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  1. Congratulations! Are you going for the Caribbean or Bahamas 7 day complimentary cruise as a Zenith? I have 5 new points, too. Hoping to make Elite at some point.
  2. You, too, can receive these emails: https://pages.email.celebritycruises.com/optin/reg?allowMobile=y&ecid=em_23033303&rid=358561638&mes=Celebrity LOY Power Up Point 17 Jun 2020 EM&emsc=CCC_SEL_LUX_PAN_M_USA_CA_5_TA&empf=Y&emct=S&lnkid=SIGNUP We had hoped to be Elite by 2021 but as grandma used to tell us: ”Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.” Tell them to subscribe to our emails here to be included. to be included
  3. This past June, everyone was invited to the helipad. We got there early and it was very crowded. It had rained most of the week but Hubbard Glacier day was beautiful! If you get a chance, check out the view from the helipad.
  4. Yes, waterproof not water-resistant! We have lightweight shell-type jackets (Columbia) that take up almost no room in a day pack. We wore them in every Alaska port last summer (June on the Millennium ) because it rained every day except for a glorious sunny Hubbard Glacier day. As others have shared, the under bed storage is great for suitcases. Enjoy! Our first Celebrity cruise was an Alaska cruise on the Solstice.
  5. This is a fabulous thread! Thank you all for the information. We have booked our first Azamara cruise. It is a six-night Monaco Grand Prix cruise on the Journey next May. Since it is a shorter cruise, it looks like there might not be the same activities on board. Can anyone confirm there will be no Meet and Mingle nor an Azamazing Evening? What about a White Night? Any additional information about shorter cruises? Thanks for your help, Jeanne
  6. It is now on the Celebrity site. We lifted and shifted our Boston and Canada cruise on Sunday. Here is to 2021!
  7. Thank you. An informative, science, and fact-based article with plenty of implications for cruisers. While I was reading the part about the restaurant, I couldn’t help but think about the MDR with lengthy dinners in very close quarters.
  8. Yay! What a joy to have a new review. We were on the Reflection in February.
  9. Besides a fabulous Aqua class aft cabin? ( We’ve never sailed Aqua class.) Tickets to the Monaco Grand Prix practice and race. @Georgia_Peaches That is a cute little bag!
  10. You are correct in that the big box store does not participate in the Move Up program. However, you can monitor prices and if/when prices for Oceanview or Veranda cabins drop to a place where you are comfortable, you can make a change. We’ve been able to do that with the big box. Just be aware of the perks being offered at that time. You currently have four perks which isn’t always the offer.
  11. We have a French Riviera and Mediterranean cruise booked on the Infinity for May 20th that we expect will be cancelled. We were going to attend the Grand Prix in Monte Carlo, which has been cancelled. We have a deposit on a Boston/Canada cruise for this October. We have a Great Barrier Reef and Transpacific B2B planned for next April.
  12. I hope other airlines will do the same.
  13. Dubrovnik November 2018 on the Eclipse. We had spent the day walking the walls of the city, found the Buza Bar and enjoyed a local beer, and then walked over to Fort Lovrijenac (it was closed) for sunset.
  14. So beautiful. We were/are supposed to be in Ibiza at the end of May. Did you take a walking tour? Ahhhh, someday...
  15. June 2019 Skagway on the Millennium. We’re on an excursion heading to Carcross. Malta November 2018 Eclipse Italy and the Adriatic cruise.
  16. I’m with mom says. A mudslide after a day of excursions. We like ours at sail away at the Sunset Bar. Here we are leaving Skagway in June 2019 on the Millenium.
  17. "Different strokes for different folks." We enjoy cruising. We also enjoy road trips, a week at a timeshare, a weekend at a NASCAR race, a day wine tasting. Any one of those might elicit gasps of horror from friends, family, or acquaintances. It's not their vacation. We're happy to share our experiences and photos but we decide how, when, and where we want to travel. We are looking forward to cruising again.
  18. Looks like we were on the same cruise. It sounds like you haven’t been tested yet, is that correct? Or have you now been tested and are awaiting results? I hope you are feeling better and that it does not turn out to be COVID-19.
  19. Hoonah, Alaska. Icy Strait Point port June 2019. It was a drizzling most of the day. We walked back to the ship after a whale-watching tour, a walk around Hoonah, and a beer at Icy Strait Point Brewing.
  20. We continue to look forward to our Summit fall colors cruise.
  21. Our Ultimate Caribbean Cruise ports were Georgetown, Cartagena, Colon, Puerto Limon, Costa Maya, Cozumel, and Fort Lauderdale. Awww, beautiful dogs.
  22. We were on the Reflection February 10 - 21 and had a fabulous cruise. Looking forward to your photo review.
  23. The Avis shuttle will meet passengers at the pier. If not, call location for pick-up service. The shuttle will take cruise ship passengers to the Avis office. Do you have their number? (1) 954-713-1500
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