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Originally posted by Daghis
I really tried to see whether I could make a 5-night Bermuda cruise work with my vacation time, but I just don't have enough days accrued to make that work.

What I want to get is at least 4 points to get to 175 points by the end of the year (which includes a comped junior suite cruise on Harmony of the Seas in October that I've upgraded to my first time in an owner's suite). So, I looked at 4-night cruises. Almost all of them are Monday-Friday cruises, so I'd still need a week's vacation time. I did find one 4-night Bermuda cruise, but I still don't have enough vacation time to make that work either.

Then I started getting creative. If I were to sail on a 3-night cruise in a junior suite, I'd get 6 points which would still work. The question then was what was the best option for a 3-night cruise where the price difference between the comped (lowest cost) balcony cabin and a junior suite was as low as possible.

I then found a sailing on Mariner of the Seas on August 17 where the upgrade cost to a junior suite was just $99/person. So, with the ~$1,300 value of the comped cruise plus an extra $198 on top of the fees and taxes (grand total ~$380), I get a quick getaway this summer to celebrate our anniversary (28 years!) and my birthday (significantly more years!), and my husband gets to sail next year with his friends as a Diamond Plus member. Plus, I keep the $1,000 certificate value in place.

It's not the best way to use a comped cruise offer, but everything aligns well enough that it won't go to waste!
Marc, whatever works out to be the best for you I'm all for it as I would have probably done the same thing you did to reach D+. Have a great cruise and pre congrats. when you become D+ And most of all, best of luck in the casino
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Originally posted by gaylemh
I never saw anything about January - December as an earning year. What I was told, and which matched the tier I received the 1st year was going to be July 2016- December 2017. The second year of the program your tier would be determined from January 1, 2018-March 31, 2019 and after that it would be April 1st - March 31st.
Well... I understand even LESS about the new program than I THOUGHT I did a month ago!

Casino Host told me last Thursday that the earning period for April 1st 2019 to March 31st 2019 was April 1st 2018 to March 31st 2019.
"That's not what I'd heard..."
"We just had the official roll-out from Josh"
Asked Casino Manager who said "She's right. January 1st to March 31st".
I said " No, that's different from what she said".
"Let me get the 'official roll-out chart' and show you"
Chart shows Jan 1st 2018 to to March 31st 2019 AND '24months for FIRST earning period'
24 months? What's this 24 months?
"Let me check, this may not be latest version...."
"Checking with Head Office"
No response from Head Office by late Saturday night.

Official web site still shows confusing nonsense on the subject.

Who knows?
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Originally posted by phillygirl2400
It's a full time job to figure out the best way to use our comps! Lol
You're right!

(Begin sarcasm)

That job is called "Casino Host" at land-based casinos, right? That seems to work for those casinos. Maybe Club Royale should try something like that.

(End sarcasm)
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Additional upcoming cruises
⚓️ Symphony of the Seas - March 9, 2019 ⚓️
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Originally posted by scorpluvsdolphins
Shayne wouldn't have missed it.
I just missed seeing him on the Anthem. He was to join the ship yesterday.

So you changed your mind about turning P on the Mariner???

Same thing will probably happen to me. Because I cruise solo, I sometimes have to call to get my double/triple points.
I don't want the fanfare at all.
It will either happen on the Enchantment 11/30 or NYE Rhapsody.

Almost everybody I met in the casino on the Anthem was on a free cruise from the casino.
It was a complete madhouse.
The hundred dollar blackjack table was the only table that was not full.
They didn't have any 15 or $25 tables of blackjack.
Even the slot machines were packed.
Ship was interesting
I-fly was awesome.

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What were the BJ tables $50 min. if there were no $15 or $25 tables?
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Would you like to hear GREAT story???
Here is goes...
I called CR Satuday and want to book cruise on Spectrum of the seas new ship that going out April 2019 for my friends. CR representative said that he cannot book this cruise bec there is no such ship with RCCL and this ship belong to Celebrity. I tell him that why ship the "... of the Seas"? and pls go to RCCL website and look up ....also I gave him my reservation number (I did it with Tyler URComp) ....basically our conversation ended bec he couldn't help me at all... was so mad and contacted URComped --- cruise was booked with 10 mins ---even my friends not gamble too much just couple hundred druring cruise. URComp been willing to help to book my friends cabin.
CR ---- pls do some training for your staff!!!
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Happy Camper here.
Booked my free balcony cruise on the Oasis. No free CPB left. Would give me BWB for free; $250 upgrade to an 8D; or $716 upgrade to JS
I took the JS!! Going solo
21 pts for less than $826
Happy Happy Camper
First time in CK!

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