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The Fleet Report and Daily for Wednesday May 15th, 2024

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Today is International Day of Families, International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day, and International MPS Awareness Day

Life is a gift, given in trust - like a child. - Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Meal Suggestion for today - Healthy Blueberry Lemon Bread
Drink of the Day - Angel's Delight
Wine of the Day - Jones of Washington 2022 Viognier
Destination of the Day - Piraeus (Athens), Greece

Today in History:
1869 National Woman Suffrage Association forms in New York, founded by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Ship Locations


Sitka, Baranof Island Alaska 08:00 - 16:00


Glacier Bay, Alaska 07:00 - 16:00

Nieuw Amsterdam

Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska 10:00 - 16:00

Nieuw Statendam

Visby, Gotland Island Sweden 08:00 - 15:00


Juneau, Alaska 10:00 - 22:00


Rhodes Island, Greece 09:00 - 19:00


Stornoway, Isle of Lewis and Harris, Scotland 08:00 - 23:00


Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, Canada 07:00 - 16:00


Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska 08:00 - 13:00


Vancouver, Canada a0700


At Sea Destination Praia da Vitoria, Terceira Island Azores Portugal eta 05-18





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Today’s Care List:

57redbird having dental extractions today

Marshhawk’s DH’s vascular surgery not successful

Nickelpenny post back surgery, with complications

RMLincoln’s DH requiring eye drops & pressure massages for drainage incision

JazzyV’s BFF with a fall and sustaining a tib-fib fracture, surgery 5/21


Victims of flooding and storms across the country

Citizens of Ukraine, Israel and Gaza, hostages still held

All Dailyites going through worries and stress, whether mentioned or not


From the Rotation:

Tana with chronic pulmonary issues

Cruising sister’s great niece Murphy post-surgery

Kazu with foot infection and having foot pain



Celebrations and Shoutouts:

RMLincoln’s DH with eye drainage incision still open on last evaluation

Luvteaching having made progress with her stuck hip flexor muscle

Rich back and posting the Fleet Report/Daily


The Daily Gardening Club posting wonderful flower pictures

All the contributors to the Fleet Report/Daily


Upcoming Cruises or At Sea:


YourWorldWithBill (Nieuw Statendam to May 18) 13d Jewels of the Baltic, MISTER 67 (Enchanted Princess to May 18) 7 Night Eastern Caribbean with St. Thomas, Niagarawine (Koningsdam to May 18) 7d Alaska Inside Passage, Aliaschief (Azamara Onward WC to June 9, 156d World Voyage), and StLouisCruisers (Zuiderdam to June 8 ) 28d Passage to Normandy & Baltic Jewels + Zuiderdam (June 8 to July 20) 42d Ultimate Viking Explorer & Passage

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Great Fleet Report!!  THANK YOU!!


I wonder what @grapau27 will find out about MPS Day...  ???   (They usually abbreviate diseases that are hard to pronounce or remember...)


I'm not a big blueberry fan, but love Lemon-Poppyseed bread!!!

I think Angel's Delight will be a wonderful recipe!!  I'd love to delight an angel!!!

AND, I can't wait to see photos from our Destination!!  Greece is on my bucket list!!!


God bless each of you Dailyites!!!  hugs!!!

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Good morning friends!  It's about 66F with fair skies here in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  Thank you Rich @richwmn for the Fleet Report and Daily today.  We lost another hour last night as we head east towards the Azores.


I'm so sorry to hear of all the difficulties encountered by our Dailyites recently.  Prayers for all of you on the Care list especially Chuck @catmando and Annie @marshhawk, Pennie @Nickelpenny, Richard and Maureen @RMLincoln, Vanessa's @JazzyV BFF and @57redbird.  Jacqui @kazu I hope to hear some healing news from you soon.  Prayers too for DB (yesterday was his 25th wedding anniversary), Alex's twin boys, the people of Israel and Ukraine, the hostages still held, and our men and women in the military in harm's way there.  Congrats to all celebrating special events and cruising, like me!  Thanks to Vanessa @JazzyV, Debbie @dfish, Dixie @summer slope, and Ann @cat shepard for your reporting today!


