn't ask the right questions because they were too overwhelmed by the system. Especially when it comes to someones child parents are willing to throw all their money into whatever they think will help their kids. I've met young people who had to give up university or careers so they could become full time carers to their parents who got sick or have become full time guardians to their younger siblings because no one else was there to take over. When you have your life derailed it is not always easy to get back on top of things. I don't think people should assume everyone who gets into debt does so becaue they spend on frivolous things.
  13. Cruise Ship’s Coronavirus Outbreak Leaves Crew Nowhere to Hide I don't know if it hasn't been sensationalised but so far it is the only thing we have heard from the crew. Hopefully when the quarantine is over we will get the full story. If anyone still hasn't got tired of the story another passenger account, this time on Reddit: I’m a US citizen aboard the Diamond Princess quarantined off the coast of Yokohama, Japan. AMA!
  14. Getting a lawsuit in Japan is next to impossible. A Japanese town who proved a company was dumping mercury in their bay still didn't have a right to sue for damages. The Japan court system is extremely beauracratic, you would have to work at it for decades to get anything from them. I think most passengers would rather move on with their lives then be intangled in some decade long legal battle. On top of that the legal is always biased to the Japanese side so any foreigner who does manage to get a lawsuit started is unlikely to win.
  15. This thread has gone completely off topic😜 but I guess if people are going to discuss flu shots it should be remembered it takes two week for the flu vaccince to be fully effective after administration. In those two weeks you are still vulnerable to the flu. When To Get The Flu Shot
  16. All health information should be told in song😆. It makes things so much less scarier👍.
  17. They didn't declare it a global health emergency because they don't want to irate China. Declaring PHEIC is basically saying they don't believe China is doing a good. That could have meant China will close itself off and refuse to give any information at all. Sure they are still holding things back but they are at least sending samples overseas and have been far more open with information then during SARS. When you are dealing with a country like China WHO has to be delicate so they held off on the announcement and when they finally made it they very diplomatic in their wording, emphasising they still have confidence in China😉.
  18. Not if it is too hot. The last major fire in the Victorian Alps was so hot it almost wiped out the Snow Gum seed bank (that is seedlings in the ground waiting to sprout). They had to supplement the seeds with those from NSW. So while some plants may grow back others may have found the fires too hot. There was a documentary last week where a fire expert was saying the fires were so hot it oxidised the iron in the soil so it sounds like it was probably hot enough to to destroy some of the seed bank. There was always going to be long term effects to this fire season and in the coming months we will see how much biodiversity was lost.
  19. It is just a question of how many plant species survived. If the fires were too hot some species of seeds may not have survived😳.
  20. Last year was a study done at airports and in airplanes and they found in that usually the cleanest places was the public toilet, probably because they are constantly cleaned. I would think cruise ships clean the public toilets incessantly and if people are deliberately avoiding them then they are most likely the cleaner parts of the ship😛. It is a bit like how most people avoid the first stall assuming it is the most used therefore the dirtiest but because everyone trys to avoid using it, it becomes under utilized and therefore the cleanest😆.
  21. Considering Pangolins are the most trafficked animal in the world the DMZ would probably be the safest place for them😂.
  22. Overall South Korea isn't doing to badly with only 27 confirmed, no deaths and 3 recovered. Novel Coronavirus Infection Map
  23. Nearly all of the cancelled cruises in the Asia region are offering full reimbursement plus 100% FCC. And this for a whole ship load of passengers. You would think Celebrity X could have done the same thing for the few passengers who couldn't board the OP's cruise🙄.
  24. Apparanetly Thailand has changed their mind: Thailand denies Westerdam cruise ship entry
  25. It seems they changed their mind: Thailand denies Westerdam cruise ship entry, China virus toll passes 1,000
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