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  1. I can answer that. You have to fly in on the day of the cruise to get the included transfer. Even if you go back to the airport you still can't do it. When you request the deviation, the transfers are removed from your reservation. Now what you can do is have it on the back end when you disembark, as long as you're flying out that day, which is what I'm doing next year.
  2. All depends on how it's booked. Ask FF, he can write you an essay on it. I'm doing 16 days (2 8-day cruises) and getting 2 credits. The key is (I think) that they are basically the same itinerary. I have two separate invoices with two different reservation numbers.
  3. So apparently these require specially made sheets.
  4. If you look at the schedules Regatta is the only ship sailing from a US port in the month of Aug. It appears only one sailing as there is nothing showing for Aug 18th-27th. Perhaps there's a charter during that time. The one trip is from Seattle and it stops in Canada, so it would have always required a test under the guidelines posted on July 5th. Then there is one leaving from Vancouver on the 27th that would have required a test as it leaves from Canada. The real test will be the Sept 9th cruise from LA that has Mexico as it's near foreign port. As I'll be on that one, I have a vested interest in the way this will work out.
  5. Yeah, but it gives us something to talk about.
  6. Point of order, It's just Privee. But there is a La Reserve.
  7. It doesn't really matter what that list says, what matters is what's available onboard. That's why I asked are they different in other bars. I'm not interested in drinks available, but brands. There are a few brands on that list you posted that are nowhere to be seen on the one Cruisestitch posted. Just for an example, no Macallan, no Frangelico, No Flor da Cana, no Woodfords, just to mention a few. There are others not available. All of that is stuff that the Sky Lounge would have had 3 or 4 years ago.
  8. But are they any different in any other bars, or are they all the same? Not exactly in line with what is on the Celebrity website, but completely in line with what I experienced on Millennium in May.
  9. Some advantages are; Convenience, someone else taking care of the booking for you, good prices on one-way flights to Europe and other destinations. Included transfers from airport to ship and vice versa when flying in the day of cruise & departing on disembarkation day. Good prices on Premium Economy. As far as finding them in print it's scattered throughout the marketing literature and the Oceania website. Links have been posted to the Oceania website. Dig into it yourself, you might learn something. I also once again refer you to the Cruise Air section here on Cruise Critic. Oceania air will help you when things go sideways, but there is no guarantee that they can or will fix it. Once again it appears you want someone to produce something that doesn't exist.
  10. No, I just posted the Terms and Conditions, you're the one that interpreted it that you shouldn't feel confident. I'm trying to help you, not fight with you. I don't think what you're asking for exists, but if you think it does feel free to post a link to it. Yes, there are some advantages to using Oceania's air, just not the ones you seem to think.
  11. Could you post a link to where they show you their advantages. You did see the post letting you know that cut and paste you did is NOT from Oceania's site, but from a Travel Agent's site?
  12. Jon, have you ever read the Terms and Conditions from the actual Oceania website concerning air? Here it is, you might want to take a minute to read it. Especially the parts I have bolded. Also check out the second section I included. You can find this information on the real Oceania Website found here; Terms & Conditions | Oceania Cruises I'm just not finding that part about guaranteeing to get you there. Air TransportationOceania Cruises, as an added service to our Guests, offers arrangements for air travel in conjunction with a cruise. Air arrangements, including routings, are at Oceania Cruises' (or its agents') discretion, and are based on flight availability and agreements with airlines. Special requests, including class of service upgrades, specific carriers and routing, are at the discretion of Oceania Cruises. Occasionally, due to scheduling conflicts, an enroute overnight might be necessary. Costs associated with an overnight stay are at the Guest's expense. Upgrades apply to intercontinental flights only. Air allowance is subject to prevailing rates at time of change. In making these arrangements, Oceania Cruises acts only as an agent on the Guest's behalf, and does not operate, control, or supervise any airlines and is not responsible for carriers failing to meet schedules. Air tickets are refundable to Oceania Cruises only and considered a part of the total cruise tour fare. Any airline-imposed fees that result from changes to or cancellation of air arrangements are the sole responsibility of the Guest. Due to government regulations, if you are delayed or unable to