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FMI, What happens to people who don't attend the life boat drill?

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On our Anthem cruise last March, when we entered the theater for our muster drill, my 18 year old sons RFID card was not scanning properly for some reason. They tried it 3 times with one reader, then tried another reader 2 or 3 times. They eventually just said Ah , OK. You'll be fine, go on in. So my son actually did attend the muster but it did not register.


Later that afternoon, when we returned to our room, there was a paper note with my sons name on it stating that he had missed the mandatory safety drill. Then there was a bunch of little pictures of what to do in case of an emergency. And that was it. Nothing else. He was not required to go to another session next morning, and the room attendant never brought it up.


I am not implying that skipping the muster is OK. I think it is very important. But that was our experience. Perhaps they can look it up and see that everyone else in the room had attended and that this is a common occurrence. Maybe the implications would have been different if no one in the room had been registered as being there.



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How about having Royal Caribbean send you a video about your ship along with the location of your Muster Station in an e-mail. You would then take a short quiz and if you pass you are not required to attend.


Or watch it on the TV and sign a document stating that you are fully aware of the location of the Muster Station and procedures .


On the airplane how many people do you see sleeping during the demonstration? Do they get deboarded? No because the airplane is taxing to the runway.


I for one watch the safety demonstrations for the airlines on YouTube and on the plane and look at the briefing card.


On the ship I study the plan on the back of my door. Now why can't Royal Caribbean and other cruiselines post Muster stations on the Deck Plans along with a link for each class of ship on how to evacuae in an emergecny .


For me watching the video is enough on an airplane they don't have you stand in front of the emergency exits.


On a ship just follow the leader to your station in an emergency,


But yes 20-30 minutes of your time is worth it in the unlikely event of an emergency.


Just my 2 Cents.

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I wonder if Super Mario gets fed up with having to attend 100's of muster drills...or I wonder if they let him off :confused:


I read in an article about him he must attend, and does attend every muster drill. The other fact I couldn't believe is he gets the same 150% single supplement price all other Pinnacles get. He is seemingly a very down to earth super cruiser....

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First of all you've incurred the wrath of your fellow passengers who have to wait as the crew tries to account for the missing passengers. Next a crew person will enter your cabin to look for you...hiding in the bathroom? If somehow you manage to escape the search when you are located you will have to go to your own muster drill. Not sure it's worth it. Remember everything closes so where are you going to hide? They do search all cabins.




Back in the day we used to pile into the bathroom and hide. No one checked. Once there were six of us and a gallon jug of peach schnapps.

I paid for that for two or three days.

Now I would never miss muster. The more knowledge everyone has in an emergency the better.

I have talked to several people on two different cruise lines who had to attend a make up with a couple dozen people.



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I wonder if Super Mario gets fed up with having to attend 100's of muster drills...or I wonder if they let him off :confused:


On our last cruise, I visited with someone that knows Super Mario very well and asked him that question. He said that Mario attends every drill - never misses one. He has to and has no choice about it.


What I would like to know is what happens if you miss the first drill, blow off the make-up drill, and refuse to attend any. I’m guessing they will put you off at the first port, but not sure about that.

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When we report for the life boat drill, they take your room number they make sure everyone has attended. But say you don't attend, what are the consequences, or are there any?

We know it is 'mandatory' but can they ask you to leave at the first port? Throw you in the brig? What are the consequences for never attending the drill?




On our last cruise, we met a couple who skipped it. When they went to their room, the keys were deactivated and they had to wait on a loooonnnnng line at guest services to get it taken care of. Had to attend a lengthy make up session the next day with a review of ship rules, an activities schedule, etc. all while wearing life vests! Just go to the drill.

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On the airplane how many people do you see sleeping during the demonstration? Do they get deboarded? No because the airplane is taxing to the runway.


And how many of those can recite the demo?


I am a million miler on two different airlines. And former USAF pilot. I know the safety demo better than many flight attendants.

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I enjoyed reading all the responses.


I like to conform even with a disability that makes it difficult for me to stand or walk and I would prefer to avoid the crowds. I hope everyone else sees it necessary to conform and attending a muster drill is an obligatory part of going on a cruise.


For me, it is all part of the first day activities. I try to get there in good time, usually find somewhere I can sit down. Post muster drill, I wait until the crowds have dispersed and plan my route back to cabin so that it is least painful.


BTW I appreciate that there are probably special arrangements for people with disabilities but I prefer to just go with the flow.

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One embarkation day, I was sick and (not noro !) went to the dr before the drill started. I left the dt and went to muster, showed my card and explained. She saw I had 20 plus cruises and told me it was okay, but when I got back to the cabin I already had a letter about missing it.



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