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South Carolina
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If that was true, the courts would be so screwed with the backlog of fraud and deception cases. No way Jose.
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Originally posted by miamianchor
Some friends and I did a taste test using Ketel One vodka purchased on the ship and the same from a bottle smuggled onboard. The bar tender showed us their bottle and it said 80-proof (40% alcohol), but clearly we all could taste the difference. The bottle from home was clearly stronger. We also noticed that we could drink all day and night and would only get a moderate buzz. As one guy put it, "there is no way I can drink five martini's."
Finally the bartender confessed that the alcohol content is lower. It's manufactured that way for sale to bars offering all-inclusives, ladies night specials, two for one drinks, etc. He said they buy that because if they didn't, cruisers, particularly those with booze packages would drink way too much, which of course could lead to everything from alcohol poisoning to fights, etc. He said the only thing that isn't lower alcohol was beer and wine.
Probably shouldn't believe everything you get told by the crew on a cruise ship, especially the bar staff.
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We generally have wine with dinner at home most nights , however on the Cruise we will drink more cocktails . Martinis and Cosmos for us both . We definitely drink more on a Cruise than at home .
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Rob and Marilyn
The Third Coast - Nashville
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I only drink when I have dinner at a restaurant. I also have to drive myself home, so that means one cocktail or one glass of wine . On a cruise, the Captain is driving , so I may have a martini before dinner and a glass of wine with dinner. So yes, I drink more on a cruise. The cruise line could care less about health recommendations.

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Originally posted by gymbomb
I drink more on vacation than at home, but “more” for me is 1-2 drinks per day vs. 1-2 per week if that at home.

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Sounds about right!!
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I used to drink at home but stopped because of the calories (and overdoing it sometimes). But a cruise is a completely different animal. I get the drinks package on NCL because it's "free" but so far haven't bought it on other lines because I'm not sure the math will work. At best, I might come pretty close to the daily rate, but...I might not, especially on a busy port day. It's something I'll always look at with a cruise, but it so often will work out to a drink or two more than I'm likely to consume. Then again, I like being able to order a drink without thinking about the bill I'm going to get the end. "I want another, but ugh...another $ the time I get the bill, it's going to be so ugly." It's nice to be free from that.
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Originally posted by JMorris271
I am pretty sure ta a glass of wine has more tan 1.5 oz. of wine in it? Second glass of wine with dinner please and then an after dinner low ball in the lounge?
That doesn't even touch the afternoon at the pool. Now I feel like a lush.
A 5 oz glass of wine is the equivalent of 1.5 oz of liquor.
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Long Island,NY
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Originally posted by JMorris271
With or without a bev package, Do you drink more on a cruise? I know I drink way more than the medical recommendation of 1.5 oz. Per day for a female and 3 ozs. per day for a male.
How can this be right or is it common?
The only beverages for me on a cruise or not on a cruise are coffee,tea,water and cranberry juice.
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Southwest Florida
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Perhaps more water than at home because more active getting around the ship, climbing stairs, gym, etc.
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Originally posted by davekathy
Like a fish.
LOL...I was thinking the same thing. I have 1-2 a week at home, mostly because I am on a diet right now, but on a cruise I am not on a diet and don't have to drive anywhere so we just do what we feel like doing. I'm sure glad some lines offer the drink packages now in the booking because we sure do use them. We start with a Mimosa in the mornings with breakfast, some drinks by the pool, some wine with lunch and dinner and an after dinner and pre-dinner drink so we definitely get our monies worth. We probably would not drink quite as much without a package, but then again I'd rather not find out and keep the packages. Once we are home, we go back to the normal 1-2 per week which is within the recommended guidelines, but do drink like a fish on cruises or other vacations.
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South Carolina
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Seems we always begin drinking earlier in the day on cruises!
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On my last cruise, I had 2 glasses of champagne before noon at the Mariners' lunch. I had another drink or two mid-afternoon (can't remember what I drank or why ). Then I had 2 lemon drops in the Crow's Nest at happy hour. I missed Gala Night in the MDR, and ended up eating in the Lido. The next day I laid off the sauce.

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At home I drink 5 or less drinks a month. On a cruise without a drink package I drink 5 or less drinks a week. On a cruise with a drink package I drink 5 or less drinks a day .
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On a cruise I would say I drink more than I do for the rest of the year. I would say in a normal month I might only have 2 units of alcohol.

So I don't worry particularly about how much I drink on a cruise.

Though I will admit if I don't have a drinks package I would probably only have max 2 alcoholic drinks per day.

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