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  1. That reminds me of our dinner with ship companions at a lovely seaside restaurant in Sydney. The concierge had strongly advised us to go to the fairly distant location (maybe a half hour ride?) as opposed to the sister restaurant right at the port. He was right! As we were dining we watched Nautica sail on towards Bangkok in January 2008 ... the sight made us sad to have cancelled the second leg of a planned B2B, but on the other hand we had a wonderful dinner with lovely company! Some years later we were sitting on the balcony of our hotel's roof deck restaurant in Istanbul and watched Nautica sail away again .. . Mura
  2. Rhonda, to be honest I have no idea. But in a veranda cabin I don't know where you could PUT another bed. And that's an awfully small bathroom for three adults -- not that all three of you would ever be in there at the same time!! Oops, I was just assuming an "R" ship not having read your thread title carefully enough, but even on Riviera I think it would be tight quarters. According to the deck plan that room is a triple with a sofa bed, so I assume that's what you would have. Several years ago someone posted a picture of an Oceania Suite where they brought in a cot for a teenage son (in the media room), which looked horribly claustrophobic to me. That was before I'd been in an OC but now that I have it's even harder to imagine. I'm guessing the third adult gets that sofa bed in the veranda cabin. Good luck! Mura
  3. Just saw your comment before mine and I guess after Flatbush's... Whatever the "official" limit is, you don't have to worry about that. Many people new to Oceania get very nervous about this but you shouldn't. They won't confiscate extra bottles and hold them to the end of the cruise as other lines do! You don't need to try to hide them in your luggage! As I said earlier, I'm not one to bring a lot of liquor on board -- we just don't drink that much. (DH doesn't drink at all, unless he's sneaks a sip from my wine.) But we've never had a problem. Just for the record, we don't bother with the liquor package. DH doesn't drink enough and while I might, I don't! That's why we bring some wine and a bottle of vodka on board -- I have my cocktail in the room before dinner, we may take a bottle of our wine to dinner and pay the corkage OR order a bottle in the restaurant. I tend not to finish that bottle at dinner and they keep it for me to move to our next dinner venue. We pretty much only go to a bar if there is a Meet & Greet set up. Back to the liquor package, if you think you will have wine/beer at lunch, a drink around the pool, go to the bar before dinner and then have some wine at dinner, maybe an after drink later ... then (as far as we are concerned) the prestige package is worth it. But you have to drink a lot to make it worth it! I should add that some people just prefer to get that package regardless of the cost because it's easier. If I WERE to take the package, it would be the prestige. But the main reason I don't ... is because where wine is concerned I'd rather be able to order a bottle from the list, and I can't. I'm limited to a selection of wines by the glass, and while I don't think they are undrinkable ... I just would prefer to be able to order a bottle from the list. And they won't let me! Many passengers are quite happy with the wines that are available by the glass and so it works for them. In fact, I probably would be happy with them as well. I just prefer to select the specific wine, NOT that I'm an expert! I have noticed that the cabernet sauvignon that is offered as a "free" bottle in the top suites is also one of the house wines. It's quite nice ... Not great but certainly drinkable. (Pinot might disagree, though ...) Just some of my comments ... Mura
  4. Lots of people new to Oceania read that "3 bottle limit" and take it at face value. You shouldn't. It's one of those Cover Your Ass provisos that will allow them to punish people who may violate rules or just get obnoxious. I personally have never heard of that actually happening. Many regulars here have brought on CASES OF WINE. I've never done that but I have brought on more than 3 bottles with no problem. Just obey the "rules" that say "for consumption in your room". If you want to take your own bottle of wine to a restaurant, there is a corkage fee. If you don't finish that bottle, they will hold it for you. You don't pay the corkage fee more than once. (I see that as I was typing this Flatbush Flyer chimed in with the same info ... just more briefly!) The buffet on Oceania, especially if you are on Marina or Riviera is quite wonderful. Many people just go there ... We like the Grand Dining Room but if we don't see anything that particularly entices us, we'll just go to Terrace. Sometimes we order dinner into our room because (I admit it, regulars already know) we are usually in a suite. As to specialty restaurants, you can book ahead of time on line for your allocated numbers of reservations, but that doesn't stop you from trying to get additional reservations if you wish them once you are on board. Don't think that if you can't exactly what you want booking online that therefore you are shut out. They hold back a certain number of reservations for those people who don't go on the internet. We ourselves tend not to use as many reservations as we are entitled to ... other passengers only want specialty reservations. The amount of reservations you can get will depend on how many passengers are like US and how many are like those who only want to eat in a specialty. But there are so many wonderful choices in Terrace, that the buffet can be a wonderful option for dinner! You can get steaks or lobster (or whatever is on that night) grilled to your choice. Many of the courses offered in the GDR will also be there. Just don't try to pick your food up on your own at the buffet because they don't want you to do so! I will admit that on a very few occasions I did so (not using my fingers!) because no server was in the area ...that was more for rolls and the like, not real food! Mura