Our port this morning is Piraeus (Athens), Greece.  This was the port before on Dec. 24, 2021, July 14, 2022 and Feb. 9, 2023.  I'll post the links for your convenience, and then my photos.





Have a great day everyone!

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Good morning Dailyites and thank you for the Daily Report.

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I had internet issues from the t-storms in the morning, then I played "catch-up" the rest of the day at work. 

I hope everyone here has a wonderful day! 

2007CPcruise 138.jpg

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On our first cruise to Athens on Crown Princess in 2012, we toured the Acropolis and Plaka.  On the Prinsendam in 2014 we were there twice, once at the beginning of the Black Sea cruise, then at the beginning of the next cruise to the Holy Land.  We stayed at a hotel a block from Pasalimani Harbor in Piraeus.  Here's a photo of the harbor taken from our lunch restaurant.  00-krGnVk_TmW1vjXOSXmrbNCgtIzRKIF36hrdhGheqtVIyXXvSddyYWQ784EHOcFIY?cn=THISLIFE&res=medium&ts=1416780235




And our lunch00-krGnVk_TmW1vjXOSXmrbNCgtIzRKIF36hrdhGheqtVLOpEdSGpfCO1-36LmB9KPt?cn=THISLIFE&res=medium&ts=1416780231




In December 2018 we were crossing from Europe to the U.S. on the Pacific Princess.  Our stop in Piraeus was on Dec. 1.  We walked from the ship's dock to Pasalimani Harbor again to do some wine and water shopping.  If only I could speak Greek I'd know what these stores sold.  No clue!00-krGnVk_TmW1vjXOSXmrbNCgtIzRKIF36hrdhGheqtVJ-xm95KOk0YllmY3Cn76gB?cn=THISLIFE&res=medium&ts=1546390364


I loved the little tree on the sidewalk with a pretty explicit warning.00-krGnVk_TmW1vjXOSXmrbNCgtIzRKIF36hrdhGheqtVJgmc1p1Jq4MF5yM7QtJSB4?cn=THISLIFE&res=medium&ts=1546390372


These kitties lived right in the doorway of this residence.00-krGnVk_TmW1vjXOSXmrbNCgtIzRKIF36hrdhGheqtVJkKAFp3inCjbwNoiibYYyw?cn=THISLIFE&res=medium&ts=1657809666


In Greece you park anywhere your car will fit, even if it's at the intersection of two streets.  We saw a lot of double parking too.00-krGnVk_TmW1vjXOSXmrbNCgtIzRKIF36hrdhGheqtVKKvlL2C3W2lzu3pATAU7d2?cn=THISLIFE&res=medium&ts=1546390431




This was the grocery store.  They had moving escalator ramps you put your cart on and it moved on up to the second or third floor.00-krGnVk_TmW1vjXOSXmrbNCgtIzRKIF36hrdhGheqtVIKq-J6JltO51tDlfouPXTn?cn=THISLIFE&res=medium&ts=1546390404




We passed by an archaeological museum on the way back to the ship.  This was the site of an ampitheater and they had all these stone objects lining the lot.00-krGnVk_TmW1vjXOSXmrbNCgtIzRKIF36hrdhGheqtVKWWTrr_ZJz8rzvod6tBzR0?cn=THISLIFE&res=medium&ts=1546390424


The Piraeus dock where our 2019 cruise began.  It was the Emerald Princess and we enjoyed 14 days onboard.  At day 7 the rest of our family joined us in Barcelona to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversay.  We had to celebrate it during mid-summer due to everyone's school and work commitments since our true anniversary date was Sept. 6.  00-krGnVk_TmW1vjXOSXmrbNCgtIzRKIF36hrdhGheqtVIJOfNuYTK1fSRWiLD2qUDW?cn=THISLIFE&res=medium&ts=1562704435



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Yesterday I went to a Beatles matinee at 4 pm which was performed by the Zuiderdam Stage Band.  It was a great show and well attended. 









Then after dinner we went to hear the comedy routine by George Casey from Ireland.  We've seen him in the past and he's good for quite a few laughs.



Who knows what will happen today!

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16 minutes ago, LambKnuckles said:

Great Fleet Report!!  THANK YOU!!


I wonder what @grapau27 will find out about MPS Day...  ???   (They usually abbreviate diseases that are hard to pronounce or remember...)


