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  1. Once you have registered though, any other requests for future cruises are dealt with almost within hours. I can’t believe how easy it is now.
  2. We have bought 2 different types over time and found the heavy duty ones to be more versatile. I use them to hang necklaces to stop them getting tangled in a drawer. Caps, and best of all, right by the door our lanyards. I also have a couple of magnetic bulldog clips - one for the Horizon and the other for tour tickets. Please feel free to mock me, I’m well aware that at my age I’m constantly forgetting where I’ve put things and a bit of a “tidy” freak as well.
  3. I chanced my arm and tried for the Jan leg as well. That was refused as expected.
  4. Yes. It’s been applied to our Dec cruise on Iona. Applied on the app yesterday, confirmed this morning and a new invoice from P&O arrived this afternoon. Impressive.
  5. Impressed with Stockperks. Downloaded the app and applied for obc on an August Princess cruise and it was confirmed 3 days later. Then I applied for a December P&O cruise yesterday and today confirmation arrived. I was really wary of the new arrangement but I have never had it applied so quickly. In fact the first time I did it through my stockbroker and it was not applied until 2 days before the cruise and that was due to the intervention of our TA.
  6. We have pre registered for the 21 night Britannia in June. We need an adapted cabin and it’s a big birthday cruise so we will be very happy if our TA comes up with the goods.
  7. We did this same cruise in 2023. It was our first “big ship” in the P&O fleet. Since then we have been on Iona twice and the Arvia TA was certainly the least busy. In the interests of clarity I should say that we don’t eat much in the buffet or MDR and these are generally when you would notice the crowds. There were a lot of young families on our recent Iona cruise, many with under 5s so school holidays were not an issue. Being realistic, if you choose a ship with that capacity you are looking at a busy cruise.
  8. I thought of that Phil but our first P&O cruise was in 2018. Before that we cruised only with US cruise lines.
  9. Definitely Tiger. On Iona in March a guest was trying to book the Olive Grove and was kicking off big time because he would not accept that there were no tables available and he refused to book in advance. He got nowhere and I am certain the staff would have been much more accommodating if he had not raised his voice. By the time he left the queue was about 10 deep with people who had booked.
  10. Yes, it can be cancelled and it will be refunded to the cc on file. However, cancellations within 24 hours carry a £10pp cancellation fee. Someone posted that they had been charged the full £10 for the Beach House even though they didn’t pay that much. They will allow changes once on board but tend to tell you what time rather than allow you to choose. Understandable as they can only fill empty slots.
  11. There are some items on the Beach House menu that carry a supplement and you will be charged for those at the time. If you eat from the standard menu then then the cover charge is all you will pay and that will have been charged to your cc in advance.
  12. All pre booked restaurants are charged to your credit card on booking. That includes the Limelight Club.
  13. Sorry if this subject has been raised a 100 times before. It is some time since we cruised with Princess (all recent have been with P&O who have black tie nights) and not sure if Princess still have formal nights. This is a British Isles cruise so not a casual Caribbean where you would not expect to wear anything formal.
  14. I always take a photograph of the port agents details printed in the Horizon. Also have photos of passports, emergency contacts for travel insurance and prescriptions for both of us on both phones. There was a time when it would never have been thought of but as circumstances change with age and health it’s reassuring to have this information to hand.
  15. I know the OP is querying the Beach House but worth mentioning that when pre booking Sindhu you pay a £10 pp deposit. When you get the bill there will be a 20% discount taken off in line with other restaurants you are able to pre book. Definitely worth booking Epicurean in advance as it is £30 pp on board (that is if you can get in).
  16. No, it’s only our 3rd Princess cruise. I can’t think why but maybe it’s a UK thing.
  17. Our cruise is end of August so not paid in full but I have made dinner reservations for the whole cruise on the app.
  18. We were given a debark time of 9.15 on Iona. Not only were we on the coach but also had booked assistance. I tried to explain to the agent on reception that the allocated time really wouldn’t work but they were adamant that 9.15 was the correct time. Decided to make an executive decision and go to the meeting point at 8.15. The assistance staff told us that it was the right thing to do. The coach left at around 9am - whew!
  19. We had until 11pm to put our bags out on Iona although they do request an earlier time if possible. Unlike most other cruise lines P&O do not issue return bag tags so remember to leave the original ones on your luggage. We invested in some of the plastic bag tag covers and they’ve been invaluable, we’ve used them several times. No worries about losing the flimsy paper ones.
  20. They do. £2.50 charge on account for each delivery regardless of how many items. This was on Iona.
  21. We had the Bon Voyage package on Iona. They were offering 14% discount for Valentine’s Day (our cruise was not until March) so plus loyalty discount it was worth a punt. This is what we received. Flowers, chocolates, bottle of champagne, robes and slippers, portrait photo and champagne breakfast in bed with half a bottle of champagne. I think we paid £113 and it was a really nice treat. For a birthday it would work for us.
  22. You must tell P&O even if you don’t take your own wheelchair. The assistance desk has a list and unless you are on it you won’t get the required help.
  23. As you say that your DH can not walk far without a wheelchair then I would have thought so. I assumed you were taking a wheelchair with you.
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