  5. Happy to do so. But they have been voiced by others before. I don't have any special insight here. We like the intimacy of the "R" ships. We usually are in a suite so the size of the cabins is fine for us. On the plus side for the "O" ships is the greater choice of specialty restaurants (plus the two fee-based options), more spacious cabins, more venues for extra activities. Either way, we're happy on an Oceania ship. Mura
  6. Please don't think I was criticizing you for having an opinion! You are justified, of course, in having that opinion. I was just trying to let the OP know that there are many people who prefer the newer ships to the older, and vice versa. I'm an inbetweener in that there are some things I like better about the "O" ships and some things I like better about the "R" ships. Mura
  7. It's impossible to know which one YOU would prefer. Many here have definite preferences for one or the other (such as RJB made clear) and others are like us: we like all of the ships, they are just different. You won't know until you try one or the other ... or both! Have fun deciding ... Mura
  8. Shanino's comment caused me to check on our 2005 land trip to Tuscany because I thought we'd gone to Orvieto. In looking at my diary I don't think we did. But I DO have a NY Times Travel Section article on Orvieto that is dated September 12, 2004 -- old, I know! But if you are going to be there (or near there) it might be interesting. It's a long one so I won't post it here, and I could give you a link to it but if you aren't a subscriber that probably won't help you. But if anyone is interested in seeing it, email me and I'll send it to you. Mura mkievman@nyc.rr.com
  9. We don't often go to the shows. (My husband tends to go more than I do, I'm usually ready to relax in the room after dinner.) But it does seem to depend on the cruise. We have seen some excellent shows, some enjoyable but not spectacular shows, and sometimes we walk out in the middle. For the record, we are classical musicians ourselves so it can depend on what is scheduled! On the "R" ships the stage is so small it's hard for the dancers and the like to really have room to move around. If the entertainment is one musician/singer or a small group, it's rather different. The stage area is larger on the "O" ships although many people complain about the "theater" style seating. (OTOH, the seating set-up on the "R" ships can make it hard to see anything!) We usually opt for seats at the back of the room where we can be above everyone's heads. Since we usually enter as the show is about to start that is often our only choice anyway. Mura
  10. From what I have read they are about the same size physically but with 50 or so fewer passengers. Look for the thread on the new ships ...https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2621167-new-‘allura’-class-ships/ Mura
  11. I guess we are more unusual ... regarding the last night we prefer to dine in our room. We're usually in a PH (sometimes above), so that's easy to do. But we find it easier to deal with last minute packing that way. If that weren't available to us, we'd try either the MDR or Terrace, no particular preference. Although as I think about it -- Terrace might be better as we'd prefer to be spending less time at dinner on that night. In that respect it sounds like we would NOT be unusual! Mura
  12. I've said this before but I guess I'm saying it again. We've never had a problem getting a table for two in the GDR, especially since we usually want to share (and therefore are unhappy with a table for two!). We also tend to go into dinner around 7:30-8:00, so from our perspective you do NOT have to dine extra early or late in order to get one. But for us, if there aren't enough people wanting to share around the time we come in then we end up at a two-top. This doesn't happen all the time, of course. But it has happened rather frequently in the past several years. In the early years we never ended up at a two-top -- unless we wanted one. Mura
  13. To elucidate a bit more, the "R" ships are the old Renaissance 684 passenger ships. On Oceania they are Regatta, Insignia, Nautica and Sirena. The "O" ships are the two newer, larger ships -- Marina and Riviera. So far I haven't seen an abbreviation for the two new ships that have been ordered and won't be available for a few years (2023?). Maybe they'll the the "A" ships? Mura
  14. Congratulations on the good news! Sorry I can't help with any of these ports since they are new to me as well! Mura
  15. lgarely I may be the only one but I'm confused as to "which" cruise you were on! People seem to have been talking about some others. If you are talking Caribbean or the South Seas, I would expect attire to be more casual even in good weather! On European cruises the attire seems to be somewhat more -- well, not formal, but "more". Mura
  16. Then I guess they were wrong to give us double benefits on Riviera this past May because we had one booking number. As I said above I couldn't book specialty reservations online for the second leg of our cruise, but we got everything else ... I'm not complaining!
