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  1. Have you tried doing this yourself directly with the airlines and seeing if you can find something better? Most airlines don't charge for cancellations, at least US ones, allowing you to change your flights if you find something better later, at no charge.
  2. Delta does not fly this routing. PPT-LAX is an Air France flight.
  3. You may do the same thing on UA unless you have a Basic Economy ticket.
  4. "..because we are traveling during a spring break." And there you have it. So are thousands of other people. Prices are not going to go down during a heavy travel period.
  5. He's a liar. He would book them again in a red hot minute if the price was the lowest. I am guessing UA doesn't want this passenger to book on them either. Most carriers are pretty much the same in economy. Yes, don't confuse your baggage tag listing your final destination as meaning you don't have to claim your bag after your return to the US. You've got to get it off the belt, clear customs and drop it off at the recheck belt for your next flight. If you fail to do so, it just sits there waiting for an airline employee to have to research your flight and bag, retag it and either forward it if possible or it will sit down at baggage claim until you file a claim for it at your final destination.
  6. There is no reason for airfare to be low for Christmas travel. You'll pay a premium for these days, and tickets have been for sale since about late Feb. for these dates. I would guess some of the lower fare buckets may be sold out.
  7. Was there a reason you didn't take UA 1470, nonstop IAD-ANC?
  8. Usually, it's getting off the plane and clearing immigration and then reclearing security and getting to your next gate that takes the most time. Picking up checked bags and dropping them on the transfer belt is fast. Do you have Global Entry? If not, put Mobile Passport Control on your phone. That will speed up clearing immigration.
  9. Usually that entails canceling the original booking, getting the flight credit, and then rebooking. Maybe JetBlue can hold the new flights for you, I don't know.
  10. Planes don't use microwaves; they use a type of convection oven. Your meal sounds nasty.
  11. Many airline branded cards require your flight purchase be made directly on the airline’s webpage and be fully paid by that card. In addition, your frequent flyer number must be on the reservation. You just need to check what benefits/requirements your card offers.
  12. I’d take the later flight.
  13. Usually, it's miles plus money to move to business, but depends on routing and plane type. Yes, I always think about what else I could do with the money.
  14. For a DL flyer (the airline that never has any delays, even for weather, or so I hear) you did pretty well. PlusPoints are earned only by Platinum, 1K, and GS fliers, and they may be applied to request an upgrade. Anyone who has these would be placed on the complimentary premier upgrade (CPU) list for domestic flights, so they wouldn't need to use them. I think though you are just talking about MileagePlus miles. For UA "preferred seats" (the ones with the black triangle) are the same as regular economy seats; they are just closer to the front. I would never waste my money on them, and unless you have a basic economy ticket, you may choose them at no charge at 24 hours when you check in if any are available. Economy Plus is not considered an upgrade, the fare class is still just economy. Lois, I am not familiar with Capitol One, so have no idea if you can transfer your miles into your UA Mileage Plus account. I also am not sure what you mean by "upgrade." If you pull up your reservation in the app or at united.com, and go to "manage trip" there will be an option that says "upgrade cabin." Note, this is only to upgrade, on your flight anyway, from economy to first. If it's offered, it will give you the price or miles required, if an upgrade is offered. Sometimes, it will clear immediately, but often you will be waitlisted, and you'll just have to wait and see if your upgrade clears. If you would just like to purchase an economy plus seat (as long as you did not buy a basic economy ticket), just pull up the seat map and click on the seat you are interested in (they are blue on the map) and it will show you the price in money or miles for that seat.
  15. I have no idea, I would not book cruise air, so no experience. The only airlines servicing COS-SEA in Oct look like UA, AA, DL, and WN. You might want to ask on the NCL forum. I suspect the most likely airline is UA, with a connection in DEN, but who knows?
  16. I was able to open my account, but there's nothing there. It's been so many years and they still can't get a decent webpage.
  17. See if you can find your answer here: https://www.aa.com/i18n/travel-info/clubs/lounges.jsp
  18. You've received an answer, but when asking this type of question, it's helpful to add how you would have lounge access. Class of service? Status?
  19. The ELP-DFW flight is on AA, and I am guessing that's what CruiserBruce meant; the entire itinerary would not be on Iberia.
  20. As one who has closed many Jetbridge and aircraft doors, the door to the Jetbridge is closed 10 min. Prior to departure and aircraft door is five minutes.
  21. There is a waitlist for CPU on UA. There are only CPU on domestic flights. You must support upgrades for international flights with money/miles/PlusPoints on UA.
  22. You often are offered an upgrade when you purchase the ticket, though it's no bargain. Usually, at least for UA, you can pull up your reservation and there is usually a blue circle with an arrow in it that says "upgrade cabin." If anything is available, it will show you the price.
  23. Four hours for most airlines; I don't know who you are flying. https://www.heathrow.com/at-the-airport/airport-services/left-luggage
  24. Yes, I don't disagree with this.
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