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  1. You were given bad information. While you won't need a new cruise card, on US sailings you will have to get off the ship so it can be zeroed out for immigration purposes. On many MSC US cruises lots of people get delayed boarding while the crew searches for people who don't understand this is a necessity for US sailings.
  2. Likely not covered by the MSC drinks packages....
  3. I've seen posts here from email conversations with MSC/Plusgrade stating items pre-purchased, like beverage and internet packages, are factored into the Yacht Club bid acceptance algorithm. So theoretically if you book an inclusive rate or buy them separately it would give you an advantage versus the same bid by someone without them. In practice I don't believe this is 100% correct and shrewd booking/bidding can prevail. You can cancel the package anytime before the bid is accepted (within two days of sailing) but not after a bid is won. If you don't get the bid accepted early enough you won't have time to pre-purchase and will pay the on board 15% gratuity on the drinks package. Four days is likely a correct guess since MSC seems to make the bid acceptances well before that.
  4. The ship's Technical Sheets list the number of YC cabins. https://www.mscbook.com/shop/TAPortalExternalView?catalogId=10001&langId=-1004&storeId=10757&taportalIframeKey=MENU_TECHNICAL_SHEETS&marketCode=USA
  5. Here's a link to the MSC US booking website showing drink package prices, you can link to your booking country website if it's different. Yacht Club comes with the Premium Extra package. After looking at the bar menu prices you may find the Easy Plus package acceptable. MSC usually offers an inclusive booking rate where the packages are less expensive than outright purchase. If the inclusive rate includes a lower package you can upgrade to the higher package for the price difference https://www.mscbook.com/shop/TAPortalExternalView?storeId=10757&catalogId=10001&langId=-1004&taportalIframeKey=MENU_BEVERAGES&hideSideBar=true
  6. There's YC cabins available for the 14 day cruises from Martinique, very limited numbers. Now I can't find any 14 day round trip from Pointe-a-Pitre, just the 7 days. I don't see any ( 7 nor 14 day) itineraries with embarkation in Barbados on the Italian, German or French websites.
  7. You can watch YouTube Europa videos of both cabins and see they both have walk in showers and a separate jetted bathtub.
  8. Sorry, mistyped on Pointe-a-Pitre in above post. Yes, I see those 14 day itineraries are missing from the US website. They're still available on European MSC sites. I've no idea if they are just temporarily gone or if MSC no longer plans on offering those 14 day itineraries to North America. I agree about the flight logistics from the US. Barbados is usually most practical but MSC has always severely limited inventory from that embarkation port.
  9. You can book the 14 day versions from both Martinique and Port a Prince. The sailings from Barbados are very limited regarding YC and even some limits on Aurea availability. The possibility of upgrading to YC on a Barbados sailing will be next to nil since those cabins will be offered to people sailing from the other two ports.
  10. You're not likely to find live Sinfonia reviews in this area, but plenty are in the CC reviews section. https://www.cruisecritic.com/cruise/msc/msc-sinfonia/reviews
  11. The MSC online purchase area has several quirks as you described. The couple's spa pass is for two people, you only need to select one package for the two of you. The only reason I can figure for offering it to either of the listed passengers is so you could direct any associated Voyagers Club points to a specific person. The pre-purchase area will let you book many unnecessary items like beverage and internet packages even though you might already have them included with your booking rate.
  12. @JamieLogical I just noticed the May 4 sailing did drop another $100 per person on the Drinks & WiFi rate. Not a Flash Sale but very attractive price.
  13. It's normal to still see your original experience online and on the booking confirmation document, but the cabin number will be updated. On your actual cruise ticket you will see a section stating the upgrade and what amenities it includes.
  14. Other cruise lines do have Covid policies, usually that if you test positive as many as 14 days before sailing they will deny boarding with absolutely no FCC or re-booking. Basically they are policies to discourage people from reporting illness.
  15. The current US Terms and Conditions began December 8, 2023 and list the pre-cruise notification period as five days, with a 24 hour after positive test requirement. The previous US T&C's were dated March 3, 2023 and differed in that the notification period was 14 days pre-cruise and did not mention you needed to notify within 24 hours of the positive test. I don't know OP's booking date nor if I have saved the applicable T&C's but a US positive Covid cancelation policy has been in effect for years now.
  16. MSC knows if they hold fast OP will likely go to the insurance and leave them with the cruise fare money. It will be interesting to see what happens if the insurance understands that MSC is dodging.
  17. The very clear Voyagers Club wording for bookings nine months or more before sailing is: Silver, Gold and Diamond members will also receive a $50 Onboard Credit per person. I don't see why MSC would give this OBC to a non VC member.
  18. It's likely due to that versions of the Word Cruise from/to Genoa and Marseille end May 2nd and 3rd. So for the TA from Civitavechia on April 30th they will not have a fully empty ship. Therefore limiting cabins available for the TA from Rome to approximately 1/3. I would expect to see TA's also offered from Genoa and Marseille, but not positive I've seen them offered.
  19. On sailings from the US MSC has adapted and it's easier to get a glass of water from the restaurants and bars, you might get an unhappy look if the bar is very busy though. On non-US sailings you are far less likely to get a glass of water at either location, just at the buffet. Luckily MSC now includes a bottled water and coffee package, during meals, for all North American and UK bookings.
  20. I agree, there is no way to provide the required documentation through the listed MSC general phone number used for reporting the situation. Someone who answers the phone call must then provide a means for sending in the required proof of illness.
  21. Did you notify MSC within 24 hours of getting the positive test results? Or days later? What I mean is if you got the test results four days before sailing and waited more than 24 hours to notify MSC it violates the Terms.
  22. Até


    Cabins are likely locked for the upgrade process at this point, at least higher level suites. ETA: Try going into your MSC online account profile and make sure you check to receive promotional emails from MSC, and hope for a last minute upgrade offer.
  23. Até


    MSC is constantly fiddling with prices and shown inventory, especially as sail date nears. Call in and see if a phone agent can spot some open cabins or check back in a day.
  24. It might be possible if you're before final payment, unfortunately MSC varies wildly in how possible they make it - and how badly the booking can get messed up. Sometimes it's just easier to cancel and rebook.
  25. The Terms, as you quoted, specifically state you don't need to show up at boarding. You only need to notify MSC at the provided phone number between five days and noon before embarkation day, providing the test documents. Did you notify them within 24 hours of getting the positive test?
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