I'm not a big blueberry fan, but love Lemon-Poppyseed bread!!!

I think Angel's Delight will be a wonderful recipe!!  I'd love to delight an angel!!!

AND, I can't wait to see photos from our Destination!!  Greece is on my bucket list!!!


God bless each of you Dailyites!!!  hugs!!!


As you can see my photos today are of Piraeus, but that's because most here will be posting Athens photos.  You will be very happy with Athens when you get there.  But we like Piraeus too.  I hope you get to see your bucket list countries.

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Good morning.  Thanks for the Report.

Happy Hump Day.

Cool and cloudy this morning, maybe some sun later. 🤞

Interesting days.  I celebrate families.  I've only seen kangaroos in zoos.  I agree with Lambie, MPS is probably something I can't pronounce but I need to be aware of.

I like the quote.

The loaf sounds good, I like blueberries and lemon.  I hope the drink is heavenly.  I'm sure the wine is fine.

We were in Athens many years ago on the Eurodam, I wonder if I can find pictures?

Prayers for so many.  Cheers for all the celebrations.

Have a terrific day.

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Happy Wednesday. Thank you for the Daily and Fleet reports. 

Expecting more rain today. Looks like it will just be in the morning. I have a hair appointment today and then working on grading assignments and seeing clients this afternoon. Struggling with allergies this spring. Lots of sneezing. Fancy appears to be having a lot of allergies as well, however, that does not stop her from rolling in the grass. 

Thinking of all on the care list. 

Celebrating with all who are celebrating. 

Have a safe and healthy day. 

Wednesday Memes - Funny Happy Wednesday Images

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Good morning everyone.  It’s overcast and mid 50’s here this morning with a little rain expected.  Thanks for the daily updates.


Three interesting days, families are the building blocks of any society, I can’t imagine the strife that so many are enduring on any given day due to war, poverty or just plain neglect. My thoughts will be with them today.


I like the quote, life is a gift that we should nurture.


The lemon blueberry bread sounds like a perfect breakfast with a fresh cup of coffee.

And how could today’s drink be bad?


We were in today’s port last October, I’ll try and find some photos.


Praying for those on our prayer list.  Cheers to those who are celebrating happy events today!


Views from our visit to Acropolis:











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Happy Wednesday Morning Dailyites!  Temp is? because the computer says "High winds soon" So I just opened the shades up, and it is sunny and 65. Today is get up, take a shower, get dressed,  walk the dog, then take DH to his immunotherapy appointment.  Get lunch and a few items for dinner, then come home, attend  a zoom class on an upcoming campaign for an hour, and then go to work until 9. 


I was looking at DH's release papers from the hospital, and he has an appointment with that doc who said he was booked until January.  On June 5th.  When I asked about it, he said they called back.  But he forgot to tell me.  Glad I got my hands on the release papers.


I heard from my BFF last night, he said that our mutual friend has about two weeks to live, the cancer had spread to his liver and lungs.  So I do need to call him sometime this week, I did email him last night, recommended hospice again.  His separated wife has come home to take care of him until the end.   But as far as being a nurse to him, that just wont happen.


Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!





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Posted (edited)

Thank you for today’s FR & D, Rich! At 4 this morning Bindi & I had to camp out in my bedroom closet when a wild T-storm brought a tornado warning with it. She was confused at first, but then settled in next to me. But we were both happy when we were able to return to our beds. I expected to see lots of stuff blown around, but it appears that we did not have much wind. 

Vanessa, thank you for keeping up with us. Your BFF had a close call. Glad you read him the riot act. 

Bindi walks, HVAC tune up, HIIT and chores will keep me busy. 







Prayers for all who need our support. 

Cheers to all who are celebrating. 

May we each find a reason to smile today. 


Jones of Washington 2022 Viognier

Viognier fans try this one, if you can find it. I only found a few places that carry it online. The grapes come from a hot, dry slope that allow the winemaker to keep a touch of acidity, without losing any body. I need to hunt this one down. Online prices start at $16.99.

Note: this vintage was awarded Best in Show at 2023 SaVo Washington. 

