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  1. We're childfree by choice so I wouldn't be adverse to this but adults only isn't a need for us. Any people who have annoyed me on cruises have all been adults.
  2. Yes, Edgartown is charming and has lots of historical buildings. It was a major whaling center in the past. There are lots of good places to eat. I've always been to Martha's Vineyard via the ferry from Falmouth to Oaks Bluff and when you get off the ferry, there are taxis and independent tour operators. Edgartown also has taxis and tours. Both have bikes. We've rented bikes in Oaks Bluff and it was an easy ride to Edgartown. Oaks Bluff also has good places to eat and shop and is a lovely town. If you do go on a tour or get a taxi to take you around the island, the cliffs at Aquinnah have a beautiful view. The best quahog chowder I've ever eaten came from a shack up there but that was 30 years ago. There are still shops and eateries there. If you are interested in movies and the movie "Jaws," specifically, it was filmed on Martha's Vineyard. Many of the places are recognizable like the beaches, scenes in Edgartown and Oaks Bluff, and the Chappaquiddick ferry, which is located in Edgartown and can be interesting for reasons other than Jaws.
  3. Yes, I also collect them. The ones I have were all bought onboard so I haven't yet looked anywhere at getting one afterwards.
  4. When you sign on to RCCL’s site you should have an option to manage your reservation and in the reservation there should be an option to go to the cruise planner. It might show up as an option to book excursions and drink packages. All of that is in the cruise planner.
  5. Both Royal and Celebrity do have sales in the cruise planner. Sometimes they are "flash" sales which last a few days and often they are planned around holidays. Sometimes you will get an e-mail advertising the sales. If you buy a drink package and it later goes on sale for a lower price, you can cancel and re-purchase. If you've used OBC for the purchase, it will become available again almost immediately. If not, the refund will go back to your card.
  6. We stayed at the Center Hotel Arnarhvoll in Reykjavik. It was really nice and we loved the location. I would stay there again.
  7. In your profession, I would hope you realize that different things entertain different people and what entertains you is not universal. For example, I've been to the Boston Ballet and NYC Ballet multiple times (live, not on YouTube) and it was beautiful and I appreciated the experiences. And each time I left thinking "are you not entertained?" and the answer unfortunately was "no." Opera I can get into; ballet I can't. When I was younger there was a good deal of thinking "I should like this" then you realize "I don't care for this and I don't need to" and you move on because people like different things. Feel free to think I'm a boor for thinking ballet is a bore. Speaking of provable facts - in real life that pop music and rap and hip hop that you disparage sells well so apparently lots of people aren't dismissive of it. I go to a lot of concerts (live, not on YouTube) and I certainly can't speak for everyone there but I would guess the majority don't care about chords but just like the music. People like different things. Besides, complaining about people's different tastes in music has always felt get off my lawnish to me. I hated hearing "music was better back in my day" when I was a kid so that's something I've never done, especially now that I'm old enough to be a grandmother. People are allowed to like different things. I've always thought Celebrity's shows like "Life," "Chandelier," and "Colors of Life" do have a story in the same sense that Cirque du Soleil shows have a story. Those stories aren't told with dialogue but with the music and sets. Variety shows are random acts, these aren't random. Maybe it's just me but I've always understood the story with Celebrity's shows or Cirque du Soleil when I've seen them (live, not on YouTube). Maybe others don't think there's a story. Like I said, people are different and interpret things differently.
  8. You choose the flights you want. If you're doing it over the phone, you can tell them the exact flights you want (if you already know) or you can work with them to get the flights you want (if they are doing the search). You can also book it yourself through FBC online and do the flight searches yourself. I've done it both ways.
  9. That’s even better! I hope you have a great trip.
  10. It's almost a 2 1/2 hour drive to the Glacier Lagoon from Vik but since you have a car, I don't see why you couldn't plan a route to include it. We enjoyed the boat ride there. We did the Golden Circle and the South Shore (including the Glacier Lagoon) on two separate days on tours, both starting from Reykjavik, as we didn't have a car. So with a car you should be able to plan this route.
  11. I had to cancel flights when we moved a cruise. Flights by Celebrity was able to do this.
  12. I see what you mean. I haven't used them in that way (yet) but I can see how that could happen. I've definitely done the "2 for a price" sales in supermarkets when I haven't actually needed two of the item, so I get it.