  17. We've loved our La Reserve evenings but I doubt we'd do the Dom Perignon -- not really because of the cost (although we DO consider that steep). But mostly because while we like a glass of bubbly, we wouldn't really want an evening of bubbly! For champagne lovers, this sounds like a wonderful dinner. We've done these dinners I think maybe five times -- twice in Connoisseur. No empty seats on our cruises! Mura
  18. Unfortunately, we know of at least one instance where a suitcase ended up far from its home! There was a lot of debate here as to whether that mistake was accidental or not. (I choose to think it was but some others didn't.) Still, we do wait until later to leave unless there's a real reason why we need to leave early. We almost always spend a few days in the ending city but last May in Venice we did. It was a lot harder to find our luggage at 7am than it usually is at 9am! So far we've never lost any luggage ... Mura
  19. Palazzo pants should be fine for dinners. The other meals are indeed casual (jeans, shorts, etc. -- but not short shorts!). Dressy slacks with a nice top work well for me. If you WANT to dress up, there's no rule that says you mustn't! Mura
  20. Sounds like a plan! When you are leaving independently you can leave at any time you want -- whether early, middle or late. With a reserved car, you really don't have a problem. But you can let Hertz know your anticipated departure time when the ship distributes the information sheets -- usually 4-5 days in advance of the end of the cruise. That information will say just when they want all your a$$es off the ship! M
  21. That does make sense, but then why was she cruising in Alaska? Maybe her hubby wanted to do the cruise, we'll never know. Mura
  22. We usually leave at 9am (which is generally when they say everyone should be off the ship). BUT -- we've never done a Tahiti cruise and it could be different there. You will receive notification in plenty of time for you to make up your mind. They send around a paper asking people what their plans are -- leaving on your own, taking a ship transfer to the airport, etc. Since you're staying on for a while, just take the last available time. They DO have to turn the ship around for boarding passengers which is why they want people off early. But it does seem to me (as ignorant as I am about Tahiti cruises) that arriving passengers usually have a long wait time to board ... So in essence ... I don't know! But no one has chimed in yet so I thought I would ...
  23. For the record, we had already paid in full. We got what we needed (or wanted) from our butler when we boarded. I think we ended up dining in the room from the various restaurants when we wanted to. That's a benefit we had that not all cabin levels have, of course. I had no problem booking 3 restaurants (and La Reserve) for the first week. Now that I think of it ... I'd booked La Reserve to the first week but got a call that the evening had been cancelled and they booked us for a dinner during the second week. That was fine with us. BUT... the ship lost our reservation. We didn't realize the problem until our butler heard us say we were going to La Reserve that night and so he took it upon himself to double check because he was sure that we were NOT on the guest list that night. He got it all fixed for us. Fortunately I had brought with me a printout of our invoice that showed our La Reserve booking. Because of the -- er -- problem (I was going to use another word) they replaced our Bourgeois menu with the Connoisseur at no extra charge, so we had no complaints! But many kudos to our butler. Mura Mura
  24. We had a B2B in May on Riviera -- two one week cruises. We were in an OC so got nice presents on each leg (a pair of bath towels with visors and Oceania hats) -- I would have expected just one set, instead we got two. We got the 6 bottles of wine/booze on each leg. And so on. BUT when I tried to book specialty reservations for the second leg, it was never possible to do it. It didn't matter to us since we didn't want that many specialty reservations anyway. But it did seem odd. Mura I nearly forgot -- we also were delayed in receiving the Blue Book. Apparently the problem was because they published the book for each leg separately, and we had to wait until the second one was ready to get the first one.
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