Distributor’s notes 

This Columbia Valley Viognier is a stylish summer sipper opening with bright tropical fruit flavors of pineapple and mango that gain weight on the mid-palate to hit notes of dried apricot with a splash of orange leading to a lingering finish with a hint of rose water. On the nose, fruity aromas of peach and pear mix with floral notes of orange blossom and an occasional whiff of vanilla-caramel.

Edited by cat shepard
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Thank you Rich, thank you Roy, thank you Debbie, thank you Vanessa, thank you Ann, and thank you Dixie for all your work.  And thank you everyone for being here! 


I need to do my MSC cruise survey today. Certainly will be full of glowing remarks! Last evening I tried to do a CC Review but there was some glitch that prevented me from posting it. Frustrating after working on it for an hour.


Stay Safe, and prayers for those in need.


- Jack

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Good morning everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Sorry to see so many of you on the care list. Hope to hear better news. I’ve been occupied with life. dental extractions and implants, eye issues that are now resolved and trying to keep up with everything.Take care everyone.


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Good morning. It is raining yet again with temperatures going to 65 later. I keep the AC on for Tana in her room as it helps due to the pollen outside. The rest of the house is comfortable without the units going in each room.


DD DH and I were set to go on a cruise that began at the port but never made it. I was hospitalized about two weeks before and not well enough to travel. I am enjoying the pictures today, thanks to @StLouisCruisers, Sandi and @Mr. Boston.

@cat shepard, Ann, I am sorry that you and Bindi were huddled in the closet but glad you are safe. Tornadoes terrify me. How are things with your sister?
I hope there is improvement for @Nickelpenny and  @marshhawk today as well as @JazzyVfor Vanessa and BFF. Yesterday was not a good day for so many people.

Take care today everyone.

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Good morning, everyone!


It is a sunny start to the day and that is welcome after the dreary skies yesterday.  Temps are supposed to be in the mid 60s today.  I am following Sue to pick her up after she drops off her car for service, then we are hitting the farmer's market.  After that I'll drop Sue off at home and head to the gym.  They are closing the one closest to my house, but don't have any notice up about it.  I guess people will just find out when they get there.  


Today's meal sounds yummy, but I will pass due to the carb load.  It claims the title of healthy because they don't use refined sugar in the recipe.  But they do use honey and that is a sugar/carb source.  I do like the blueberry and lemon combination and agree it would make a great breakfast item for those who can handle the carbs.  https://hungryhappens.net/healthy-lemon-blueberry-bread-refined-sugar-free/




This one isn't claiming to be healthy, but blueberries on their own are healthy and help with heart and brain health.  Most of the nutrients are in the peel of the berry, so make sure you get the whole berry!  Blueberries are also a good source of vitamins K1, C, and manganese.   https://www.loveandlemons.com/lemon-blueberry-bread/




This recipe claims healthy because it uses almond flour, coconut flour, coconut oil, and organic lemon juice and eggs.  https://www.tosimplyinspire.com/healthy-blueberry-lemon-bread.html




Wishing you all a wonderful day!

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Angel's Delight cocktail:


The Angel's Delight cocktail with gin, triple sec, and cream is a sophisticated and indulgent twist on the classic Angel's Delight cocktail. This cocktail combines the sweetness of grenadine and cream with complex flavors of gin and triple sec. The addition of cream creates a rich and creamy texture, making this cocktail a luxurious and decadent treat. The Angel's Delight cocktail has been a popular choice for parties and events since the 1980s, and this variation with gin and triple sec adds a new dimension to the classic recipe.


3/4 oz. cointreau liqueur
3/4 oz. gin
2 dashes grenadine
1 oz. light cream


In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, pour the gin, Cointreau, cream, and grenadine, and shake well until chilled.
Strain into a chilled glass.

Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 8.02.39 AM.png

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Good day everyone. Our dinner under the stars was great and the entertainment was very special. Tonight is our progressive dinner onboard. Never has been done and most likely will never be repeated unless some cruise has less than 130 guest onboard.

We just had a BBQ lunch pool side. The weather is perfect and the Atlantic is relatively calm.

We still have six sea days less. At 2:00 PM which is now there is water volleyball at the pool and guest against crew. I’m choosing a nap.

Thanks for the reports and post. Life is great! Bruce


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