  13. Celebrity always offers at least one accessible tour in Bermuda which is geared specifically for individuals in wheelchairs/scooters and their companions. I don't know the tour specifics but it will be listed under shore excursions in the cruise planner.
  14. I buy the gift card(s) and apply the amounts right away for whatever is needed so, no, I'm not spending more. I just booked on Monday and the deposit came to $576. I bought a $500 card and $100 card which came to $540 and used them to pay for the deposit. I have $26 left which will later be applied to the balance or to a Wi-Fi or Bottomless Bubbles package. I would have spent more if I just paid $576 using a credit card. I found out about the AARP cards after I had already paid the balance on our first Carnival cruise. I could have saved $500. But I was able to use them for our internet and drink packages and shore excursions. I'm buying these anyway so why not save 10% while doing so?
  15. Is this in Qaqortoq? We did two excursions while there with Celebrity and there were no issues. We also did the Viking ruins excursion and then later did an iceberg tour. The port area is small so when you come back from the Viking ruins excursion, you will not have far to go to meet for the other. I hope you have a great trip! We just booked the Greenland cruise with Carnival for next year.
  16. You don't need to pay to go to the lotus spa pool. Celebrity's thalassotherapy pools are our favorite, as well, and this is not quite like it but it is a nice pool and a lovely area.
  17. I’ve always thought it was pretty gross to mock other’s misfortunes. For Haiti’s citizens, it’s a horrific time. No one gets a choice in where they are born. I was fortunate to be raised in a safe environment in a family which prioritized my wellbeing and education. I’ve always had easy access to excellent medical care. Other human beings do not have this through no fault of their own.
  18. We had Celebrity's Canada/NE cruise out of Boston booked for last summer but I switched it to Bermuda out of Bayonne. Partly because I wanted a warmer weather cruise and partly because Bayonne is closer. Then we did a last minute Princess Canada/NE cruise out of Brooklyn so it worked out well. We're doing that one again this year. I love Boston. I went to school there and it's always nice to go back. But there's times when I like convenience better so I'm glad there are choices.
  19. Go and enjoy the cruise! I hope you have a great time and wish you the best! Thank you for saying this! This is super important and is really the only advice I'd feel comfortable giving to a fellow T2D. No two diabetics are the same.
  20. When we were on the Emerald this past October you could also use this benefit for the specialty cake slices at the International Cafe.
  21. It's under the Our Ships heading and then under Accommodations. I wouldn't be surprised if it was under a different section at one point.
  22. I'm fairly certain we did get water daily this past summer. Celebrity's site does show water daily. This is what it says for Aqua Class on Celebrity's site. https://www.celebritycruises.com/things-to-do-onboard/staterooms/aqua-class-stateroom?icid=ccmmdt_wrnssn_qcl_hm_other_174 The 2 bottles of water appears under the Amenities column.
  23. We visited Qaqortoq with Celebrity in August, 2022. We did an excursion to Hvalsey to view the Nordic ruins and we also did an iceberg tour by boat. You are taken to Hvalsey by boat. The scenery is remote and pristine. We had good views of icebergs on the way to and from Hvalsey but we had better views of larger icebergs on the iceberg tour. Our iceberg tour was for six people in a boat but you could go out to the front or back to take photos. There was another iceberg tour offered on a RIB and people we spoke to really enjoyed it. We did not have time to hike to the lake in Qaqortoq but would like to do so if we go back. On that cruise, Qaqortoq was the only stop in Greenland, although we did go through Prins Christian Sund on our way to Iceland, which was amazing scenery. On our trip the conditions were right for the Northern Lights on a few nights but there was too much cloud cover and we did not see them. On the return trip I heard that they did get to see the Northern Lights at least once. We are also interested in Carnival's Greenland cruise. We recently took a Panama Canal Journeys cruise and loved it.
  24. I love rompers and wear them all the time on cruises, including in Luminae. The ones I wear for dinner are dressy and worn with dressy shoes. I have some that are short and some that are long. The short ones have bottoms that look more like a skirt. I have some that are more casual and those I wear during the day or onshore but not to dinner.
  25. If I recall correctly, mocktails are $6. There's a watermelon tropic, peach sangria, cranberry mule, raspberry fizz, and sparkling mint lemonade. I think there's also a strawberry banana mocktail and if they have the mint, they can also make a zero proof mojito. Also you can get zero proof daiquiris in all of their flavors and pina coladas. I don't know if frozen drinks are a different price than the non-frozen mocktails.
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