board at embarkation, you may not be able to board at a later time. In such event, Carrier shall have no liability to refund any cruise or cruise tour fares. ResponsibilityOceania Cruises accepts no liability or responsibility, whether occasioned by railroad, motor coach, private car, boat, aircraft or any other conveyance, for any injuries, damages, loss, accident, delay or irregularity which may be caused either by reason of defect through the acts or defaults of any company or person or in carrying out the arrangements of the cruise or cruise tour as a result of any cause beyond the control of Oceania Cruises. Guests specifically release Oceania Cruises from any and all claims for loss or damage to baggage or property or from personal injuries or death, or from loss or delay arising out the acts, omissions or negligence of any independent contractors, such as air carriers, hotels, shore excursion operations, restaurateurs, transportation providers, medical personnel or other providers of services or facilities. All arrangements made with independent contractors are made solely for the convenience of guests and are done at the guests' own risk
  13. There is a caveat to this though. If you are in nice weather, not rough seas, possibly still in port with a nice view then this might be nice. Chilly weather, rough seas, looking at an industrial port full of containers, all pretty much a buzz kill. It's also a little tight out there, unless of course you are in a Vista or Owner's Suite. Or one of those large balconied PHs on 7 aft. If I want to enjoy eating outside(fancy folk would say Al Fresco) then I prefer the Terrace Cafe. Only downside there is you don't have the specialty menu. And it's not private.
  14. I don't know, from the inside of a hotel room all cities are about the same, unless you have a decent view. I didn't at the Marriott I stayed at in Vancouver.
  15. Backlash would be from Celebrity pulling the program due to two people taking the same space that previously 4 or more would. These rooms won't be unsold forever. If everyone decided this is a good idea then for a ship designed for 2800 passengers at double occupancy they would only have 1400 paying passengers. Of course if this did start happening on a large scale then Celebrity would just not have the promotion anymore. Thus, once again penalizing solo travelers.
  16. Does anyone think this might cause a backlash if it becomes common? If so it would be sad if solo cruisers lose something that is a positive improvement for them.
  17. Not that it matters much, but why not just book that tour in the first place? Seems easier to me.
  18. In all fairness I think he was saying that he wants to go in two days before the cruise without paying a deviation, not to book the ticket two days before the cruise.
  19. I love the goat cheese souffle, you just have to get past the name. It's delicious.
  20. When you log into your cruise go to manage this booking, look at shore excursions and it should be at the top header. Look at Selected Tour Package & hover over the question mark. It should show you there.
  21. I think it was answered, so we started talking about other stuff. 🤩
  22. AMHuntferry did an excellent job explaining this, just wanted to jump in and emphasize this point. Unlimited is not unlimited. The ones without an extra charge are usually in the same pool that the Olife excursions are in.
  23. Just an FYI, and you might know this, but I have an 8 day cruise coming up in Sept, actually 2, one after another, they are both on the Ultimate Olife, both have the same number of ports and included excursions, 2 per person. Here's the kicker, one is not eligible for the 25% off YWC, the other is.
  24. I agree with you on not doing breakfast in the room. It's rare when we do that and only when we've been in a PH or above with room to spread out and eat comfortably. BUT, there are some that do care about having the hot option in the lower rooms and can get passionate about it as I've seen in discussions here over the years. I feel it's a legitimate concern for many when comparing the perks of the Concierge vs the Veranda. There are some people that look to you as a source of information here on the Oceania board so they might mistakenly think the hot breakfast is not a perk below Concierge. As you also have, we've cruised enough to know that policies and practices vary from ship to ship and what is supposed to be a policy isn't always what occurs onboard. It's hard to argue with what a person's actual experience is in any given situation. Sounds like Miami might need to communicate a little better with Insignia's management team. Bottom line is, since last November all staterooms are supposed to have a hot breakfast.
  25. Let's try this again. Maybe you should have pointed this out to them. This was last Nov. OceaniaNEXT expands in-room dining, wine tastings and more | seatrade-cruise.com Did this get scrapped? Maybe you could check with your informed Oceania contacts on this and report back. We anxiously await your reply. See the link Lyn posted above also.
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