What size luggage do you bring?

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I am going on my first cruise in 2 weeks, and I've decided I would like to buy some quality luggage for the trip.

Problem is, I'm a bit overwhelmed by all of the different sizes, specifically for checked luggage. I'm looking at hard case for now, and for example, Samsonite seems to mostly be sticking to 24" and 28" for the pieces I looked at - the former seemed too small when I looked at it in the store, and 28" seemed too big.

What are your personal preferences with luggage sizes? Does one piece typically take just your, or multiple people's, belongings? (I'm cruising with my boyfriend.) What if you bring snorkel equipment? (For right now we're thinking just masks and snorkels but that could expand in the future.) Do you fly with it?

We will be flying. We're flying Southwest so get 2 checked bags for "free" but don't want to overpack.
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Think about carting it to the airport, through the airport, to the ship etc. I have downgraded dramatically since I have to lug my own luggage. Buy what you can easily manage on your own and then tailor what you take to suit your lugggage. Maybe take snorkelling gear in a backpack as carry On? Enjoy your cruise, it's not a fashion statement so you really don't need that much.
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I pack just for myself, and how much I pack is so dependent not just on how long I'll be gone, but what kind of climate ranges I'm packing for. I have a 30" rolling duffle, a 28" rolling soft-side suitcase, a 22" spinner hard side, and a 21" rolling duffle (which holds more than the 22" spinner). I usually use whichever one fits what I need (usually either the 28" or the 21"), but I have combined the 30" and the 21" for a 3 week combo cruise and road trip.
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Our trips are always long so we take large luggage, 29"-30". Personal preference is soft side.
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A fully packed large 29 or 30 inch suitcase will be too heavy to take on a flight. I find the 24/26 when full is just about at the 50 lb mark.

If you aren't flying, you can use what ever size will hold all your stuff.
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I agree that 24" is too small and 28" is too big. That is why we use a 26" bag to check with clothes for both of us in it. We also each have an 18" backpack as a carryon. It has a change of clothes, medication, and any valuables such as ipad and camera.
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For trips of 3 -4 days, we each take a carry on and a small under the seat bag. For longer trips, my DH and I share a hard sided 28" along with our carry on and under the seat. We do bring snorkel equipment. Our fins are oldies but goodies and quite long. The equipment takes up about 1/3 of the large case. We are considering alternatives to the snorkel equipment, such as leaving fins at home or shipping them ahead of time to the hotel.

Try ebags. They warranty their own brand. Good stuff
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OP: next time you're in an airport, check out what the airline crews are pulling behind them: two-wheeled Travelpro carry-ons (approx 20"). Skip the spinners on other brands- they will eventually be broken off by baggage handling. For extended trips, use a carry-on of the smallest Travelpro roller and a 28" checked bag -which, loaded, will weigh in between 45-50 lbs.
These items are not cheap. But the better models are guaranteed for life with repair facilities in most major hub cities.

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22" each, and a carry-on each. I don't mind a quick laundry in the sink, use ship shampoo for this, and bring my own for hair.
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For trips under a week, we each take a 21 inch, plus a small backpack for carry-on. Longer trips, I've got a 26 inch expandable softsider that works very well. I can get everything I need in it, and have never had to worry about being over weight. DH uses a 24 inch soft sider. If flying, we also each bring a small backpack.
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I tend to travel long trips too. Have a maybe 20 yr. old Samsonite wheelie carryon; only wear only is worn pipings. But I mainly use a large EagleCreek load something. Buy your bags online. Look up discount luggage. Avoid black if you dont want it taken by others with same bag.
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I just bought new luggage for my family. I did a LOT of researching and looking at reviews. For the money this is what we purchased. It's a very nice set and looks like it'll be large enough for all 4 of us.

The largest suitcase is 30X18X12 (12 is expandable) and the smallest suitcase is 22X15X9 (9 is expandable).
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At the store and see what you are comfortable with. Are you travelering before the cruise? We always take one 22" carry on each and a small personal bag for under the seat that's not a backpack. We don't like spinners because we travel before and after our cruise and they don't do well on rough roads and sidewalks. But if you are just going on a cruise the spinners might be for you. We just take one snorkel and share as one person usually stays on the beach with stuff. We swear by one carry on each and I can use cubes and pack 15 mix and match outfits but this is after years of trial and error. So I'm guessing you should get something bigger.
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Originally posted by OVgirl
A fully packed large 29 or 30 inch suitcase will be too heavy to take on a flight. I find the 24/26 when full is just about at the 50 lb mark.

If you aren't flying, you can use what ever size will hold all your stuff.

We have to fly to catch every ship, and never have a problem with our luggage.
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What are you packing? Figure out your packing mindset. Some will pack for any contingency, others won't bring anything extra.

Figure out your toiletries. Do you need to bring full size items? Can you share anything with your travel partner. Can either pack to the size of your case or only bring what'll fit into your case.

Here's a thread from the Fashion and Beauty board. It's about packing lighter, but it has good ideas even for those who pack 'heavy'.
Ladies how is this possible? Using carry on only...

I've been traveling almost all my life. Packing is an art, not a science. What works one trip might not work for the next. What works for one might not work for another. Sis swears by SpaceBags, I swear AT Space bags. lol
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For most trips, I do my 22" bag, of which I have many choices (wheeled, no wheels, pack straps, no pack straps). If I am going somewhere I know I am going to make some clothing or shoe purchases (hello Florence!) or I am going for 2 weeks to a winter sports destination or a month-long business trip where I have to dress in suits every single day for 8 hours, I'll bring out my Osprey Sojourn convertible wheelie (it also has pack straps). It is 25x14x14, so it isn't all that much bigger. I am able to lift it into the overheads of trains, haul up flights of stairs in apartments and hotels without lifts, and if I need to, put it on my back to go over unwheelable terrain.
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We always have pre cruise hotels and post cruise hotels and the shortest cruise we will do is 14 days.

We take four 28 inch soft sided, spinner wheel suitcases. Each weighs about 45 pounds when packed. Even our carry-ons have the spinner wheels.
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DW loves to over pack and sometimes I feel like we're the Hockley's boarding the Titanic. Usually bring two carry-ons, a 28" bag and a garment bag on wheels. Before our next trip we need to find a wheeled garment bag with spinners, the unidirectional wheels are phooey.
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All depends on where we are going and where we are leaving from. For 14+ nt Transatlantics we each check a 30" (generally fly Alaska and get one free) and take as large a carry-on as we can get away with - and check the carry-on free at the gate if they offer. All the critical stuff (meds, valuable, electronics) are in our "personal" item backpacks.

For tropical type cruise from Miami (or FLL) we would downsize the big bag and pack lighter. One time we had the brilliant idea to pick up toiletries in Miami and paid a fortune - way more than an extra bag fee. Not so brilliant. But for 7nt warm weather cruise we can mix/match and re-wear and travel with minimal luggage.

For upcoming cruise from Seattle we will probably take everything since no air is involved. Pack for every weather contingency as well as some formal items.
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