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  1. A-catagory veranda you get. Free laundry but on 7 day cruise really don't matter I guess. But you do get to choose specialty dinning reservations a few days before lower category cabins which to us is important
  2. CASH IS KING what ever the currency so don't sweat the details
  3. Hide your Valentine's cards in your luggage before you leave town.
  4. If it's that important and necessary disembark the port before before and fly home
  5. Back in 97 on the Royal Viking port of Shanghai, tour group stuck on train coming back from tour. Ship waited 6 hrs so tour group could get back. Departed at 11 pm instead of 5 pm. Arthur Former always said "take ship tours they won't leave with out you".
  6. Then ship tour passengers would be bussed to that new port that's nearby?
  7. Have no fear the ship will never depart from port until the ships shore excursion returns. That's the piece of mind with ship tours.
  8. Been around the world on R ships starting with the Renaissance before the turn of the century 1999. The lounge and bar before you enter the MDR is relaxing and you can have a drink waiting for your table and meet new people. The entertainment area is like an old style night club you can dance before the show starts and you up close not like the theater seating on the O class.
  9. Docking into Yangon on the Nautica 2018,was delayed 8 hours because of low tide. Docked at 4:30 pm. Missed. Tour of Yangon but had the best overnight the next day to Bagon.
  10. eat drink read a book lay out. Sounds good to me
  11. Like I explained on the other thread. USE THE CLOSED CAPTIONS Really simple
  12. Why not use the closed captions on the tv. Found it to be easy and sound proof LOL
  13. If doing laundry on vacation turns you off,you can always send it out to be done. Although being in a B category cabin it will cost more.But hey ur on vacation LOL
  14. Thanks for your answers now I know what the SM included. Back to bottles of wine.
  15. So what you're saying is that I can't order a drink in the lounge as part of the drink package is that how the package works? I would have to pay for that drink
  16. One of the luxury of an O cruise over the past 14 years is going for dinner at 7:15 informaning the host or hostess we would like a 2 top by the window and most of the Times it is a 15 to 20 minutes wait. SO we order a bottle of wine in the lounge have few snacks pour a glass of wine and by that time they come over and inform us our table is ready
  17. We have wine waiting for our table to be ready in the GDR in the lounge outside the GDR. SO we would have to pay for the wine? We would have to wait till we seated for dinner to order our wine?
  18. Years ago on Silverseas all inclusive they only sold chamagn by the bottle.
  19. Will they still have bottles of wine to purchase? Or will that be a thing of the past with SM
  20. We mask at the airport mask on the plane,mask at the port waiting to embark. We mask when we leave our storeroom and in the halls and elevators. In our cabin we wipe all knobs handles telephone remotes Are we extreme maybe but it works for us.
  21. The prices on this menu are outdated. On Riviera this winter the Cloudy Bay was $80.00 and the Villa Maria was $55.00. Small increases but the list looks the same.
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