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  1. Often there will be a cooking demonstration, or maybe a tour of the galley, wine tasting, etc.
  2. So, they really took care of you! I have been on many WS cruises and there have always been excursions available. Have a great cruise.
  3. True and while the other ship being used for accomodations has been reported in many news sources, there has been no mention of Windstar providing a ship.
  4. This is a great explanation. I find cruise transfers to be very overpriced. You can try pricing out private transportion; go to the Ports of Call forums for more info. https://www.cruisepanda.com/cruise-tips/how-to-get-from-piraeus-cruise-port-to-athens-and-the-airport#google_vignette
  5. Don't they usually get the week after Easter off? Yes, booking multiple cruises is risky; you'd have to keep careful track of the cancelation dates to get all your deposit back.
  6. From the title, I thought someone was posting a T. Brady sighting at the airport.
  7. I agree, I would check the fares booking directly with FI.
  8. I also agree I have no idea why this would prevent you from checking in if you have your PNR. I would just try checking in online and see what happens.
  9. Windstar charters ships every single year, which disappoints and inconveniences many people. Most cruise lines do this.
  10. Maybe PG is a better fit for you? Have you looked through posts for menus from WS? I have never found it to be just "Americanized" food.
  11. Windstar is a business and businesses have no feelings. If you had booked no airfare, you'd be in the same position you are now. You don't get charged to redeposit miles. I see a lot of award availability to/from PPT every month through Dec. Nothing works? Sorry this happened, hope you can find a trip you will enjoy.
  12. That makes absolutely no sense. You don't need a round-trip ticket on the same airline to be able to check in for the one-way on WN. I hope the price of this ticket made it worth the hassle.
  13. Where I work, and in most US airports, no chairs are sitting around for you to use, and if you see one, you can't just grab it. When you make your reservation, you will be able to request wheelchair service. Upon arrival at the airport, you need to ask an agent to call for the wheelchair service; it won't be waiting for you because they have no idea when you are arriving. I agree that this isn't complicated and there is no reason not to let the people who push the wheelchairs make a living.
  14. I have been on both PG and Wind Star in FP, and would never sail PG again. The service is far and away so much better on WS. Many times last-minute bookings provide good deals. Sign up with Wind Star for sale notifications.
  15. You will find that some of the excursion companies will not book privately when one of the cruise ships is in port; they have contracts to accept the cruise line passengers only.
  16. Here's another recent thread discussing charters: All cruise lines charter and yes, it's a huge pain. You can't blame a business for wanting to make money. This does not make them "greedy." I do not understand how having award tickets prevents you from rebooking. You are not "locked in" with any airline I know anything about. You can cancel and redeposit the miles and rebook. Award availability fluctuates daily. You are on UA, right? If you can't find availability from EWR, try just from SFO and keep looking. I have had two cruises chartered and another one had a ship and itinerary change, so I feel your pain. I did not sail WS for years because of that, and I guarantee I got no calls begging me to come back. I have been on many cruises with them since, including two in FP and much prefer them over PG.
  17. I personally will not fly TK, but many people like them. They are o.k.until you run into a problem and then you might as well beat your head against a wall. Some of the complaints on TA are nonsense, but their customer service is pretty much nonexistent.
  18. No, it's not better. Get a room and take a cab or Uber.
  19. Sorry you are experiencing this, especially when traveling solo. Did you purchase travel insurance (I hope)? Usually, there is a phone number you can call for help because it sounds as if you need help now, not two days from now, but I understand the difficulties when you are cruising. Yes, I believe there are no opioids on the ship. Windstar does not have a large medical center like some ships. Good luck and get that looked at because pain and swelling this long is not normal.
  20. It’s actually personally blaming an agent, who has nothing to do with any delays/cancellations, etc. yesterday, the airport was a zoo because of spring break and weather. Pax who missed their flights seemed astounded that there was no availability for days. “What? But, I’m a frequent flyer, I need to be in XXX by 1700.” True story - a couple missed their connection due to a weather delay. I finally found them two seats on a flight that would get them home by 21:00. Nope, no good because the guy must be at work the next morning. No flights available on any airline for the next four days. They decide they are going to try and rent a car (good luck this week), and make the ten hour drive home from US to Canada. I urge them to check availability of rental cars and if they can take the car to Canada, but off they go. No idea what happened. And, I think today is going to be even worse. We’ll see!
  21. Really? How do you know that? It just feels true?
  22. Because of the long wait, your GE expiration date is extended up to a year, as long as you have an application in process. i turned in my renewal in Jan, got conditional approval the end of Feb., and had to do an interview, which I did on departure from NAS; I just asked an CBP agent if they could do it.
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