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  1. Ok, I think I got it, so if it is one extra night based on your category it would still be 2, 3, 5, etc and not a single point per cruise.
  2. Were you solo on that cruise because points would have been doubled. My understanding is go green is 1 per night and isn't doubled even if solo and regardless of your category. I think during covid opening they may have increased the bonus because they were really trying to encourage people to not have the cabin attendant inside the cabins as much as possible. My understanding is that for a 9 night cruise with go green, with 2 or more in a cabin you would get, 27 points +9 =36 or if solo 54+ 9=63
  3. No. It is 2 points per night in inside and ocean view. 3 points for Verandah per night and 5 for AQ and Concierge. So 5 nights in a balcony would be 15 points plus 1 extra point (i believe per night for go green for a total of 20 points. If it were 3 points for Verandah regardless of the number of nights it would take 100 cruises to get to elite and 1000 cruises to get to Zenith. I think at one point, points where awarded per cruise regardless of length but that was a while ago.
  4. Points show up pre cruise and you can use them pre cruise. We generally wait until after final payment because it is a final transaction and if you cancel the OBC is lost. I assume if you modify the booking to a new cruise the OBC would also be lost. I tried to convince my DH to take the statement credit and book on the card for the extra rewards points but it is his card and he likes the feeling of OBC.
  5. I found that while cruise only fares go on a decent discount, for my Trans Atlantic Cruise that still has over 70 cabins available with over 50 of those in obstructed balcony, if I do all included (which no longer includes $468 in gratuities), and $0 onboard credit vs the $350 that I received would be $3763 vs the $4583 that i paid but if you add in the OBC and tip the difference is $4581 vs $4583 and that is now with an obstructed balcony vs a prime concierge. I have had time to get internet and drinks upgrade for 50% off, shore excursions for 40% off and meal plan for 25% off. Cruise only its a bigger discount and I am considering booking my vacation time during a time next year when there are several cruises that I might want and then waiting until 30-60 days before booking but I am risking getting nothing , or a cabin type that I am not crazy about or flights that are out of reach. I get the discount if I am willing on taking those risks. Since the cruise I am looking at is out of reach on my budget unless I book interior, I am thinking that I might not have anything to lose.
  6. Yes per person. Daily passes are only sold onboard. The full cruise packages are sold pre cruise. Go to the spa and fitness tab and if you don't see it, go to the treatments tab and filter for Persian Garden or thermal spa depending your ship to find it if it isn't already sold out. The daily passes on board are only sold if they do not sell out of the weekly or whole cruise packages.
  7. I think it was this one but it looks like it may have been updated after I made my purchase and someone mentions that they received 3 tickets to use with each bag so they could be used separately. There is also a discussion about sometimes (rarely) clothes come back with stink.
  8. I only know one site that makes it easy sort by single traveler so I think I know which one you used. Problem is that only checks for interior cruise only. I haven't found a way to let it sort by single and other categories. Even when the supplement is reasonable for an interior cruise only if you look at other categories, it jumps to the crazy 150%+ amounts.
  9. I believe for ours if i logged onto the app through my account it would show my charges. If I logged into the app from my husbands then his charges would show. Our TA usually puts the OBC in my name from their agency, but Celebrity puts theirs, if we haven't pre spent it, all on his, maybe because alphabetically his name is before mine. In either case because they are linked it will use all of the OBC we have regardless of who makes the charges. It would actually be easier if it were all together and they would just indicate with initials or the last 4 numbers of the captains club who made what purchases. On a side note I wished they would put the actual costs of the drinks and then show that it was covered when using a drink package instead of indicating a charge of $0 (Carnival does it that way). Craft Social $12 3/8 premium bev package -$12 3/8 Wine Cellar $16 3/8 premium bev package -$16 3/8 It would make it easier to determine whether it was worth getting the package on not without having to keep your own spread sheet for the vacation.
  10. I have that for an upcoming cruise. From the descriptions on CC I read, it had to be used all at once. My plan is using it half way through, if that is the case and will be bringing home the dirty laundry at the end.
  11. Usually means that you are on the short list to be upgraded into that category. You should expect to know within 4-6 days if moved up or if it opens back up as an active bid which means you didn't make the cut on this round of upgrades.
  12. For my upcoming 13 day cruise it is $339 for 13 days or 10 days for $236. So actually more per day for the longer period. On the following cruise they are only selling for all 12 days at $339 only. I would assume day passes are going to be $35-$40 for a single day perhaps with multi day discounts depending on how many pre cruise packages they sold.
  13. I was up to check in last night but as midnight rolled around it still showed unavailable. I refreshed several times over the next 10 minutes. About 12:08 am check in was available. I've never had to enroll separately for my spouse if we are in the same stateroom and this time was no different. I filled out his information including passport and credit card and then went through the same process for me all within the same click through from my login for that cruise.
  14. status matching not points transfers. That may be what your friend is thinking.
  15. The more liberal the cancellation policies the more likely the business is to overbook to compensate which is fine, until you arrive for your car rental and they say, sorry we have no cars. And that is kind of what cruise lines seem to be moving toward. Celebrity still offers refundable deposits and they still offer some (although not nearly as many) agency refundable blocked units at reasonable prices. The combo of the non refundable deposits (with it being harder to find the refundable ones), the big reduction in OBC and the removal of gratuities from the AI has kept me from booking multiple 2025 cruises with X. Butlers in sky suites hasn't effected me. I haven't found any other brands that I am loving either though so just kicking a few things around until I see something that is worth jumping on.
  16. It has both a square and a triangle on that cabin so it has both an upper birth and a convertable sofa bed. https://www.cruisemapper.com/deckplans/Celebrity-Reflection-685/deck07-904
  17. Did you get the invoice immediately after booking and did you look at it then or not until after you cancelled a week later? If we are booking a year out, we don't like non refundable deposits that are more than $50 or $100 tops per person. Most of our cruises have a $450 deposit each, so I check the details on the invoice and if anything is different than the details as described when booking, I am immediately on the phone to call or message to get it straightened out.
  18. I haven't seen the 30% off the first night in months. They lump the first night with every other night with the 7-8% discount for me now. I think they stopped around the same time that they stopped the different multi night packages. So now on an 11 night cruise the only option is a 5 night or unlimited. Before the options were 3 nights, 4 nights, 5 nights, 6 nights, etc.
  19. If 6 of the 7-9 drinks a day are $4 coffee and soda drinks and the other 1-3 are drinks in the $8-12 range and/or part of the elite HH, then skipping the AI would save money.
  20. I think you may need to compare those that booked Guaranteed because there was nothing left in that category vs booking it because it was cheaper but there were cabins available to book within that category for more money. If there isn't anything available to book in the category, it is likely that nothing is going to get assigned until final payment is due and if things don't open then, your next opportunity would be when move up bids start getting processed.
  21. Not sailing on the Apex until later this year but on other ships it is in the Spa cafe. We usually walk through and pick one up on our way to the breakfast buffet or stop by after eating breakfast in the MDR. It is fresh squeezed but it isn't squeezed to order. They have containers of the already squeezed fresh fruit that they either blend or pour straight into a glass. If you have the premium beverage package (regular or zero proof) it is covered otherwise it is charged to your card.
  22. No that is something you would have to do through a booking agent. Either your TA if you booked 3rd party or Celebrity direct if you booked direct.
  23. https://www.celebritycruises.com/gifts https://www.celebritycruises.com/cruise-gifts/items-results?category=ONBDCR&collection=ONBDCR I think the point of it is so other can buy for you but it looks like it is an option. If it is for you you could just bring the cash and put it on your account and then it would be refundable vs buying non refundable OBC. Or just buy what you want with the CC you would have used to buy the OBC.
  24. In the last 3 years, I have not seen more than the 10% on the zero proof package.
  25. same with me. Very annoying. Hopefully yours and mine are just a day late in coming.
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